Dear Aunt Vivica: You Know This Cougar Isht Comes With Responsibilities Right?

- By Bossip Staff

Dear Vivica A. Fox: now that you have set your mind on keeping this young boy around at least long enough to get a Gut Full Of Atlanta Gigolo, we’re gonna need you to do us a favor.

Clean that boy up!! Slimm is making you look ridiculous! Dude looks either fresh off the yard at Riker’s Island or fresh off a Jeezy video shoot, circa 2005.

Our mamas told us not to trust any guy who ALWAYS has on sunglasses: either he’s lying to you, or he’s a drug addict. And lastly, who DRESSES LIKE THIS when their girlfriend looks like you? Does he not own a pair of pants that actually fit him? Is he saving his only suit and tie for the wedding?

And we’re not the only ones that feel like this!

Fox, 46, was deliriously happy after White, 27, popped the question during a vacation in South Beach, Miami, over the holidays after he bought her a $60K, eight-carat diamond ring.

A source revealed: “A few of her friends are worried that White might be using Vivica but Star has been really supportive about the engagement.

“Vivica is a tough lady and she has told her inner circle that they had better back her decision or run the risk of losing her friendship.

“However, some privately doubt White’s motives but Star has been talking the decision-up and has told them to give him the benefit of the doubt and be happy for Vivica.

“Vivica never had any children with her first husband Christopher Harvest during their four year marriage and she wants to make up for that with Omar.

“Her friends are just hoping that Star is right and that Vivica has made the right decision by getting engaged to somebody who is much younger and less known than her.”

The couple has been dating for about one year and despite their 19-year age difference, they share common interests in music and keep fit.

He’s not a good look, Viv. And we’re only telling you ’cause we love you.


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