10 Ways To End “Black Woman” Stereotypes

- By Bossip Staff

Every race has its stereotypes. And we’re all aware of the stereotypes directed at black women.

There are stereotypes that depict us all as ghetto, loud, argumentative, bitter, etc… I don’t like to be stereotyped- especially negative stereotypes likes the ones I’ve listed above. That’s why, as a black woman, I’m very mindful of my words and actions, while refusing to play into “black woman” stereotypes.

I’m still genuine to who I am, and I don’t try to serve as the PR representative for an entire race of people. But I also recognize that because of the culture black women live in, it’s wise for us to be fully aware of how and why other individuals form opinions about us. This way, we’ll be fully equipped to recognize, not play into, and even tear down any negative stereotypes when the spotlight is on us. My advice to all black women is this: Be mindful of the image you want to portray.

Check out 10 ways to end “black woman” stereotypes at MadameNoire.com

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  • WithAllHonesty

    Change because you want to be a better person, not for anyone else. If someone believes in stereotypes, their racism and bigotry runs deep. And there is nothing you can do to make them believe differently about you.

    • this is it

      Beautifully and rightfully said. There is no reason to live your life according to other people b/c they will stereotype you. I am all for being civilized and behaving in a good manner but the majority of people who stereotype others do so to get a rise out of that person. They dont care about the good in you they only want to extort the bad out of you so that you will get mad and try to validate their reasons. Stereotypes are around b/c some people need it, they feed off it. This blogsite is prime example of stereotypes being displayed everyday by the site and the commenters. Some people come here everyday just to see if their is a post about a black person so that they can spew they hateful stereotypes to get a reaction out of others. Stereotypes for some people is their answer to divide, destroy, and conquer a group of people to believe the stereotype and to use it themselves against others. At the end of the day when it is all said and done no one here on earth can talk about anyone but b/c we are human some of us tend to think are stuff dont stink.

    • Littleenglander

      Absolutely spot on!

  • 7lady

    I know exactly what you mean. I go over the top to prove I’m none of those things. I try to be overly nice to the public. Not just white folks but blackmen everybody. Cell phone ringer off, if I must talk I go in a bathroom or outside, no scarf on my head in public, no acting hateful, I smile when I don’t feel like it, I will hold the door and you can be 20feet away, I strike up small talk with the lil white girl fixn my gingerbread latte “hows your day going?”. I really try.

    • http://yahoo.com rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

      Im with being cordial but im human and i shouldnt have to prove myself to any one white black or whatever,, because i have sense to know there are good and bad in all races. i was just in the restaurant the other day and some white women were laughing loud and didnt care who they disturbed, but if it were black women then everyone would be looking and whispering and talking about how rude and ghetto they are… stop the unfairness.. ignorant people and loud people in all races!

    • WithAllHonesty

      You don’t have to go out of your way to make anyone feel less intimidated by you or comfortable to be in YOUR presence. Be nice, speak to whoever you wish, answer your phone where/when it’s appropriate (just keep it down). Be yourself.

      I don’t like loud mouth ghetto acting “hood rats” but I don’t like society got my Queens walking on egg shells.

  • G.M.

    how long does a stereotype have to be a stereotype before its a fact???

    • WithAllHonesty

      You go in on women almost every time. I know you’ve met and seen some good ones,Bruh, be real.

    • this is it

      How can you say that when everyday you on here trying to prove to ppl not all black men are gangbangers and dead beats. You just contradicted everything you have said on this site by that one line. Stereotypes are not fact just the opinions of aholes who live arguing.

    • G.M.

      i dont try to prove blk men aren’t deadbeats or gangbangers…but thats what i mean, thats usually considered a stereotype but a lot of blk men are gangbangers/deadbeat dads, not all, but more are than not…so would that statement be a factual statement with that being a common outcome within the blk community

    • this is it

      No it will not be a factual statement b/c not ALL black men and not ALL black men that live in the hood are gangbangers or dead beats. Unless you can prove that every black man living in America is a gangbanger or deadbeat, it is not a fact but a stereotype about a group of people based upon the actions of others who are similar.

    • G.M.

      okay, i get that…so, if someone said in a stereotypical sense: “a lot of black people usually end up in jail” would that be considered a fact since there is a high percentage rate of blacks in jail or if they said: “a lot of blk ppl have kids out of wedlock” since the percentage is so high also, then would wording the stereotype like that make it factual???

