Coons Of The Day: Glenn Beck And Sarah Palin Have A Mutual Love-Fest Over Arizona Shooting

- By Bossip Staff

Seems that “talking head” Glenn Beck and resident Republican jackass Sarah Palin have found a common bond in the shooting of Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. People have blamed both Beck and Palin for heightening the sense of radicalism by using language that would incite anger in their rhetoric.

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin emailed each other about the shooting in Arizona, and Beck read some of their exchange on his Monday radio show. Beck told Palin he feared for her safety, and he condemned the shooting, which led to the deaths of six people and the wounding of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

Both have been accused by some as having contributed to the political climate that may have indirectly led to the shooting. Palin, in particular, has drawn criticism for the map she put up that placed Giffords’ congressional district, among others, within crosshairs.

Beck said that Palin had gotten in touch with him first on Sunday night. He read what he had sent to her in reply.

“Sarah, as you know, peace is always the answer. I know you are felling the same heat, if not much more on this. I want you to know you have my support. But please look into protection for your family. An attempt on you could bring the republic down,” Beck wrote. “There are nutjobs on all sides…terror is terror. I don’t care if it is for Allah or your party.”

“I hate violence,” Palin replied, according to Beck. “I hate war. Our children will not have peace if politicos just capitalize on this to succeed in portraying anyone as inciting terror and violence. Thanks for all you do to send the message of truth and love and God as the answer.”

All the “violence is terrible” talk sounds good, but the fact of the matter is that these two thrive off of the fanatical nature of their followers, some of whom are so angry with the government that they’ll do damn near anything to “take their country back.”


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  • Hannibal


    • James Thomas, Detroit

      Sarah Palin couldn’t lead a parade in a straight line. If she became president over a real republican contender like Colin Powel or Huckabee (I like the guy. Sue me.), call me Canadian. At least she doesn’t actually know where Canada is, Youbetcha!

    • sommer

      Correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t the Republican’s in power for eight years and made a mess. I’m just saying.

    • Hannibal


    • sugarbaby466

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  • Drakestr

    Sarah Palin does not care about anyone or anything except the Joe Plumbers and Hockey Moms. Andyone else can kiss it as far as she is concerned.

  • Drakestr


    • stacy

      Thank You for saying it!! I thought it was just me who felt that way!!!

  • confidently_ugly

    a clear case of the blind leading the blind

  • Keep it Real

    An attempt on you could bring the republic down,” Beck wrote

    Does he think that little of this republic or Is he that self absorbed and think that highly of Palin and himself or is he just an unstable crazy man?

  • Psunny

    If palin or bachman or palenty become the next president I will fullfill my dream and move to London.

    • deznuts

      holy $hit i was thinking the same thing……. i know it’ll be rough at first but i’m not gonna sit by idolly while this contry goes back to sh!t

    • Carl

      I started to make a comment but erased it and just offer you my sympathy. You need help……

    • Thominonose

      I agree! when Obama is out of office i’m either going to Canada or Brazil! This country is full of right wing left wing crack pots!

  • Jenifer

    Ain’t this a b!tch. Read the play on words and you’ll notice that they are now the victims. The Republicans ain’t sh#@t. Dumb @ss Palin needs no more media attention, let the idiot b!tch go underground. Beck is a joke. I’m so sick of the Repubs.

  • samech

    If that congresswoman dies, it’s on!!!!!! believe me….there are going to bea lot more people in ‘the crosshairs’. especially from a place called Alaska….just sayin’ I’m sure people are plotting their revenge but they will do it better than the last guy for sure.

  • Nate Owens

    Beck & Palin talk racism & Hannabal your insane let them be your leader you are in the dark.

  • cmp2010

    does he know that Allah is god…not terrorists?? so that statement makes no sense

  • Ms.Brilly


    The statement does make sense. To paraphrase he said, people do crazy things whether its over religion or politics.

  • miztah peedaho

    Glenn beck makes a living Scaring, scary A*$ white folks. and for anyone that belives that sarah can be the next pres keep dreaming. THE ONLY REASON we have a black pres, is because he was running against a broad. if its one thing america hates more then minoritys is women.

  • It's Me

    Fuk both of these racist! There day is coming real soon, as NO protection will save either of them. Mark my words!

  • if anything be noble

    She said she didn’t do nothin so I don’t know what she’s worried about.

  • cotton124

    Wall street came down before he was elected. Robing peter to pay paul. The money had to come from some where. Or would you have rather all of us in soup lines. Everybody

  • Candid Canuck

    like He-Man And She-Ra

  • T

    Why is everyone so Angry??

    Why all the hate towards Palin? It’s really nor right. If someone was speaking about our current president the way people continue to talk about palin the world would be upside down.
    Hypocrit it’s best.
    I’m no Palin supporter but I know the difference between right and wrong.
    No one influenced this sick kid who did such an aweful act. Come on no one. He was planning this before the Tea party existed and before our current president became president.
    I’m a registered democrat but will be switching to am Independent. I don’t like lies and spins on things it’s just not fair and I’m not stupid either. I’ve Been more politicaly involved since Bush 2nd term.
    They all both sides uses language and targets on maps to see what states they need to tackle to win. They all Dems and Republicans use language as targeting, war, get people on the ground,etc.
    I wonder why are people of this world so unfair, quick to judge, and quick to make up stuff??

    I don’t like to see people get picked on unfairly.
    The congresswoman is for free speech and she’s for the right to bear arms. People do ur research and stop putting out BS.

  • GoodLook

    Sarah Palin is probably the dumbest woman on the planet maybe the universe.

  • Peppa

    All of you closet Repubs are not fooling anyone on this site. Sarah Palin is and always was a RACIST. She insites violence all the time. Putting fear into those ignorant white people, who rarely are around black people. Anyone who says Sarah does not insight violence and fear…COULD NOT POSSIBLY HAVE BEEN ON HER WEBSITE or LISTENED TO HER RHETORIC.

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