8 WTH Moments From Sunday Night’s RHOA

- By Bossip Staff

Just when you think life’s boring, in comes the Real Crazies of Atlanta to liven things up. Here’s a recap of their drama, with a twist of WTH…

1. Dwight on Kim

When Dwight encounters these ‘housewives,’ he seems to get a kick out of it. Though he’s a little on the mellower side these days, who didn’t “LOL” when he grabbed Kim’s boobs at the Sip & See? Dwight, you better make sure you’re really not into women, and that you can legally pat down women’s boobs like that! WTH!

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  • miamac

    Yeah, what is wrong with Sweetie? I guess money still talks and will make some people sell their souls.

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  • uguess

    Please did you hear all the ish Kandie’s road manager said to Kim after she made that comment. He dogged her oh well Kim you don’t know us like that.

  • daisy jay

    That picture ALONE is a WTH moment. Double Bubble rim job-givin’ lookin’ @ss nicca….

  • NeNe leakes needs her wig back!

    Yo I’m still tryna figure out how the hell are Phaedra and Apollo the royal family?? That’s some BULL…and what’s the reason that Kim’s daughter was so upset b/c sweetie was leaving?? She must get to treat Sweetie the way her mom does…like a doormat….Oh yeah and Kandi needs to do something to her head (disaster)….

  • Queen R

    Who is she? I mean him!

  • BuBBles

    KiM Can’t Talk about No Ones Hair her WiGs are Always NaPPy & StiFF…MonKey with a Wig….Lmao

  • Entoon

    this site will take ur comments and eat them if they don’t like em! too funny! dwight needs to go play in the sun and melt. kim is a a blode ghetto rat. Nene man hands need to be kept to herself cuz I aint buyin the refined lady act. fakedra needs to stop lying. cynthia needs to dump island uncle ben and sheree needs to get a real job!

  • Honut Sinti

    Sure is a long way from the days of the Jeffersons…(moving on up, to the big leagues, etc.) 😉

  • Kyra

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    just goes to show how much negros will accept crackers in the south, no matter how horrible they treat them. if kim was brown $#!t would have been hit the fan!

  • Joy

    Kandi is pretty damned optimistic.

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