Looking For Love Vs. Being Desperate

- By Bossip Staff

Companionship is something we were built for; it’s a part of human nature. The longing to lock arms and exchange sweet smiles is not to be ignored. Finding love is important and we should keep ourselves open to possibilities. However, we should not be so inviting that we appear desperate. Standards and politesse need always apply. No man wants a woman who is desperate. It is most attractive to seem desirable and confident. So, assume the correct position when hunting for men. When and with whom it is meant to be will happen. The key is remaining open and opportunistic.

MadameNoire.com offers you a few tips for looking open to love without coming off as desperate…

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  • Adjour

    Crazy white chicks are the best

  • get em paid!

    Being in love is a form of insanity!

    • G.M.

      its being delusional…few ppl fail to realize that when u fall in love u end up doin some idiotic drug fiend sh1t…women get abused, excuse for staying: love, the saying “we all do CRAZY sh1t for love” “love is a hurricane”, “all is fair in love and war”, u believe the dumbest obvious lies when ur in love, clouded judgement when ur in love, ppl act/do desperate sh1t for love, their depressed if they feel their not in love with somone just be in like, its better lol




    POW BANG??


    At 42 I still have never been in an actual relationship. Just has not happened yet. I pray for a boyfriend one day. AMEN.

    • Buckle Down

      Don’t feel bad I left a great guy very nice cause I was having convenience issues, ended up throwing his number out like a dumb a**. Met somebody else and he told me to do me since we weren’t vibing, haven’t had a boyfriend since. I just regret letting the other one get away. Now I can’t find him.

  • if anything be noble

    @NEVER BEEN LUVED, I stand in agreement with you. May you know love real soon. Amen.

  • G.M.

    lmao @NEVER BEEN LUVED and Buckle Down y’all comments had me rollin

    • Buckle Down

      No but seriously I realized that when I wasn’t looking for anybody he found me. I was being pursued and I didn’t realize that it was a sign of genuine interest. But oh well.

  • http://D Dee

    @ sportsfan23 you Betta preach lolol!!!

  • Dee

    Sportstalk23 i ment

  • Dee

    @Neva been loved I don’t kno if this is real or fake if it is sorry for laughing

  • aqueenwaits

    Well……..let’s say what you just said was true. What’s the deal when he doesn’t call like he used to and is now texting you with some bullshi+ about his back is hurting? Do you beleive that OR does he have company? What say you?

  • phyre

    Most people do not realize what love is. Love in its true form should never hurt. Love is not controling, insecure, insane, or anything negative.

    People also need to know that if u can’t love urself u will never truly love anyone else. It all starts inside.

  • je t'aime

    sometimes people just need to get close ..

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    i agree with this list 100%!!

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