Principal Of Private School Gets Booted For Allegedly “Spiking” A Girl On The Volleyball Team

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These teachers nowadays just can’t get enough of these pretty young things walking around high schools. Home-school doesn’t sound so bad after all…

The head of a tony Upper West Side private school has been canned by its co-founder over his inappropriate relationship with a former student, sources told The Post.

Christopher Durnford, 39, was suddenly booted as principal of York Prep Academy over winter break after what students described as months of suspicions that he had crossed the line with a female volleyball player. Durnford had been serving as the girls’ team volleyball coach.

“People knew about it last school year,” said one student. “She used to go to his office last year a lot — more than she should.” While many students said Durnford had been a good principal, several said they also noted behavior they considered inappropriate, such as his patting the butts of girls on the team.

Durnford’s departure was announced last week as part of a New Year’s welcome-back letter to parents from co-founder Ronald Stewart, whose daughter, Jayme, happens to be married to Durnford.

So this cat was married to the co-founder’s daughter and was banging one of the students at the school!?!?! C’mon bruh, it’s bad enough you were trying to get your pedophile rocks off, but at the school that your father-in-law founded?? You got to be the dumbest mickiefickie walkin God’s green Earth!


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    LOL@yaself much?

  • No Homo

    Mickefickie?!? *pushing up roses laughing*

  • Jay

    OOOOOHHHHHHH, not smart, not smart at all. Just when I thought it was bad enough he was doing things with the student, the story slides it in that he was married to the founder’s daughter.

  • 7lady

    Why would you surround yourself around something that makes you weak? That’s like an obese man workn at a bakery. Or a shopaholic workn at the mall.

  • shake em

    cosign…the ones in college though. i ain’t looking at the high school biddies

  • It's Me

    @ shake em >> um wit cha college and up!

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