  • Allie

    I’m with you @7lady, I try every day not to perpetuate the stereotype, however I’m not going to put a smile on when I’m upset, that’s one thing I won’t do, I’ll still be polite and courteous, after all at the end of the day, I’m like anyone else…human

  • http://yahoo.com rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    How long does it have to be stereotyped before its proven to be in all races .. loud, ugly, obnoxious fat, stupid ignorant women and men are in all races… stop the gd stereotyping!!



  • Panther

    Nice list for the women who needs it.

  • this is it

    I agree with you. Black women unite together everything else will fall into place.


    Unprofessional. Very true. Black women look at any black man who takes his job seriously as gay. LOL Thats why I went back to school, tired of Tamika messing up my promotion because she too fat to go clubbin. I-DON’T-WANT-U!! Grown up Raven Simone yes I want you (soo cute). LOL

    • Curious1 aka Flawless Beauty

      wha??? promotion because Tamika messing u up because she’s too fat to go clubbing..

      WTH does that even mean as a cohesive thought..or analogy..or even metaphor…


  • G.M.

    im not talking about women, i was asking about stereotypes in general lol

  • get em paid!

    In a perfect world I am going to do those things all day everyday for the rest of my life. Take that mess down! Even white males white books about how the can not believe the grace and courage black women in america display against all odds. Being so oppressed the write that the don’t know we educate and provide for our children being disrespected by everyone and judged and falsely accused and denied on every level. Plz even another black female will call you uplift for being kind!

  • http://bossip nelson

    I was about to say some stereo-types I am fine with. But MN touched on a few good ones. The black women are ho’s I thought where did that I come from ? & uneducated, most black women are on the rise ! Ghetto what is ghetto, we can tone it down in many areas but we are who we are. I don’t think we were made to sit back and be quiet. Whites folks do that. Thats how we got in the mess we are in. We need to use our voice and speak out on the right things but thats another story. Some ST’s I can deal with. It’s what make me who I am. I don’t have to be like others but it is a must to know my way through this world !If you don’t like it shrug !

  • Rob (Certified Hater)

    Black women and their myopic view of life. Alot of black women are always trying to appease whites and the white male establishment. Her view and focus was on her and her situation outside the entire black hemisphere. There are more important things that plague black women than being stereotyped. This broad who wrote this piece should be writing and informing young black females about owning their own business and investment plans. Stopping out wedlock births, obesity and lack of fundamental goals and plans for young black women. Who cares what whites thing of you, Jews are stereotyped for being greedy and cheap but they run the world. This the problem with you negros you attack the wrong problem over and over again. Negros are playing checkers while the rest are playin and half of you dont even know the game. Making money and being your own boss commands respect or a pink slip. Silly negros playing the game of life backwards.

    • TheBlackCanadian

      You are most definately talking out of your rectum… It appears you know nothing about history(funny I do and I am not even living in the U.S.) Anyways I have seen way more obese white people than black people so I do not know where you came up with obesity as an issue. I am Canadian and I must say americans on a whole are bigger than Canadians do you know why? It has nothing to do with laziness and everything to do with the price of food you idiot. I am fit and I don’t even need to hit the gym never had in a long time. There is nothing wrong wiuth having a child out of wedlock I have a child and I am unmarried it is way better to be on my own than unhappy with a man because we have a child together. Tell me how many children come or are in an abusive home? Is being married worth it. Marriage has lost it’s value since divorce came into the picture. I go to university and I am studying business management and I will let you know everything you are saying is GARBAGE educate yourself on how things work. You cannot just wake up one day and become a CEO you gotta work from the bottom up

    • Rob (Certified Hater)

      Let me drop some of my knowledge. What you are saying is complete garbage and I doubt you take business administration as a major. Guess what, business administration is my major. Ownership does not only mean business ownership, it means stocks, a home as well as a small business on the side. All these options have a tangible worth so by default you are already a business owner if you own a home. Owning a business is as simple as starting a store on the internet, the hard part is keeping that business in business and knowing the proper marketing options to propel your business to success. If you study business, what is a SWOT analysis. Stop lying and trying to make excuses for lack of goals and ambition. You say people are fat because of food prices?????? An excuse which makes no sense. Another excuse is that you have to work at the bottom in order to become a CEO. No, you become a CEO when you open your own business, the tough part is keeping that business open. If your major is business administration you should think of another career move.

