Chocolate Covered Taye Diggs Gets All Mushy About Married Life And His Little Blessing

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like Taye Diggs is becoming the ultimate father and husband. In a recent interview with Good Housekeeping, he speaks on the best and worst thing about being married and what it’s being a father…

The best thing about being married is… having your best friend by your side constantly. Knowing that someone has your back.

The toughest part about being married is… being so close to someone that they get on your nerves more than you thought anyone ever could [laughs]. I’m talking about my getting on her nerves.

I never thought I’d be caught… doing the grunt work — stroller in one hand and diaper bag in the other. I always thought I’d have everything worked out, but when you’re in it, you’re not thinking about looking cool.

The most challenging part of being a dad is… the lack of sleep.

The most rewarding part of being a dad is… when he smiles, it’s as if he’s blessing us. We’re the parents and should be the ones in control, but he’s the little prince, and we feel like we’re waiting on him.

My definition of romance is… after you’ve been together for so long and had kids, you’ve done all the stereotypical romantic stuff — chocolate and flowers. It becomes what’s valuable to the other person in that moment, which for my wife is giving her a break — like, by handling bath time.

The most used appliance in our house is… the blender. My wife is always making these crazy shakes that smell awful. But they have helped her lose weight.

The least used appliance in our house is… the iPad. I never have time. I have to force myself to have fun and use it.

On a house project, one of the most important things is… knowing your limits. My wife never throws anything at me that I can’t handle. I’m very proud of putting together a simple plastic slide for Walker. I felt like the king of the world.

My favorite family ritual is… singing. We sing to Walker; we’re always making up songs — about poop, snot, the car seat. We’re both musical people, and my mother raised [my siblings and me] with songs about brushing our teeth, so that’s definitely something that’s being handed down.


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  • get em paid!

    Boi every bro on Ellen’s couch so far has made me ask a corny SNL ” WHATSUP WITH DAT”!

    • Kimberly Vilson

      you cant be serious smh.

      Men are portrayed in the media as dogs and pigs, but that is a minority giving the majority a bad name.

    • DollBaby1o1

      Get this swirly outta my f-kin face please.

  • Antonia

    Another day, Another Dark Man With A White Child.

    • iStyle

      Right? but if the child was____ that ninja would be running and ducking somewhere. So glad I don’t have any children by these _____.

  • Yasmeen

    People have something to say about Taye Digg’s relationship with his wife, but I like them as a couple. They’ve been together I believe 10, 15 years or more, even before getting married and having a family. That is to be respected and admired. I’ve had good relationships with Black men as well as “interracial” ones, and it truly does not matter. As a product of blended cultures and two religions, I don’t feel like I’m preserving some distinct blood line anyway (I’m Jamaican/Chinese/Catholic on one side, and American Black/Scottish/Cherokee/Baptist on the other side). Completely different ways of eating, beliefs systems, family life. I still came out to be a strong woman, proud of my blackness and diverse heritage. I think when the motivation is to be racist or comes from self-hatred to marry someone different than yourself culturally, that is a problem. However, if I’m with a guy that has my back and is respectful and open-minded, I’m not going to let race get in the way. My parents never told me who I should marry, because they were of two different cultures. When it came to religion, they let me decide. Its a gift, and I wish more people were set free from that. It would be helpful to black women not to limit themselves to one particular kind of man, that may not be the best match for them. Its a new day. Stop beating up on black men like Taye Diggs and open your heart to love, whomever it comes from.

    • dj

      Amen!!! Taste the rainbow!!!

  • Robert

    Damn dont you black females ever stop complaining. Taye is a good dude with a good head on his shoulders. You sista’s get so enraged with Taye, who is a model citizen and about his business. If all the black men in America were like Taye, blacks would be progressing faster than we are now. Taye is a well spoken, well behaved brotha who is making good money. You sistas love calling this man corny and this and that but the brotha is getting paid, is an actor and doing him. Aint nothing corny about this guy. Broke hood rats always trying to bring a good brotha down.

    • Govt. Cheese

      Amen Brother! I really don’t understand the Black American mindset sometimes.

      When a guy is doing the right thing i.e. being a model citizen and actually speaking articulately, he is looked at as being corny, or lame.

      I wish Taye and his family all the best and he seems like an awesome father and husband.

    • flacker


      You can also add Nick Cannon to this list, many bw call him corn as well. I guess being well articulate, well groomed and respectful is a negative to many women and yet they wonder why they are not respected. People like Taye, Nick Cannon, Hill Harper, John Legend are “girly men”.

