Passenger Gets Huffy With Huffington For Using Her Blackberry While Plane Is Taking Off

- By Bossip Staff

Yesterday it was reported that Arianna Huffington got into a confrontation with a passenger that was irate that she would not turn off her blackberry while the plane was in the process of taking off. Even going so far as to continue using it while the plane was just getting in the air!

“She was putting the use of her BlackBerry ahead of the safety of the entire plane. It was purely her own self-interest she was concerned with,” said Ellis Belodoff, 53.

The flap arose late Saturday night when Huffington — a noted author and columnist, who owns the online Huffington Post — was headed to LaGuardia from Dulles Airport in Washington, D.C. and defied Captain Charles Beals’ standard pre-flight instructions that all passengers turn off their cell phones, Belodoff noted.

…Belodoff said when his attempts to notify the flight attendant grew fruitless, he yelled out in frustration.

“So, I yell to him, ‘She’s on her BlackBerry!’¤” he recounted.

When the plane takes off “she’s still on it and I’m ringing my buzzer [to notify the flight attendant]. And finally, I said, ‘What is wrong with you?’ And I’m getting louder and louder.”

Belodoff said that a flight attendant eventually persuaded Huffington to turn off the device and place it in her pocketbook, which was in an overhead bin, but she had been using it for at least 10 minutes after the plane was airborne.

Angry about what happened, he confronted the flight attendant about his alleged refusal to confront Huffington.

“I told him, ‘There’s probably a reason why they want you to turn it off on take off and upon landing,’ ” he said.

“He says, ‘We’ll take care of it when we land.’

“I told him, ‘You didn’t even reprimand her!’

“’He tells me, ‘Calm down, sir!’ I told him I was calm. If I wasn’t calm, I would have ripped it out of her hand!’ “

She better slow her roll before somebody wild out on her. Let it be known, we’re not going down in flames just because you want to send one last smiley face on your BBM!


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  • DJ's Mom

    How rude of her? I wonder if this will be posted on the HP.



  • kidrebelny

    She thinks just bc she is someone famous, she can pull stunts like that. Something about cell phones interferes with the plane signals, she is an idiot

  • ThaManagement

    You all are idiots. Not turning off a phone during take-off IS rude….but it does NOT interfere with plane signals.

    That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

    Radio signals for cell phones are a COMPLETELY different frequency than FAA signals.

    Dont be stupid.

    • that damn sh#$ disturber

      the flight attendant’s calm response should explain that it’s not as serious as people think. i think it’s just a marketing scheme to get people to use their expensive phones!

    • that damn sh#$ disturber

      but i would still be afraid to test it. and if i was belodoff i would have told her “if this plane falls out of the sky over your dumb a$$, i promise you a a$$ whoopin before we hit the ground.”
      we’ll all be lined up like that scene on “Airplane!” ready to beat her down lolol…

    • nywoman23

      that damn sh#$ disturber 1/12/11, 03:02:PM
      but i would still be afraid to test it. and if i was belodoff i would have told her “if this plane falls out of the sky over your dumb a$$, i promise you a a$$ whoopin before we hit the ground.”
      we’ll all be lined up like that scene on “Airplane!” ready to beat her down lolol…

      lmfao hahahaa

  • if anything be noble

    Ellis Belodoff was the kid in school who told on you for EVERYthing. Dag. What’s a few scrambled signals? You’ll get there.

    • binary hex

      Yeah that dude sounds like a 53 year old hall monitor.

      all “you didn’t even reprimand her”

      lol – you’re 53 and you need to press a button to get somebody to yell at someone for you?

  • Peppa

    I was a flight attendant when I was 20. When you take off, there are signals from Air Traffic ontrol that keeps you from running into other planes that are landing (specifically) a device can keep those signals from getting to the flight crew in time, because it goes like this. A plane is lanfind, and the control center alerts the pilot that he has a sertain amount of time to get to a certain altitude. If a cel phone haults that signal for even a couple of seconds, it could cause a collision. She should have been dealt with when they landed.

  • whahhh

    Whatever! That whole cell phone crap is totally blown out of proportion.. its a bunch of bs.. jus put that ish on airplane mode and relax a little.

  • PLUNTa


  • if anything be noble

    Cracking up @ binary hex. You know ole Ellis was laying ALL on that buzzer, all hyped to have a chance to tell on somebody again since 10th grade. smh

  • Rasheeda

    LOL, I wouldve said ‘hey lady…yeah YOU, put that G Damn phone up before I mollywhop ur azz’!

  • Mi Arse

    A Blackberry, or any cellular device period, is not going to take down a plane. I’m a former air traffic controller and I know more than a little bit about aviation. I KNOW pilots who use cell phones in their cockpits, no big deal. After a certain altitude you’re not going to get cell recepion anyway. Besides, if you ever have a chance to fly in a private jet you’ll know that cell phone use is the norm. Nuff said!

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