“Slavemaster” Cavaliers Owner Dan Gilbert Isn’t Talking Ish Now…Cavs Get Embarrassed By Lakers And BronBron Tweets About It

- By Bossip Staff

SMH. Bet Dan Gilbert isn’t talking yang yang now:

It was a historic, epic loss by the Cleveland Cavaliers Tuesday night. They didn’t just lose to the Lakers, they were an embarrassment. James Naismith was rolling over in his grave. The final score, 112-57, had people shaking their heads.

Except for LeBron James, who tweeted this late Tuesday night:

Crazy. Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!

We bet LeBron is really feelin himself right now, especially since his Miami Heat “Dream Team” embarrassed the Lakers on Christmas Day.


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  • It's Me

    Damn Real. The heat will be NBA CHAMPIONS this year! Bring that title back to the bottom baby….

    • http://bossip GAT TURNER buuudddat!!!!

      Heat don’t have what it takes to make to the Big Show….That’s just knowing the game……But there is an upside…..Did you hear about that new cellphone Lebron has koming out??? It’s the 1 with no RINGS (smile)


    • Kyra

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    • Nella

      Lebron is an imbecile (severe mental retardation)!

      According to Lebron, God only sees the bad in others. He quotes the Bible saying God sees everything. Well, then God sees him making babies out of wedlock. God sees him laying up with a woman every night that’s not his wife.

      Some tell this knucklehead to shut up!

  • Nana

    Ahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahahhahhhahahahahahhahahahhahaaaahahaaaaaaaa…..I guess Lebron gets the last laugh! Waaaahahahahahahahhaaaa

    • Jordan


  • miss thing

    smh i knew that man was going to pay for the way he treated Lebron like really? he was a free agent i didn’t know he owed you for life

  • ignoranceisbliss

    LBJ had every right to comment on the destruction of the Cavs last night against the Lakers.

    Those mf’s changed hotels like if the team and LBJ got beef. Come on man it was strictly business he took his talents to South Beach.

    God don’t like ugly….LOL

  • 48LOP

    When your opponet is destroying himself shut up and get out of the way.

  • tommykimon

    Well he is telling the truth, The whole city turned their back on him and treated him like scum. I find it funny they got beat like they stole something.

  • Higher Than Jordan

    That’s what they get ..They’re called the “Heatles”

  • It's Me

    @ GAT TURNER buuudddat!!!! you got big jokes. Kobe had his time and a made team with Shaq and now Gazol and Odem. Now Brun got his time with real players. Have you heard Shaq’s sound to kobe well Lebron will be singing that to him this summer!

  • jt@yahoo.com

    if all the white owners stp hirng blacks and white fans stop buying tickets I wonder how that whould effect blacks? Can someone please answer.

    • already

      It will never happen because money makes the world go around and plus black owners would take over. Who wants to see a bunch of Luke Longleys on the court. Just accept the fact that the owners need black players….its says a lot when blacks only make up 12 percent of the population but over 60 percent of the NBA is black….you sound kind of bitter…lol.

  • jdmann

    Something tells me Shaq will get the last laugh this season.

  • GO DaD Mike

    Staying on the subject. LeBron will win multiple rings and finish above kobe with all of his individual accomplishments he has (2mvp) and his rings he will when starting this season. LeBron vs kobe 10-6.

  • jt

    in the past there was an all white nba so why would it disappear?


    i am soooo happy about that cause they know better for the way they acted when he left it like come on now get over it

  • ashbee

    Lebron is petty as hell, Miami isn’t even going to the championship, and I’m waitin for “karma” to get his a$$ cause he smellin his own $hit right now! How about he talk that crap about a worthy opponent? Because he’s th B****! Not Karma!!!

    • slim

      when the Heat were 9-8 everyone was talking ‘ISH, so now u say they arent going to win even though they crushed the Lakers, then you will say they wont win two in a row,,,,just wise up public….

  • rbknocks!

    all i gotta say is…..yeesssss..takethattakethat..all up in dat azz…lol

  • Timmy

    WHOMP WHOMP!! Like he said, KARMA gets you every time. What goes around goes around, what goes up, must come down…

  • shake em

    dan gilbert was the one talking about how lebron was going to get karma and all this other ish. serves him right. lebron’s team second best in the league, cavs may become the worst in history.

  • Robin Sharee

    How you gloating and have the nerve to throw God in it…..NI**A please!!!!

  • SMH

    Way to go Lebron! (SMH) BTW, you realize there is nothing you can say to hurt these people more than you already have….right? Or do you still not understand that?

    cry baby bron….

  • ka$H

    I don’t like the Heat…not the biggest fan of LeBron….but THAT was FUUUUUNNNNYYYYYYYYY….


  • Jay the Real One

    LeBron disrespected his former teammates and the people of Cleveland and this ni^^@ talking about karma? Big b*tch

  • dogggnuttz

    You must have meant to say lebron is the biiiaaeesst he cant be touched. I am still L.A all day but dnt play wit that heat or you will get burned!

  • dirk diggler's illegtimate son

    Hey LeBron…how’s that ankle???? Karma is a biaaaaatch!

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