Instant Replay: The 10 Craziest Moments From Episode 1 Of The Game

- By Bossip Staff

Word on the street is there was some sort of show on television last night that everyone was watching. Have you heard that? For an hour last night, it seemed like everybody on Twitter and Facebook were talking about one thing: the first new episode of The Game in two years. If you missed out, then you definitely woke up this morning out of the loop.

Well, in case you were one of the few people that missed the premier of The Game, here are the crazy-a$$ moments.

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  • YokoDMV

    FINALLY – the game post – i’ve been waiting all day lol

    • BigSKyN

      ME TOO LOL!

    • Kyra

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    • kalifa

      the premiere was too predictable….there was no humor….just low base crap

  • Shamika

    Melanie, Melanie, Melanie is all I can say….Tsk tsk, you spoke TOO DAM SOON! Now how are you gonna fix/get out of this one, hmmm?…

    • Sha

      Ugh Melanie makes you wanna slap some sense into her sometimes…

      idk about Kelly yet maybe the behavior will taper out maybe she’ll have a nervous breakdown. Although it would be funny to see her get a rival. ie. jason gets a steady girlfriend.

      Malik is still a brat. I guess he’s gonna get a wake up call.

      And Tasha maybe she’s gonna be a freak for a while. She and Kelly should make up.

    • YokoDMV

      no sympathy for med school she does this kinda stuff all the time…just leading to ANOTHER breakup by episode 8…im lovin TT not being a flunky anymore…terrence needa go…kelly is wildin…other than that i was PLEASED 🙂

  • It's Me

    this is all women are talking bout today. Is the show that damn good? FB is blowing the fu*k up…Damnnn

    • Not feeling The Game right now...

      NY2CaliLvn – PREACH!
      This show was whack! The makeup was too hard, the storyline too unbelievable, the wigs too ugly, the lighting too bright, the set too over-the-top, and the acting too BAD! Why are Megan Goode and Teernce J on this show? Horrible horrible, horrible! Can we PLEASE get quality back????

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Sounds like a bunch of drama!! LOL

  • Awilli

    I was a bit disappointed…hopefully there will be better episodes.

    • Monique

      Why was Terrence even on the show, was that the only man that can get for Tasha?Didn’t enjoy this new episode at all.The story line is all over the place. Get new writers FAST

    • Awilli

      I agree! But they said that they had the same writers. Something wasn’t right lol. I think I set my expectations up way to high.

  • Matix B

    The Game has lost its comic relief, and seems more like the Y&R then our beloved show. I wasn’t impressed; I think the best part was laughing at Terrence’s skinny azz abs.

    • what_am_iDoing

      I agree, the comic relief was def missing. starting w/teetee growing balls. Teetee shouldnt have that many lines. Too many characters to focus on, every1 was wacky besides Jason..he was cool

    • Matix B

      LOl Yeah Jason makes me laugh …looks like he ‘s going to check mate his ex wife.

  • miss thing

    is no one gonna mention the fact that Kelly and Jason’s daughter, Brittney, aged from 6 to 16 years old in just 2 years?

    • I can't STAN!

      Haha word, I caught that shyt lol. I think the whole Kim reality show storyline is corny as hell too.

    • JaZzIe91

      word! I was like wtf

  • eMango

    I liked yesterday’s premiere for the most part but 2 of the new actor’s need to go:

    1) Terrence – I don’t who thought this was a good idea but they were wrong. I can’t really see Tasha with a younger guy but Kelly on the other hand…

    2) The girl playing Brittany annoyed me for the entire 5 seconds she was on screen…she doesn’t even look like a child, she looks like 27-year-old midget.

    At first I thought Kelly was too b*tchy but I think it’ll go away in the later episodes.


    • lalaland

      wow i was thinking she looked a little weird too really creepy

    • worldchanger

      Although they said 2 years later. They still dealt with those 2 year problems like it was yesterday. Did not like the fact at all that they was coming at that baby hair n skin tone. If he was cream colored with blue eyes then I’d have questioned it. But that sounds like something that would have been dealt with rite after birth. It seems 2 b turning n2 what all this shows n websites do when its hyped up.

    • Nk

      YES! I was like, is Lil Mama playing Britt Bratt? I too need the laugh track…

  • eMango

    terence had spray on abs for real

  • Hannibal


    • LoveLiveLife


    • Hannibal


    • Nk

      OMG, you just made my YEAR!!

  • Adrienne

    I liked the show, it was great to me.

  • huhsaywhat?

    A few questions:

    1) What happened to Rick Fox?
    2) And Stacey Dash? — I thought she signed on for the new season.
    3) Was the Terrence J addition a stipulation of the BET deal? LOL

    • Lisa

      I know I was thinking the same thing. It just jumped into to many stories without any type of background. It could of showed how Malik and the owners wife got together, how Kelly got a show and how Tasha and her friend got together. It just seemed like they were doing to much for the first show.

