For Discussion: Is It Wrong To Ask A Pregnant Woman To Leave A Bar?

- By Bossip Staff

Michelle Lee was minding her business sipping a water with her friend when a bouncer approached her, asked if she was pregnant, and promptly escorted her to the door.

Michelle Lee was catching up with friends at a nightspot near her parents’ home when a bouncer pulled her aside.

“Can I ask you a personal question?” Lee recalled him asking. “Are you pregnant?”

She responded yes because, at eight months along, it would have been difficult to argue otherwise, she said later.

Lee, 29, said the bouncer who was staffing the Coach House bar near Roselle didn’t care that she was only drinking water.

…”He just said, if anything happens, if a fight breaks out and you get hurt, we are responsible,” Lee said. “That can happen anywhere. If I am going somewhere, I am taking responsibility.”

Civil rights experts said that, despite any good intentions, it would be wrong to send a woman packing just because she was pregnant.

“There are certain things for which you are not able to discriminate against someone, and one is their gender,” said Ed Yohnka, an American Civil Liberties Union spokesman. “And only women can have babies. You can’t discriminate against a pregnant person.”

According to the Illinois Human Rights Act: “It is unlawful to discriminate in the full and equal enjoyment of facilities and services by any place of public accommodation.”

Now, we get that the bouncer had the best possible intentions when asking Miss Lee to leave, and clearly some lawyers believe that this is a clear case of discrimination. But, do you feel it was WRONG for the bouncer to ask her to leave???


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  • Hannibal


    • Kyra

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    • Marie

      hanibal, we csn tell that no one hugged you as a child

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    i HATE to see pregnant women in the club!!!!!!


    • bishop

      Agreed! It’s called “We reserve the right to refuse service” YOu see that a lot when you go the club or the bar these days. This chick just needs to keep it moving and worry about her baby!!

      Also blame the tacky friends, they know her condition, can’t they pick a restaurant. Probably too cheap to order food.

    • ManchesterUKer

      Bars are not clubs, bars are all seating, not dancing/jostling

  • copper-coins

    Nothing wrong with this one.

  • Layla

    Hannibal, man you got over the notion of bitter black women, did one break your heart honey!

    I hate your display pic, soo tacky!

    • Hannibal


    • worldchanger

      He’s internet gangsta. u gotta ignore clowns like hannibal.

  • Soul Touch

    I keep referring to it as a club (cause of the earlier comment made), but I believe there is a club and a bar.

    Now if she was poppin’ it with a Smirnoff cooling off to the side, well then that’s a different story.

  • luckyyall

    I feel pregnant women should not be allowed in night clubs and bars because your surrounded by intoxicated people who can be unpredictable. if a fight breaks out their responsible and now you want to sue.

  • The Beautiful One

    No, the baby inside the stupid woman should not be anywhere near that kind of atmosphere. smh The woman needs to be somewhere in a rocking chair reading to her unborn child, so that he or she will excel…duh! Some people shouldn’t have kids…

  • Soul Touch

    I still say it depends of the bar…there are many bars in my city where children attend (now that there is a smoking ban). Most bars tend to have restaurant setting, I see all sorts of people.

    There some bars/clubs I would agree with all of you. But, at the end of the day, moral is not a law and I don’t know if an establishment can tell any woman to leave.

    Plus, telling a woman she can’t have a social life because she is pregnant is straight foolishness in my eyes. Yes, keep your child out danger but we are not incapable beings. There are many strong women that have tackled the world while carrying the world.

  • TheOne

    By the bouncer’s logic anyone who comes in and get” hurt” he would be liable for. Is he saying that if a non pregnant woman was to get hurt “oh well” but if a pregnant woman get hurt..okay we’re responsible.

    He was wrong to ask her to leave.

  • Soul Touch

    My company rented a high end club for our Holiday party…there were enough pregnant ladies from our offices getting their groove on with their husbands and friends ringing the end of the season. Drinks were free for a bit, some were toasted….a probable atmosphere.

    Guess they should have stayed home rocking in their chairs. Terrible parents.

    • Bitch, please!

      I’m pretty sure their kids have/will come out with ridiculously big a$$ heads and anger management issues. Pregnant hoes need to go sit back and breathe.

  • http://hotmail Islandbaby

    @Hannibal: u a$$! Lol crack me up.

    No, there’s noting wrong with him asking her to leave, it for her own safety. I hate to see a pregnant woman in a club, bar or dress a certin way. She should have meet her friends somewhere else.


    Since bars are sometimes dangerous it might be a valid point to remind her that something could start as the result of intoxication and inadvertantly she could be in the line of fire…


    She shoulda been at home at 8 months pregnant and if her friend dragged her outside so she can get scummy then she bogus for askin she shoulda asked somebody else. So triflin.!

  • Fine Azz Ebony

    Plz! They let preggers strippers dance on poles!

  • JustAshley

    I agree with the bouncer. At the end of the day, a business has to take certain precautions to protect itself.

    Her friends were retarded for bringing her to a bar JUST BECAUSE anything can jump off at a bar or nightclub!

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    @THE ONE

    The bouncer had his heart in the right place but he violated her rights by asking her to leave. Would he have asked a disabled person to leave or someone who has a broken arm? I doubt it.

  • http://hotmail Islandbaby

    @Zia: it seems like your one of those type who hang out at clubs and bars when your 8 month along. I am concern about her unborn child geting hurt, not her because she’s a grown a$$ woman who should know better. Sure anything could have happen to her by just walking to the store, but who can avoid that. But she could avoid going to a bar where the patrons may be intoxicated. Oh, I hate seeing a pregnant woman smoking…bet u have no problem with that too.

  • IS IT 5:00 YET?

    When you are 8 months pregnant, the last thing you need to be doing is living it up at a bar. Shoot, your friends can come to you.

    I’ve never been pregnant, but most women around 8 months look miserable.

  • nymphis

    preggers have the best dessert.
    In fact they should start a preggers franchise
    All fairly to very attractive women in short skirts
    Sort of like hooters but these girls actually let you beat it up.because their husbands are out gettin it they come and work at preggers and you don’t even have to pull out because someones already renting the the snacks all come with warm milk

  • iStyle

    Pregnant women are considered a “risk” to the club (accidentally falling down the stairs, if a fight break out they might get hurt,etc. The real reason is because the clubs don’t want to get sued. That’s what my boss told me.

  • nywoman23

    heck no its not wrong. a pregnant woman shouldnt be in that ambiance. the same way pregnant chics shouldnt be in clubs. anything could happen at anytime anywhere. but fights and stuff are more susceptible of happening there.

  • Nymphis


    I hope your man takin real good care of you
    My blessings and best wishes to you and yours

  • Nymphis


    And next time anybody kicks you outta anywhere
    Come to Preggers.where you don’t stop lovin cause there’s a bun in your oven.

    You r one of the beautiful ones.Muah

    • Sha

      lmao…. you are something else!

  • nd79

    I’m 9 months and I stopped going out as soon as I found out! The bar and the club is not for pregnant people! But I also don’t think he has the right to kick her out! As a free country we can do what we want!

  • roy

    Any pregnant woman in there right mind would not enter a bar pregnant.I would be pretty upset if my girlfriend ever did that.She is not stupid anyway.Most these ignorant comments were probably made by younger people.At eight months u should be at rest.Even reading the bible..

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