SMH: Amber Rose Gets A New Car And A New Reality Show

- By Bossip Staff

Here is your girl Amber Rose on location for her new reality show (SMH) shopping for a new whip.

Hmmmm, wonder who is paying for that bad boy….

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  • Nana

    This bish went from sliding doan a pole to sliding into a Lambo????? If this isn’t the AMERICAN DREAM tell wat it is…..

  • YokoDMV

    LOVE a. rose but her outfit is a #fail and her friend is even cuter than her in the face!

    • The Bishop

      Yeah, she needs to keep it real with herself. She aint no thugette. She needs to keep her casualness on the cute side. Besides, you got a Lamborghini, baby. You supposed to look fly when you step out of that.

  • Nana

    Typo *down* and *tell me wat it is*

  • ms hearn

    Now I’m confused, when did she ever have a show and why is she having one now.

  • UrOpinionDontCount

    There is NO way that chick has 2 lambo’s…if she do she must have a MEAN head game and a belly full a unborn children…

  • Brooklyn Hampshire

    She got a Lamborghini a reality show and controllable stds. Every hoes dream.

  • HOT G.R.I.T.S

    Oh this is the last thing I want to see on t.v. Dayum whrthehell my show Im a law abiding citizen I pick up trash donate clothes n food to Goodwill. Drive a monte carlo with 22s n make sure my hubby feed as soon as he come in n keep up my child busy schedule. N I work 40 hours a wk too on a second shift job at dat

  • anewme

    Amber is killing em! :0

  • Antonia




  • miles davis

    the most desirable woman on this planet….

  • Entoon

    the year of the ho! what is this world coming to when hoing is celebrated and rewarded so easily?

  • Kitty

    sheeeeit get it girl i aint mad at cha

  • Beethoven

    Who is she? Does she sing, dance, act or play an instrument?

  • Missa

    People still wear Timberland Boots=FAIL! Amber is a fab chick regardless of her previous profession, GET IT AMBER!

  • CeCe

    its probably leased for the show always remember a fool & his money always parts ways good luck bald headed

  • Innovatoor09

    Why? What is the world coming too these days.

  • #ga peach

    Just another industry ho*…

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