A “Lil Positivity”: “Kidney Sisters” Gladys And Jamie Scott Freed From Prison Today

- By Bossip Staff

It’s safe to say that there will be some bottle poppin tonight in the Scott household:

Two sisters whose life sentences were suspended on the condition that one donate a kidney to the other were released from a Mississippi prison on Friday after serving 16 years for an armed robbery.

Jamie and Gladys Scott waved to reporters and yelled, “We’re free!” and “God bless y’all!” as they left the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility in an SUV. The sisters are moving to the Florida Panhandle, where their mother and grown children live. Still, the women have an uncertain future. They still have to make sure they are a compatible match for the transplant. And they have to find a way to pay for everything: Their attorney said they will try to get government-funded Medicaid insurance to pay for the transplant and for 36-year-old Jamie Scott’s dialysis, which officials said had cost the state about $200,000 a year.

First, though, they want to eat a good meal, said their attorney, Chokwe Lumumba. “And you know how women are. They want to get some clothes,” he said, speaking in an open field used for law enforcement training just across from the prison on a cold winter morning.

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour agreed to release Jamie Scott because of her medical condition, but 38-year-old Gladys Scott must donate the kidney within one year as a condition of her release. However, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous has said the governor’s office assured him the transplant condition of release won’t be enforced.

Barbour’s spokesman did not immediately respond Friday to a question about that. When asked last week if Gladys Scott would be sent back to jail if she is not a match or if she changes her mind, Barbour responded in a statement: “All of the ‘What if’ questions are, at this point, purely hypothetical. We’ll deal with those situations if they actually happen.” A few doctors have expressed interest in performing the transplant, but there are no firm plans yet, Lumumba said.

Some medical experts said the arrangement for the sisters’ release raises legal and ethical concerns, but their supporters say Gladys Scott wants to try to save her sister’s life. For instance, the condition could be interpreted as trading an organ for freedom, which could violate federal laws against selling organs, said Arthur Caplan, director of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania.

The American Society of Transplantation called Friday for Barbour to issue a formal statement saying the transplant will no longer be tied to the women’s early release from prison.

“The decision to donate an organ should be a truly selfless act, free from coercion and not conditioned on financial or any other material gain,” the group’s president, Dr. Maryl R. Johnson, said in a statement. The sisters’ freedom will allow not only for a reunion with family, but also with each other. The two women have been held recently in different parts of the prison, and it’s unlikely they had much interaction in the sprawling complex of 13 housing units on 171 acres along a rural stretch of highway in central Mississippi.

The Scotts were convicted in 1994 of an armed robbery in central Mississippi on Christmas Eve the year before, according to court records. The robbery didn’t net much; amounts cited have ranged from $11 to $200. The Scott sisters’ attorney and advocacy groups have long cited $11 as the amount taken in the robbery, though there’s been some dispute about exactly how much was stolen. The lower amount has been used to argue that the life sentences were excessive.

The sisters are black, and their case has been a cause celebre for the NAACP and other advocacy groups. They claim they are innocent. Civil rights advocates said their double life sentences were too harsh whether they robbed the men or not. One of the victims in the case testified that he was robbed of about $200. A 14-year-old boy involved in the crime testified that his cut was between $9 and $11. Lumumba, the sisters’ attorney, has said the $11 amount trumpeted by advocacy groups is based on the indictment, which says they stole “in excess of $10.”

One of the victims told The Associated Press it’s time to move on. Attempts to contact the other victim were unsuccessful.
Mitchell Duckworth said the women planned an ambush, then lured him and a friend onto a dark stretch of road where they were hit in the head with a shotgun and robbed. Duckworth said it’s still hard for him to think about, even all these years later, but he’s OK with the women leaving prison. “I think it’s all right as long as they’ve been there,” Duckworth said Thursday in a telephone interview.

So these ladies want a good meal and some clothes after being locked up for 16 years, huh?? We can’t even be mad at them…


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  • free

    they look like they had a lot of good meals. they eat like that in prison? damn!

    • Glok..Woke up this morning screaming,...Fuk Da World !!!



    • tommykimon

      My cousin went to Federal Prison at 300lbs and came out about 140lbs he looked totally different. My guess is these chicks were eating extra good. Glad they got out though didn’t they get life in prison for $11?

    • Glok..Woke up this morning screaming,...Fuk Da World !!!

      SHO NUFF !

  • if anything be noble

    Wow @ this justice system. —–But also wow @ $200K paid by the state for one year of kidney dialysis for just one person….. Don’t let the government start killing people who are too expensive to keep… I’m glad they’re out.

    • free

      3.2 million bones. let’s face it, ms wouldn’t have let their *sses out except they were so expensive to keep in.

  • Cj

    A Rod couldn’t smack them smiles off.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    God is Good! Im so happy for them!

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    congratulations ladies! now keep your noses clean cuz you know you’re in the DEEP south…

  • Johnny'sgirl

    I’m happy they’re out and it was a miscarraige of justice, but your comment just made laugh out loud. LMAO!!!

  • Sonya

    Somebody must have put a lot of money on their books, becuase it appears that they spent all their time eating.

  • sho u right

    its a shame that somebody can’t get on facebook or what ever to solitcit donations or raise funds to off-set the costs for the transplant surgery after what this gov. said over the reason he released them. then again we can’t even get the funds together to finish the MLK memorial. oh well

  • DidIMissSomethin

    I guess I am the only one that thinks that…if it was me or my family member that they committed armed robbery on…no matter how much money it was…I may not be congratulating their release!! When my Mom was robbed at gunpoint; I was hoping that piece of shyt went to jail for life!!! Just me!!!

    • Josh

      Agreed. This is an odd post. Ok fine you feel they were harshly sentenced but they put a shotgun in someone’s face with intent to rob them. Is this something to really celebrate.

      Heres hoping they learned their lesson and do f*ck it up like SOO many other criminals do.

  • Leelee

    Hopefully they won’t rob anyone else…while out.

  • TiffyB

    Praise God they have been released. I can’t believe someone was given 2 life sentences, and have spent 16 years in jail for $11. I guess if it had not been for dialysis costing so much they would still be there. God Bless them, and may they prosper in the future. Hope all goes well with the transplant. They get to hold they kids, and their kids/kids now, and teach them about mistakes that can be mad.

    • Josh

      Doesn’t matter how much money it was. It’s the principal of putting a gun in someone face and threatening to take their life unless they gave up however much money they had. It a criminal act.

      Fine they were judged harshly but doesn’t change the fact what they did was a crime. “OH you’re threatening to take my life but I only have a 11 bucks so its cool.”

  • Mabel

    Idk, but perhaps the kidney disease cause her to gain the weight, maybe some medical folks could speak on it. Very happy to know these ladies have been freed.

  • DidIMissSomethin

    The next time the ppl on here are robbed at gunpoint…if yall are so unfortunate to have that happen to you…I want you to have the same rejoiceful feelings for them that you have for these two women!! What they did was wrong!!!

  • no $hit $herlock !!!!!!

    maybe the next dumba$$ who is thinking of getting involved in an armed robbery will think LONG AND HARD — this was not a pair of innocents — and they are not somebody that I’m treating as a pair of martyrs.

    Was the time spent in jail too long — YES.

    Did their a$$es deserve jail time — HELL TO THE EFFIN

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