When The Checks Stop Coming In: Kelis Just Lost $300,000 For 2011

- By Bossip Staff

Actually, we really don’t feel too bad for Kelis.

According to TMZ, some kind Los Angeles judge has finally brought some fairness to Nas and Kelis’s child/spousal support situation.

Nas just had his child and spousal support obligations sliced in half, but he still has to pay ex-wife Kelis a pretty penny … TMZ has learned.

According to legal docs filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Nas must now pay a tad over $5,000 a month in child support and $20,000 a month in spousal support.

It sounds like a lot, but Nas was paying twice that until he convinced the judge the bad economy has even hit the rap biz hard.

So this month, Nas pockets an extra $25k for himself.

Seriously, how bad could whatever Nas did to end their marriage have been? What’s worth $25K a month for one kid???

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    He had to cheat, this witch able to work $20,000 spousal support I think not!

  • http://static2.hypem.net/thumbs/2/1089002.png YokoDMV

    smh – i think they should have tried to make it work – i liked them as a couple

  • Uguess

    Man that’s the life they live. Crazy baby!

  • TK

    I think she just wanted to get pregnant and leave him so she cud secure some money. These women r using the kids as baits. She knew he really was no good when she married him so I guess nothing he did during hteir marriage shud have surprised her. It’s not like she ain’t working either.

    • TK

      If she has her own money then y was she asking 4 100,000 per month in support. That’s just being greedy. If she has so much money then y did she say that she needs his money to maintain the lifestyle she had when they were together. Not so stupid now huh?

  • Mz.Elite

    @TK I co-sign 200%….

    Follow me!!!!




  • Dank

    No reason to get married every. Everything to loose nothing to gain…..




  • mikec

    I so tired of you illuminati conspiracy clowns! How did rap stars become some devil worshipping hands that control the world? Nas making the NI**ER album is why he has to pay 25K to his wife, who last time I checked, was also a celebrity and not just a dependent wife with no career options.

  • Seriously?

    Kellis is annoying. Nas playing “I hate you so much right now”

  • andi

    I understand the child support but how long does he have to pay spouse support? for life?

    • G.M.

      u pay half the time u were married…so if ur married 5yrs thats 2 and a half yrs of alimony payments, if ur married 8yrs u pay 4yrs of payments but if ur married for 10yrs or more, u pay for a lifetime, until the day u die or the ex spouse remarries, which is the reason a lot of women dont remarry just shack up with their 20yr boy toy

    • Higher Than Jordan

      Never knew that ..I always thought that you had to pay until they get married again…Spousal suppourt should only apply if the person stayed at home so the other one could make it..

    • G.M.

      yeah, sadly a lot of men don’t read the family court and divorce laws before walking down the aisle, g00gle is ur friend men lol…but its only for a lifetime when ur married 10yrs or more, when a lot of women file for divorce and having kids strengthens/increases the amount of money the courts you’ll have to payout as well as whatever ur profession/income is

    • Matix B

      Women don’t have to accept the alimony or pose a motion to gain it. She is being vindictive and a typical bitter bytch. Women like this make it hard for the rest of us, we get a bad name because of these gold digging ho’s. Let a man be a faqing father instead of an ATM.

    • G.M.

      @matixb: yeah, ur absoultely right and those type of women are the ones im usually talkin sh1t about, not the good ones…its a war between players and golddiggers and good men/women are just casualties of war so to speak…the way the laws are now, make it too big of a risk for marriage/kids, atleast for me…apart of me wanted both before but with the laws the way they are, its too enticing for a lot of women not to try and con a guy into marriage/children becuz when the relationship ends u can be rewarded with a large sum of his money

  • !!!!!


  • http://www.inmatenavigator.org Inmate Navigator.org

    Mann good news Nas! That Daddy joint physical custody is much needed too (weekends and summers). 25k a month? Lets draft a new Father right Bill, the pen is stronger then the sword.-much love and respect

  • get em paid

    That’s right send them black bishes and ur babies back to the projects where you all come from anyway! NAS get you a becky a light skin get you some good hair babies. Them black mamas know how to fix up some ramen noodles beans corn bread and fat back! Kelis: bump you! Not me and Mine! We u

  • Lawd da Mercy

    I wanted them to work it out. They were a good couple.
    Nas should have had a prenupt.
    Kelis shouldn’t be so vindictive.

