*Exclusive*Premiere For The Game & Lets Stay Together: Tasha Mack, Brittany Daniel, Terrence J, And Cast Of New Show! [Video]

- By Bossip Staff
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How many of you all watched the premiers last night??

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  • Sha

    “Carpet was graced with the young and the old”…..wow 😛

    • Kyra

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  • Dottie

    Let’s Stay Together looks promising. Last night’s episode was kind of bland but like most new shows I think they just need to work out the kinks.

    They couldn’t find someone better than Terrence J for Tasha Mack to get her cougar on with? I’m just not feeling that matchup.

    • Teni

      RITE….omg hw i agree wit u

  • dee

    I have a feeling Bet is going to screw up the show. This was evident with last night’s episode.

  • Nana

    Really didn’t get Terrence initially but he grew on me! I thought THE GAME was on POINT yesterday! Let’s stay together was BORING, except the karaoke part!

  • Hotmochagirl

    I’m with u Dottie on using Terrence as Tasha’s BF. Why couldn’t they find someone else with more ooomph? I’m also not feeling the other show. But give it time. Come to think of it, when THE GAME first aired I wasn’t feeling it either until about episode 3 when I think it really took off.

    • jfizzle

      @hotmocha, I wasn’t feeling the Game until the 2nd season. It started off corny. Now it’s edgy and more like real professional ballers and the lives they live. Keep up the good work.

  • Queen Love

    Let’s face it, the show is different. Where were the punchlines? I didn’t laugh 1 time…nothing else to believe in.

  • Sara

    I so miss Tasha and Rick… Fox… Sorry but this Terrence is not going to cut it. By the way why don’t they get people that were trained in acting instead of the people trying to cross over to acting. I don’t get it.

  • Dottie

    The guy that plays TT on The Game is usually kind of funny but he messed up in the part that was supposed to show him being serious. If he’d been a better actor the scene with Malik and TT’s girlfriend would’ve hit even harder.

    • Mycalah

      THey messed that opportunity up big time. They could have made that more dramatic instead of her going under the water. If they were going to do it they should have had them together w/o the other chick.

  • Candy

    sorry I had to *writers*

  • p

    Totally disappointed in The Game premiere. Sorry, I didn’t know any of those characters. Where was the humor. Hopefully it will get better as time go’s on.

  • Cleveland

    Let’s give BET some praise. After years of not doing it right, the network is trying to do a better job. They offer employment to black actors. The quality of the shows may vary, but at least they give blacks the opportunity to show their capabilities. I will support the new show.

  • 7lady

    Terrance and Tasha is not a good match at all. Where is Rick Fox or that one coach she was messin with? I do not like the new Brittany. Why they got Tasha smokin milds? They takin her to the projects ghetto level. Darwin gone kick Melanie azz. Malik just his same wh0reish self. Megan played her h0e part good. I like the new TeeTee. My girl Sharee did good with her 5min scene. I still don’t like Darwins baby momma. She so damn fake.

  • fan


  • under_the_radar

    tyler perry cliche with a dash of BET fvckery. bad makeup and hair. I really liked this show before.

  • brittlove

    the episode was okay it was a lil off. wasnt really feeling this new kelly character. i think they over did her “epiphany” idea to get back at jason. n where the heck is rick fox. he’s rick….fox yall. lol

  • SwEeTHoNeStY

    We were given such a build up of the return of this show but I’m sorry to say they didn’t deliver!

    Melanie hasn’t evolved one bit she still insecure even after Derwin married her–UGH! And why would she put her residency on hold(I understand that Tia is expecting but sheesh enough already)

    Tasha Mack and Dante—please kill that immediately! I understand where they are going but he looks too much like her son and they don’t have chemistry it just seems forced.

    Derwin is still my favorite character and I love, love him playing the role as a father.

    And Jason and Kelly’s daughter is all wrong for the part. Brittany was just kicking a soccer ball. Children do grow up but she looks to much like a groupie that hangs around Malik.
    I wasn’t in like with the other new show either—it’s too weak. I was confused as to who all the players were.

    Kita seem more like she was Charles’s old GF–not sister. Which by the way, she looks more like she could be sisters to Tasha. All these women should have uniqueness–the two women look too much alike.

  • eMango

    I liked yesterday’s premiere for the most part but 2 of the new actor’s need to go:
    1) Terrence – I don’t who thought this was a good idea but they were wrong. When he kissed Tasha, my oul was shaken, in a bad way. I can’t really see Tasha with a younger guy but Kelly on the other hand…
    2) The girl playing Brittany annoyed me for the entire 5 seconds she was on screen…she doesn’t even look like a child, she looks like 27-year-old midget.

    At first I thought Kelly was too over-the-top but I think it’ll go away in the later episodes

    I need that laugh track back, Tasha was funny I thought but no one was laughing so I wasn’t laughing 😦

  • http://Diva Taneishia

    I really love the show the game dat tasha mack is just to funny love it love it:)…but that other show needs to be off air….

  • chrissy

    i liked the show but didn’t care to much for tasha smoking cuz she was not holding it right…so i hope they let that gooo….

  • GaPeach

    We want Brick Brack back !! TT did his thang, the rest was average…We need more comedy, asap. Oh yea, Kelly is to Damn Much.. Calm that mess down..

  • kadija1982

    the game season premiere was good. i wish they would bring rick back though, i just couldnt take terrence seriously. malik was gettin it in props to him. and that twist at the end with the dna test was good but i have a feeling that the kid is not his and the original result melanie got was accurate. i think that will become the next twist that the kid is not his. i feel this might become true because janae looked real shook when she was confronted about it. and why kelly was actin like she could really whoop tasha’s a.s.s.. lol

    • Ne Ne aka iB@S

      i think the first results were true too. i think janay paid the nurse to lie or something…or maybe shes janay’s friend…idk

  • Kim

    The show was ok. I don’t like where they are going with Melanie’s charecter, they are making her a typical athlete wife, not a good look and now they are making her into another selfish vindictive black woman. Their marraige is OVER if she does not come clean the very first thing on the next episode.

  • Texas

    Glad the game is back……

  • Willie Lump Lump

    Tasha was smoking on a black!

    In the words of the white kid from Soul Plane “What kind of UPN operation is this?”

  • Texas

    Worth waiting for. I would like to see Rick Fox come back. Wasn’t feeling Terrance J. Even though Tasha played that Cougar role.

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