Sorry Kimora… Baby Kenzo Is Not Feeling All That Yoga Get In Touch With Your Inner Self Non-Sense!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Kimora Lee Simmons is in Season 4 of her reality show “Kimora: Life In The Fab Lane”. Wanting to spend a little QT with the latest addition to her seed collection, Baby Kenzo, Kimora was under the impression that Yoga would help sooth the soul… Baby Kenzo had something else in mind!!!!

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  • wannabene

    Aw he’s too cute!

    • Sara

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  • Kit/Kat

    Just too cute!!

    • Confessions of a Confused City Girl

      LOL aww that was too cute! He was like “forget this ish! Where the toys at?!”

  • densure

    love the little boy, he is tooooooooooooo young for yoga

    • PeachTree

      No he’s not. They do Baby Yoga ALL the time at the YMCA. Check it out. It’s really good for them, but some babies know what they like. LOL!

  • nymphis

    Maybe try teachin him martial arts=BRUCE LEON
    Asian mixed wit black= a car thief who can’t drive

    • Sydney

      LMAOOOOOO!! I rele can’t stand black ppl mixed with asian. They are so ugly.

  • anonymus

    kenzo is gonna be one handsome boy when he’s older toooo cute!

  • The Legaci

    He is soooo cute! She know you can’t make no little boy sit there any do that. Too much energy.

  • moi

    i think he is going to be too handsome

    but if people didnt know his mother they wouldnt know he was 1/4 asian

    • Mrs. Rance

      1/4 is just about the right mix. He’s gonna be finer than Tyson Beckford. What an adorable little african warrior.

  • Tamara

    I´ve never seen a mixed kid that came out so black

    • Well Well

      They all don’t come out light bright sweetie. Hmph!!!!

    • daisy jay

      Well he’s not half, so that has something to do with it. And his father apparently has some STRONG genes so that was a factor as well. I think he looks a lot more like his father than Kimora. Maybe when he gets older that will change?

    • Tha' Truth

      Really? I’ve seen pale White women who are the biological mother of jet black kids with kinky hair. I once had a white neighbor who came to me with that B.S. that her self-hating fiance claimed to mixed with Indian and mixed. Therefore, his child, unlike him, would have good-hair have being mixed with this white woman, Heather. That child color finally came in and she had really bad NAPPY, uneven short hair with a bald spot in the back. DNA is the truth! You never know how which genes will be more dominant. Now, she is stuck with a bad-azz misbehaving child who do not look like her other 1st two white kids from a previous marriage. Now, that’s irony & karma for ya! LOL

    • PeachTree

      What an ignorant thing to say. And obviously you are limited in life. Because I happen to be a very dark skinned mixed race person.

    • Jenney

      I know a puerto rican woman with two daughters and they have Kenzo’s complexion and kinky hair.

    • tommykimon

      Dumb remark, I seen mixed children come out pitch black with very kinky hair. Black genes are very dominant. Plus Kimora is only half Asian.


    he is not a mixed kid , his mom his half black/asian et his dad his black !!

    • deeefabolous

      yeah and he’s mixed : asian AND black! I know some people don’t want to make the difference.. dont know why but the word “mixed” is not only for people who are Black & White 😉

    • Tha' Truth

      What??? This child is mixed as his Korean heritage will continue to resurface in his future offsprings. That’s simply basic biology 101. You can’t deny DNA.

    • PeachTree

      Seriously, some of you are very very very ignorant. You need to get out into the world. Most mixed race Black/Asian children I know are chocolate. And I know some who are light. Does it matter? NO he’s a dayum cute baby. And he put a smile on my face seeing him alive, happy and playful.

  • happy nappy

    That’s cuz his mother is only have Asian so he is 75% black…

  • happy nappy




  • xoxo

    @tamara you should never have children.

  • cece

    Correction his dad is African and his mother is half Asian and Half Black. He is too young for that and she should have took him to a place that peeked his interest not hers.

    • PeachTree

      No he’s not too young for Yoga. They have baby swim and Yoga. It’s very good for them. May just not be for him.

  • Ariona Taylor

    Doesn’t Kimora know that you can’t meditate WITH children; you meditate BECAUSE of children!

    • BE

      You know!! LMAO!!

    • Sticky-n-Sweet

      CO-SIGN 1000%

  • Blue Kid

    That baby is smarter than the both of them and he is a cutey pie.

  • Bren

    The baby looks just like his father…ugly

  • Selfish

    He’s a cute baby. Ugh f**king lame talking about a child.

  • Mike

    thats how babies made from any other race mixed with an original african come out. Bi racial kids (half white half black african for example) come out no lighter than rihanna. so is the “mariah carries and them” BLACK??????

    • Janelle

      Not all Africans are very dark like Seal and Dijmon Honsou. My freshman year of college I met plenty of Africans and they were all lighter than Rihanna actually.

    • Mike

      I guess by original african, I meant dark skinned african.

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    Love his little bow legs! He is too cute. He got so big so quickly! LOL!

  • JustAshley

    Awe! He’s beautiful.

    And a handful!

  • Howcomeucantthink

    He is beautiful, love that skin, those eyes and lips!

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Awwwww lol..Kimora’s looks & daddy complexion,nice!!!! 🙂

  • yup!

    haha he like man i dont wanna do this crap! i wanna play! lol

  • K-mia

    he’s an adorable baby!

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