Brit Brit’s New Single Is Breaking Records… Does She Still Have It???

- By Bossip Staff

Britney Spears just released the first single from her upcoming self-titled album.

The new jawn, “Hold It Against Me” is already breaking records.

“Hold It Against Me,” Britney Spears’ newly-released single, broke radio records on its first day, shooting to #1 on iTunes.

Her label Jive Records says the tune, from Britney’s much-anticipated upcoming album, set the record for most radio plays on the first day of release. Industry analyst Mark McCabe says the track had 595 spins on Monday, a record for first or single-day play.

“Top 40 outlets across the country immediately put ‘Hold It Against Me’ in rotation and received instant-reaction airplay at America’s most-influential stations, including Z100 and WXRK in New York and KIIS and KAMP in Los Angeles,” McCabe said, highlighting the amazing numbers.

Earlier in the week, MTV News spoke with the program director of New York’s Z100 who told them, “When I originally heard it in December, it blew me away from the first listen, and the same thing happened when we played it on Elvis Duran’s morning show [Monday]; our Facebook and Twitter pages exploded. People are going crazy for it. They heard the leaked version and loved it, and now they’re loving the official version too. I can see it being another huge hit for her.”

Are you feeling “Hold It Against Me”?? Or is all that talk just the Jive hype machine hard at work?


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  • j diggy down

    brit brit about to take heads off…

  • Robin

    I love Britney!!! Cant wait until her CD comes out !!!

  • PG-13

    1ST B1TCHEZ…its a nice club song

  • Brooklyn Hampshire

    It’s a pretty wack song but I’m happy for her!

  • R.I.P Magnolia Shorty

    Louisiana gal! Go Brit!!!

  • mxredj

    Lol its right in Z100’s lane.. they is going to over play and remix this song to death and

  • vanessa

    sounds like any other song on the radio i dont know why people go crazy over this semi talanted chick

  • mxredj

    They are going to^

  • caligirl

    I heard the song the lyrics are horrible. She been in the game how long and don’t know how to write a descent song? I swear all people need is a good producer and people can care less of the content of the song.


    face it.
    brit is the goose that lays the golden eggs. she’s a money making machine. she can make this kinda junk for the next 20 years and still make bank off of each one.
    it’s disgusting, but true. 😦

  • tiffany

    the wackness

  • http://hotmail Islandbaby

    Sounds like all the other pop songs on the radio.

  • if anything be noble

    Yeah, there’ll always be people to love that girl. They’re practicing screaming and crying and holding up “we heart you Britney” signs upside down on the Today show right now. She’ll be alright.

  • Used to U Ninjas Now

    Jive hype machine at work…the song is not good. Glad Brit is doing better tho…

  • mona

    ok whateva….what happened to songs like Toxic? I even liked Gimme more. This right here is for the birds, ya know the ones that keep dying?

    • Mike

      Lol.. to funny

  • Mike Tyson

    Brit is da shit. Thank you.

  • blah

    this doesnt even sound like her!!! like someone is covering her voice…seriously…or its one hella of a background singer

  • mitchelle

    I wonder if her and gaga will have a manufactured beef
    There albums will be dropping the same year
    But this song is pretty boring…not even catchy

  • OreOChicK

    Thsi Si ym knid fo muisc..Yaehh I loev ti…Yaeh Brit

  • beurette

    Nothing original…

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