    • Rob (Certified Hater)

      Also, let me drop some more knowledge for you. The idea that children do better in a single parent environment is ridiculous. A home with both parental figures is key to a functioning environment for children because there are things that fathers and mothers bring to the table in a home. Statistics show that children do better in school and socially when both parents are in the home. This is the problem with black women and the problem that this woman who wrote the story is not addressing, the real problems of black women. When a child does not see that marriage connection he/she does not see that as an important part of their life because they were never privy to that type of environment. They do not respect the sanctity of marriage because they don’t know what it is and statistics show that most of these little future black criminals come from single parent homes. While you want to be selfish with your life “The Canadian” and be alone, you are neglecting real life experiences for your daughter or son. Many black women forget that you owe it to your kids to be in a relationship that fuses those marriage values so that your kids know that kind of environment and relationship. When they don’t, we have this stupidity that single parent homes are okay, no they are not.

  • sportstalk23

    The problem with ridding ourselves of sterotypes is that some segment of every group are all to willing to live up to sterotypes,then want to get pissed at being sterotyped. For intance Italians have sterotypes they hate like being in the mob and guidos whatever, but there are plenty that turn right around and embrace that,all of a sudden they wanna act mobbed up or that guido mess on the Jersey Shore. Same thing with our people stop living up to these loud talking, neck rolling, pants sagging,wanna bust out a gat and murk somebody,block hugging etc etc that are our there about us.

  • Curious1 aka Flawless Beauty

    It is always empowering to do an Inventory of “SELF”..head to toe..in/out…and make changes as need be…Always healthy…and eye opening..

  • WithAllHonesty

    Gotcha, Bruh.
    Yeah, after so many people follow the stereotype for so long, it becomes the norm. But it can’t truly be factual until everyone has followed suit. We have to do better for ourselves for our own sake, forget what others think.

  • Real Issh

    Stereotypes come about from what people see , right ? Well , this will never change . I see the issh everyday . I just hate that I’m categorized with them becuz I’m black . I just think ,, “these” examples are shown by ALL races .

  • Black guys make me sick to my stomach


  • TheBlackCanadian

    Me… I don’t care what other races including black men think about me as a black woman. I know I work hard to provide for my family… I am not looking for a tired(wimpy) black male to complain about black women they have never dated but I go for the respectable black males that know who they are and what they are not. I say just be happy the way you are and to hell with those sad people that use stereotypes to make themselves feel better about their fake lives.

    • Rob (Certified Hater)

      Real talk is what you black women need and some of you don’t want to hear it. Your selfish lifestyles are killing your kids and stop knocking up thugs and criminals.

  • Terri

    I don’t tailor my behavior for racists and bigots. I behave as I am: an educated, cultured black woman with no apologies to those that think I’m either too black or not black enough.

  • msbliss

    I h8te the way the blk women WHERE I LIVE I dnt every blk woman 2 make big general statements. But wit that said I wish blk women would take better care of their hair & body! Stop relaxing or stop OVER relaxing ur hair, gelling it up & cleaning ur scalp once a month! Our hair is beautiful & it grows long! But doing all this ignorant sh*t 2 it breaks off growth u dnt see it. Stop huggin up & supporting thugs & low lifes. a lot of these men won’t work cause 2 many blk women R willing 2 take care of them & we making our sons lazy as well. Self esteem is ur responsible NOT a mans!

  • Glok..Woke up this morning screaming,...Fuk Da World !!!


  • http://bossip GAT TURNER buuudddat!!!!


  • the italian kid

    I see the bonifas and sista apes everyday in nyc. Most of the time if u see a black woman best believe that is a dangerous animal who should not be approached. Lol.

    • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keeping it Real

      LOL – so you’re Italina today?? You’re not White – I mean Mexican – I mean El Salvadorian and Black – I mean not Black – I mean LOL!!!

      Atleast try to be believeable.. LOL – sorry black b@stard!!

  • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keeping it Real

    Black women will never stop being stereotypes mainly because the black man will always need someone to blame his failures in life, society, family and relationships on.. Until the black man gets himself together you can be sure he is always going to use a black woman stereotype to explain why he cant…

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