    • Kimberly Vilson

      i agree there are so many amazing men that simply get over looked its a shame,

  • YokoDMV

    the look on the babies face is PRICELESS

    • YokoDMV

      *baby – there is only one, unless you count taye diggs lol

  • Fine Azz Ebony

    Ok here we go some more! Dont nobody care! Nobody hates the swirlers. Those soap confessions about all the other races your relatives humped on are TOTALLY TMI! Swirlies your boring us and providing serious comic relief with your “I am a mutt” declaration speeches! Black folks ain’t mad they are very proud of they light skinned nieces and nephews especially Granny. Omgoodness white girl black women know them brow clown lol black women befriend you and tell you how to check his butt. I have laughed so hard at white females praying that her unborn swirl dont look to black. White folks talk about Swirls babies are talk about like cute puppies! Really alot times folks ain’t hating the are having fun yanking the “swirly chain” lol. Personally I get a little upset because they poke fun of our nieces and nephews but white lady plz know most of its a joke! The next time you give your mixed race my relations humped every kind of other color speech look around you will see folks laughing at you especially white folks and thinking so your a mutt. Its cool to say but it sounds crazy!

    • Valelly

      You gotta love these disingenuous black women that pretend this blog isnt filled with hateful garbage about interracial relationships. including this story. You’ll still get a “go girl” despite your flat out apparent lie.

  • mix it match up!

    My coworker is a black man we are the only to black employee in our department. My black coworker has a white wife. He has really large full lips, wide flaring nostrils that you can see up inside of and his eyes that look like they going to pop out of his head and his eye lids are droopy! He is about 5’9 with round shoulders lol. He brought his 9 yr twin daughters and wife to the office christmas party the children looked exactly like him with pale skin, rosey lips and cheeks, rusty brown kinda weavy hair. Dude was smiling from ear to ear as white folks laughed and said ” David your kids look just like you white. Omg They said it to his face! I ain’t saying nothing about his kids but David is beauty in the eyes of the beholder.

    • Ruby

      Old folks call it “yellow wasted” – a light skinned person who is not attractive. There are a lot of those folks out there. It takes more than yella skin to be attractive in my book.



    • BE TRUE !!!!!!!

      Some one need to claim him will the real daddie please stand up………lol

  • Luscious

    What an adorable baby!

  • Honut Sinti

    There are many colors in the rainbow to make us smile…

  • confidently_ugly

    daddys ears for sure. Baby looks just like him

  • G.M.

    the kid looks hispanic, like his name should be “Jose” or “Miguel” lol

  • iStyle

    Who da ____ cares? On to the next story please.

  • Fred


  • Brooklyn Hampshire

    Adorable baby!

  • Fine Azz Ebony

    @Island baby
    YOU know why you and your parents left them lily pad islands! Talk about some poverty unwed mamas and light skin dark skin mess lol. Plz some annual salaries that are supposed to be good are $6,500 and they import everything. Some of those islands are still very much plantations and worse the ” coloreds” on the big lily pad island call the coloreds on the little lily pad island “country”. You might want to thank ” parents” for getting you off that lily pad. In college my island sisters broke it down and told us to stop vacationing on those island were they catered to rich white folks.

  • Eddie

    White women usually wait to have children after they are married, unlike the black chicks.

    • Antonia

      OH so we’re playing this game?

      HOW ABOUT White men don’t leave their kids unlike white men?


      White men aren’t in jail whilst missing their kids grow up unlike black men.

      Hmmmm generalisations aren’t so fun are they TROLL!

    • don't ask

      And who are these black women having these babies by? Black men who usually marry white women usually leave their black offspring with their black mothers. THINK.

  • Citygurl

    Doesn’t matter who objects to it people gonna date and fu*k who they want to date and fu*k and there ain’t nothing folks can do about it. In fact, the more people object to it the more people gonna do it. I don’t give a FU*k who dates who that is their choice and their life.

  • lexi

    Not sure why my first comment wasn’t posted….

    I think Taye was with Idina long before he did “Stella…”

    Anyways, I can’t stand Taye because he constantly brags about his son being mixed as if he’s the only one in the world. It’s like “my son looks nothing like me and I’m damn proud of it” goes on in his head. Plus he has always been a wack actor (the black version of Matthew McConaughey comes to mind). Still don’t get why he gets attention. I do think his wife is very talented, something Taye lacks.

  • JustAshley

    AWE! He’s such a cutie! LOL

  • Boomboomroom


  • Tracie

    I don’t get what people have against Taye Diggs.

    Is it because he is an educated brother who didn’t leave his woman the moment he got some fame and money?

    Taye has been with Idina was over 15 years. They have a child and seem happy and secure in their relationship. It is refreshing to see a man, especially a black man, gushing about family life.

    His son is adorable. I wish them nothing but the best.

  • The Beautiful One

    That child looks nothing like Taye Diggs, and mean nothing. If I didn’t know any better I would say Taye was holding the baby of one of his Hispanic fans. LMAO SMH

    • The Beautiful One

      Typo… I meant * and I mean nothing

  • The Beautiful One

    @ Boomboomroom

    I couldn’t agree more, it’s sad.

  • Bianca

    U r a male?? Well pull ur skirt down and man up idiot. Quit supporting idiocy. U wish I was white, is it to scary for u to imagine some black women want better for themselves than the scraps we are forced to accept. I will take love, commitment, marriage and fatherhood over any race ANYDAY. Now be gone. Get married and prove u r more than the bas t ard child maker we all know u r.

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