    • block baby

      They relocated to Atlanta and Rick and Stacy live in LA so maybe they didn’t feel the need to move.

    • Fashion Yaa

      @ hugsaywaht
      4) changed Kelly’s daughter, totally different child actor
      5) i hope they bring Malik’s father again

    • me again

      I just saw Rick Fox on a episode of Tyler Perry’s House of Payn, which is filmed in Atlanta, GA.

    • L.T.

      I actually saw Rick Fox on the House of Payne last night. He plays Janine’s boss. I don’t know how long he’ll be on but it looks like he might try and “start” something up with her.

  • clarkthink

    Meagan Good geting freaky on a toilet seat!! MAN I love this damn show!!….I will NOT!! miss an episode!!

  • YokoDMV

    *kickin myself for acknowledging this BS*

  • sarcasmic

    yet you are here commenting this post, and we’re losers?? pft sit down

  • what_am_iDoing

    1.TeeTee should not have changed. His stupd funny jokes used to cut a lot of the tension
    2. Tasha Mack should not be scared of kelly & smoking a black (not funny)
    3.Mel is a selfish b****
    4.Janay just needs to be a character spoke abt, not seen
    5.Jason, Im feeling him this season
    6.Kelly-NO! they got her acting like Kris Jenner
    7.Malik-Seems like his career is falling off & he’s too grimey

    • YokoDMV


    • Adrienne


    • Nk

      The only times I laughed was when Jason was on the screen…. I didnt really like him before like that but my fix (Tasha) is wack!

    • in the game

      I agree with everything you said…but the funniest and I mean funniest all time moment for me was when the owener replied to Malik…”oh no brother YOU cant rent Huerst Castle”OMG LOL!

  • MizASterling

    Kelly Pitts, your new look is doing the opposite of everything you’re telling it to.

    That is all.

  • 7lady

    @missthang If you think about it that’s how kids do in real life. You see they azz little and then boom you like damn you got big.

    I’m not feelin the new Kelly. And Melanie gone get her azz beat when Darwin find out. And please get Terrance out uggh.

    • Adrienne

      yes terrence and his bird chest need to be driven off of a cliff asap! it was almost disturbing to see him on there.

  • candy15

    Overall I liked it, the talk between the owner and Malik started the show off horribly it was a bit boring. Kelly needs to go back to her old self, Tasha needs to find another man, and Melanie and Derwin had the best storyline. Good episode.

  • mslibra

    Okay….did anyone else noticed Sheree from RHOA during that split second???, wth happened to Britt Brat???? they could’ve found some1 closer in appearance, and Terrance J…..please, not a good look, Malik is going to be Malik. Wasn’t it so obvious that he was going to end up with Tee Tee girl????

  • Sukanya

    they should have just let derwin’s baby not be his and janay have a fight with med school talking bout her wanting what med school have and janay try to end their marriage and let tee tee pick at him about it that would have been funny, and tasha need to whoop kelly’s a** one good time and bring back rick fox lol whoo d@mn. plus malik get double crossed and stuff because of what he did to tee tee, as far as jason goes, still himself and kelly smh the daughter aged into 16 how the hell lol

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983 GLOK AND NYMP..Y'ALL KILLING ME!!!

    Melanie is going to do her best not to tell Derwin the baby is his. Bish should have just accepted the reality. He still married her but that wasn’t enough. P.S. Tia definitely looked preggo in that wife beater

    Janay-looks a lot better with the new/fresh look.

    Malik is DEAD wrong is Tee-Tee is going to spill the beans about the affair with the coach’s wife. Malik is still dumber than a box of rocks because he was too public with it and now shytted on his one main person to hold him down besides Tasha.

    When did Tasha become such a punk. All mouth and no talk! And where is Rick Fox?? We miss him and want him back. That ish with Terrance and sheree was just too much and odd.

    New Britney-Still annoying as hell. That voice! I cannot take that voice.

    Jason-looking swaggerific. Love how he ruined the taping of Kelly’s show. Don’t know why but Kelly’s attitude was a bit too much for me.

  • BE TRUE !!!!!!!

    I love Tashia Mack……..
    keep it real Tashia Mack

  • E$

    This was some pretty bad writing. How does Tee Tee let his girl drive home somebody he knows is scandalous? 7 million ppl should be doing something better next week

  • IJS....

    Malik…too much he was never THAT grimy…Kelly NO!, Tasha smoking and soft- Not…Janae I like… Melanie getting on my nerves and HOW is she going to fix this mess?

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