Tiger Uses The Kids As An Excuse To Break Into Elins Crib

- By Bossip Staff

Let the baby daddy drama begin! It looks like Tiger Woods is back to chasing his bottom Becky. Sources say the beleaguered golf baller used his kids as an excuse to gain access to Elins crib and snoop through her personal items while she was away.

TIGER Woods has infuriated his ex-wife Elin Nordegren.The National Enquirer claims Woods snuck into Nordegren’s pad and rummaged through her personal papers to read her private diaries.

“Tiger is obsessed with keeping tabs on Elin,” a source alleged.

“When she found out he got in the house, she went ballistic!

“‘I feel violated!’ she told a friend. ‘I’m totally creeped out by it. He has absolutely no right to be in my home! I don’t want him sneaking around, searching through my drawers and cupboards and trying to find my diaries.

“I felt like I wanted to clean the whole house from top to bottom when I found out he’d been here.

“She says he used the excuse that their kids had left some things he had to pick up.

“Elin says she never confronted Tiger about sneaking into her home.

“She warned her house staff, ‘If he ever gets in here again when I’m not home, you’re fired!’

“Elin was still seething with anger when she and the kids left to spend the Christmas holiday with her family in Sweden.”

“Tiger never wanted the divorce, and since they split up, he has been very jealous and possessive about Elin.

“She told a friend, ‘I feel like he’s stalking me! Our marriage is over — can’t he accept that?

“I just want to move on with my life and he won’t let me alone!”

Damn homie. It was all good just a week ago. Now he’s losing endorsements, his Becky’s are gettin’ locked up and he’s stalking his baby mama. So sad.


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  • confidently_ugly

    Tiger mad cause his money may be taking care of Elins new south african beau. Tiger we know its hard to accept when you are the cause of your own demise. 🙂 🙂 you big dummy

  • margaret

    And you can verify this or are you “reporting” what another website reported?

  • Nana

    National Enquirer? I don’t believe them, they need more people!

    • Lisa

      Neither do I. Tiger seems happy to be divorced. They show him a lot at the Orlando Magic games and he looks very happy more then when he was married.

    • JustSaying


      Of course he’s happy to be divorced. No more sneaking around.

      That doesn’t mean he is happy that his ex wife has she’s moved on with her life.

  • nymphis

    Tiger PeckaWoods is a complete loser

  • Teena

    Sounds like the typical MALE… they cheat, the woman leaves, they figure out they can’t live without her.. then they flip the script and act as if the woman was creepin on him… LMAO>> Tiger tiger Tiger… what are we to do with you.. LMAO… Where do you turn…. SMH… See if you claimed you Black Parts… maybe you’d have a friend to advise you on how to really be a PLAYA!!!

  • confidently_ugly

    with the humiliation he caused …he is not worthy of her. not an Elin fan… gold digger or not he embarrased the hell out of her, her kids and his family

  • if anything be noble

    And the Eiffel Tower is now pink and ruffly.

  • http://static2.hypem.net/thumbs/2/1089002.png YokoDMV

    @confidently_ugly i agree no chick should go out like that becky or not but some double digit millions sure helps a girl feel better lol

  • Just Sayin

    What to you expect if you marry for money.

  • Just Sayin

    All those millions and your dumb a$$ can’t keep a ninja outta your house.

    She is dumber then she looks!

  • Miss U Much MJJ....Lovely1

    He’s snooping around the place he paid for?

    • YOLI

      @MISS U, love it !!! you beat me to it!! lol I love how it’s now “her” house !!! LOL

  • lisa

    omg..im surprised no one has mentioned who this creeper is begining to sound like oj simpson..soundin all stalkerish and possesed.i hope he doesnt murk her like oj did nicole.she needs a restraining order against him.

    • birthday girl

      @lisa Come on girl don’t even go there. Tiger ain’t that stupid.

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983 GLOK AND NYMP..Y'ALL KILLING ME!!!

    I feel no sympathy from his azz and I can believe that he is jealous and emotional. He was trying to hide his philanderous ways because he probably didn’t want the marriage to end. He probably did “love” Elin (in the way men who cheat love their wives) and was hoping he wouldn’t be caught. I could believe he is a complete and utter nutcase. And I wonder how far he will go.

  • jdmann

    A wise man once said only 1 in 10 women have that good good. So even though Tiger was with a lot of different chicks it’s possible that Elin is the best he ever had.

  • Gymo

    This sounds made up to me

  • Gander

    Tiger is so wrong…shes not his and he needs to be a better father, and get with women who wants to be with him….with his cheatin ways.

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