    • http://static2.hypem.net/thumbs/2/1089002.png YokoDMV

      tell em we want prenups!! love your avatar

  • get em paid!

    A Judge in Indiana fined Dads that did not pick up their children according to agreements. A group of Dads went back and had the order changed The judge agreed and increased the child support. The judge told the media my Dad would call my Mother make a big stink and never show up. A Dad in ATL petitioned to have his kids for summer months. His Mother wrote the Judge and said he just missing with baby mama I AIN’T KEEPing NO GRAND KIDS lol. Judge increased child support.


    Should a got a yella bone, they give hand-jobs (we love ya TINY) and raise the yungins. LMAO

    • Just Bored

      ummm Kelis is a YELLA BONE with “GOOD LONG HAIR” – are ya blind? Guess your theory has some holes in it…..

  • gigglgal215

    Why is Kelis getting $20,000.00 spousal support? She has the ability to make her own money. I can understand Nas paying child support,he’s supposed to. But,20k for a person whom is also a celeb and has the ability to make her own money,I don’t get it.

    • G.M.

      becuz she’s a female…so by law she is given the option of gettin it regardless if she needs it or not, its bullsh1t right…imagine ur a CEO of a company/business and u fire an employee for bad performance or whatever but the law says u have to continue to pay that ex-employee their current salary until they found a new job…thats basically what alimony is lol

    • Timmy

      He could get full custody if he can prove infidelity, first of all. And if he wasn’t satisfied to the point where he had to cheat, he should have ended the relationship years ago. I don’t blame anyone involved. They allowed it to get this way.

  • tommykimon

    Why does she need $20,000 a month in spousal support? I thought she had her own career. Shoot I can make $25,000 last the whole year. She’s blowing money on stupid stuff.

  • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keeping it Real

    Geez – more black men whining about doing what other races of men do everyday!! It’scalled CHILD SUPPORT and ALIMONY both of which she is entitled to under the laws of this land. If he didn’t want to pay it then maybe he should have gotten a pre nup.. You all act like she made an OOW baby shortly after knowing him and nowshe’s trying to clean up!! SHE WAS WITH HIM FOR OVER 7 YEARS!! Some of you clowns pay women much more for much less time!! Just look at your boy Tiger and Strahan to naem a few – and for the ignorant b@stard who made the comment about sending black wome nand their babies back to the projects and getting a white/light skinned woman – BOTH of the women in the Tiger and Strahan divorces were WHITE!! ANY race of woman is going to want hers…

  • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keeping it Real

    And as usual the bitterness of the posters in Child Support issues themselves is just SPEWING all over this thread! YOu can ALWAYS tell a brotha who is venting due to his own child/children support issues.. Maybe you brothas need to worry about your own situations and making your own child support payments and worry less about NAS payments…



  • Africana

    Get it Kelis!!!!! That’s what Nas gets for cheatin on you while you were pregnant!! pay backs a beetch… and sometimes disrespect needs to be checked lmao

    • G.M.

      what do men get when wives cheat on their husbands? let me think…oh yeah, NOTHING but still goto pay alimony, child support, still lose custody of the kids and get kicked out the home…THATS THAT BULLSH1T

  • Matix B

    I agree. I’m not riding with Kelis just b/c I have a vagina. She’s faqing trife and every single person on this thread knows it. Women are the faqing worst SOMETIMES…we aren’t all the same but some take this ‘sisterhood’ shyt too far and will ride with a bytch just b/c she has labia. We are just as trife and any dirty dyck nigs out there real faqing talk…

  • Kim Kardashian

    Kim K all day hoes!

    • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keeping it Real

      more like a pitful black man pretending to be her.. Why do black men like to pretend to be women??

  • sisredredbone

    I still don’t know what child needs 5k a month in support, so excessive, there’s principle and then there is ridiculous and Kelis I’m sorry but this is ridiculous.

  • 7lady

    Damn right men have to pay. It’s a small price for their freedom. You think you gone keep a woman for some years, cheat on her, trade her in for a 20somethin and just walk away? Yo azz crazy. You brought her in your life…u had a child with her. They deserve that same lifestyle without you. And hellz yeah the baby need designer diapers. Long azz yo azz got designer jeans on baby gone hav designer diapers.

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