From Hero To Zero: Celebrities Who’ve Gone Bankrupt

- By Bossip Staff

Although many celebrities seem to be on top of the world during their time as superstars, many of them struggle to maintain their finances while living the expensive lifestyle.

Celebrities have shown us no matter how much money you’ve made, many people have an easier time losing it than they did making it.

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  • Hannibal


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      is he really.

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  • msbliss

    Who is on this list we didn’t kno went broke? I only hope all the big stars now don’t end up this way cause it seems lik once their spotlight is over it goes down hill from there….

  • tommykimon

    Still can’t believe Mike Tyson and MC Hammer threw away all that money. They both should’ve been set for life.

    • Candid Canuck

      both were raised in low income housing. You can imagine what a ton of money does to a broke individual.

  • Your shut up!

    Shut up foo..

  • reality

    It has been joked about over and over how Hammer went broke, but what is not widely known is that when Hammer filed for bankruptcy protection he was sitting on 12 million liquid cash. So before you laugh too hard, tell me how many rappers in his era even made the 12 mil that he got away with….XACTLY! If you are smart bankruptcy is a tool.

  • Unico

    I’m not even going to pretend that I know about how to work with millions of dollars. But what does it take to at least maintain wealth without losing it?

    Singer / Actors / Dancers… can’t seem to figure out that just because you have a million, doesn’t mean you should go tossing it into a fire thinking you will get more later.

  • sasia

    ohhh and usher leave him alone toooo.

  • RoadOutOfDebt

    No matter how many millions you have, if you are overspending you are gonna get in big troubles!

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