What Kind Of Monster Would Do This To His Grandmother???

- By Bossip Staff

This guy is a sicko/nutjob for sure:

A Hephzibah man is in custody after the brutal beating death of his grandmother, 92-year-old Dorothy Lockwood. Theodore Cornell Lockett, 21, is charged in the brutal beating death of his 92-year-old grandmother Saturday night in Hephzibah.

According to authorities, Theodore “Ted” Cornell Lockett, 21, returned late Saturday to his grandmother’s Apache Trail home, where he had lived for six months before Lockwood asked him to move out. Around 10 p.m., Lockett confronted his grandmother in the living room and began assaulting her, knocking her to the ground and striking her several times in the head with a glass table, a report from Richmond County sheriff’s Sgt. Daniel C. Carrier said.

Lockett then called his mother, Sondra Lockett, and told her he’d just killed his grandmother and was going to kill her, the report said. Theodore Lockett “then went back inside the residence and assaulted Lockwood again” by striking her in the head several times with a microwave oven, the report said.

When law enforcement arrived, they found Lockett inside and he surrendered without incident, Carrier said. His mother had contacted them after her son called, he said.
Also inside the house but unharmed was another woman, a bedridden relative for whom Lockwood was caring, Carrier said. Authorities aren’t sure what might have sent Lockett, who has no apparent criminal record, into a rage. He has been treated at a behavioral health facility but has no known psychiatric diagnosis, Carrier said.

Lockett was booked into the Richmond County jail at 2:15 a.m. Sunday on charges of aggravated assault, burglary and making terroristic threats. The charge of murder was added when his grandmother died about 5 a.m. Sunday at Medical College of Georgia Hospital.

WTF??? Dude just went straight crazy!!! How is he beating people with microwaves and glass tables??? SMH.

R.I.P. Dorothy


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  • uhohitslelani

    Horrible. Smh @ microwave

    • sugarbaby466

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  • Marquis de Sade

    Now this here is definitely an EXTREME case of ABANDONMENT ISSUES. 😆

    • Thaddious

      No, it’s a case of an unemployed 21-year-old being put out on the street.

      Not saying he’s without fault, but this economy manifests all types of evil.

  • solo67

    Ladies, don’t be to quick to pick up anything, when it comes to finding a mate. Sometimes it’s better to be alone and sleep with a gun, instead of a jerk.

    • GaPeach

      Amen, You said something then….

  • bb

    or@ solo

    make bastard kids. Me I don’t want any part of making lil monsters…. Nope I will keep my womb all to myself!!!!!! Die with all my genes tucked nicely away.

  • Tm30

    WTH. And why was a 92 year old caring for someone who’s bedridden?

    • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983 GLOK AND NYMP..Y'ALL KILLING ME!!!

      I was thinking the same thing! 92 years old, caring for a bed ridden relative and letting this 21 year old psycho live there. G-ma had a lot going on.

  • leonp

    I hope they beat him down everyday in jail..He deserves whatever he gets..What a loosa

  • Glok..Woke up this morning screaming,...Fuk Da World !!!


  • Fine Azz Ebony

    You can ponder that mess all you want! He is nothing but a bully predator criminal thug who has been getting away with mess all his LIFE! He went their to extort and do what he did. In jail he will get his ‘honey buns” done and will be as powerless as 92 year old woman. He should be out of jail in 10 yrs. You should be able to inmatelocator.org. and get yourself a mate lol. Maybe put a little something on his books lol

  • CAN AM

    If only my grandmother could have lived that long. I would still be hugging her.

  • get em paid!

    He is a true cowardly punk! The police other “men” showed up and he surrendered with out incident.

  • CAN AM

    This was the most ruthless crime that I have ever heard. To live that long and survive life’s challenges, to only be murdered by her grandson. Why didn’t he live with his mother?

    • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983 GLOK AND NYMP..Y'ALL KILLING ME!!!

      This also happened to Betty Shabazz (Malcolm X’s wife). Lived as long as she did and went through all she did only to be killed by her nutso grandson Malcolm.

  • Peppa

    I really have no understanding of this. He obviously went off his rokers. They say he has no other arrest record, which means he has not done anything above a misdemeanor in the past. What set him off. But the biggest question here is WHAT KIND OF FAMILY ALLOWS A PROBLEM CHILD TO LIVE WITH A 92 YEAR OLD PERSON. wHEN i SEE STUFF LIKE EDERLY PEOPLE(WHO ARE NOT HOMELESS)waliing the streets to do shopping or what have you, walking slowly barely able to cross the street, I think about the shiftless, lazy grand kids, neices and nephews who could be taking these people to and from their destinations. It’s a shame. RIP Granny, and I hope this young man gets the approapriate punishment and treatment.

  • Next

    Your Grandma? Even if your own parents don’t like ya, Grandma always will.

  • emmettmays85

    complete evil



  • Hannibal


    • I AM Holy

      One love, one heart, lets get together and feel all right.Give thanks and praise to the lord and I’ll feel all right.

      I’ll pray for you to bring positive vibration.

      God Bless!

  • stupessss!!!

    Just the thought and the lack of respect some people give to elderly people…you learn so much from them, they have so much widom and knowledge. To do this to your own grandmother is beyond sick..I have no sympathy for people who hurt the elderly and the kids. Some people wish to have their grandmother alive and this $hit head killing his own.

  • another B.P moment....(Bi-otch please)!

    Is this fool a crack baby?or is he on crack? he should be in reverence of his grandmother, if it wasn’t for her,he would not be here. All I can say is just damn! Folks, if you don’t have any good intents toward anyone, leave them alone! Why did he have to go to her house?

  • confidently_ugly


  • ThickLikeCornbread

    OMG! How can u beat ur 92 yr old grandmtr to death???!!!!

    See, this is y u dont open ur home to ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983 GLOK AND NYMP..Y'ALL KILLING ME!!!

    This is truly sad. G-ma was 92 years old. Lived through the Jim Crow era, Civil Rights Movement, Wars and other stuff (Good and Bad) to be killed by a 21 year old loser. This is a daxn shame. I am with some of y’all. Why wasn’t he w/his parents. Why was he pawned off on G-ma. B/c even if G-ma wanted him there someone else in the family should have stepped up and said hell no, she is 92 years old. Get your kid out of her house. This is just a mess. This is why elderly are out here cussing folks out and whatnot because people don’t know how to act. You beat your G-ma with a gl*ss table and a microwave oven? I mean really now. Throw the daxn book at him. Under the jail for life.

  • get em paid!

    Can you tell me how I can give “you know who” a virtual slap! Lol

  • Queen R

    We’re living in last days! people are crazy.

  • Mrs. Rance

    He was treated at a behavioral health facility but has no known psychiatric diagnosis? What the heck does that mean? It sounds like he tried to get help and was neglected instead. And what is a 92 year old woman doing being the caregiver of a bedridden person? Did the bedridden person not have access to a phone? So many questions.

  • Nana

    @get em paid……..
    Like I said he lives in ma basement so any form of punishment can be giving 2 him through me! Don’t worry I took all his crack pipes and blunt papers! Lol

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