Exclusive: Is This Melyssa Ford’s Newest Young Tender??

- By Bossip Staff

Our Cali sources tell us this 22-year-old rapper is the man currently responsible for smashing Melyssa Ford’s cakes to smithereens.

According to the source, Melyssa and the boy Young Lace have been dating for about five months and things are getting pretty serious. They’ve hit up a few events together and Melyssa was even spotted in Vegas around New Year’s Eve to catch Lace’s performance.

We hear that he is very much in love… and she very much wants to keep their thing quiet.

Do you believe this couple is for real??

Check out Young Lace’s interview with Playboy TV below.

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  • Hannibal


    • Tm30

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • ToWhomitMayConcern

      Not really. They are just both lightskin. Doesn’t make them look related though.They make a cute couple. You probably think a darkskin couple doesn’t look good together either right? Shame on you. Thats a lil bit racist dont you think?

    • watever

      I’m light so I dont think every light skinned person looks alike, they look nothing like me. But I did think these two did look like they could be bro & sis. They’re cute though.

  • Hannibal

    I luv Black Luv

  • http://Www.perezhilton.com Lola

    He look good mmm they a cute couple get it mel

  • Hannibal

    He is cute

  • Nana

    Am I the only one that thinks he looks like Chingy?

  • Uhhh Yeah Ok

    He’s cute. Go Mel .. Canada +1

  • Kyra

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  • BaDDest BiTch On BoSSiP

    He’s F*uCkaBle…Why Y’all HatiN…Go Melyssa…

  • Avery-Marie

    He looks like Juelez (spelling)… Cutie but 22 …. His head aint right, they gotta b just fuking

  • JustAshley

    He’s a cutie but come on now- who really takes things seriously with a friggin’ 22 year old?

  • BaDDest BiTch On BoSSiP

    NiCk CaNNoN is That U….

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983 GLOK AND NYMP..Y'ALL KILLING ME!!!


    SMDH @ everyone wanting to be a rapper. @ 22 you have barely lived. What the hell is he talking about in those songs?

  • moe

    aint notin wrong with gettin yo head blown back, just dont married the youngstar!!!!!!(like viv)

  • michezulu

    He seems sweet.

  • jdmann

    How the hell did that happen. Is there something in the water that’s making older women rob cradles. First it was female school teacher molesting students now female entertainers are bogarting young bucks . Smh something just ain’t right.

    • FR

      they want to feel young again that why thet happen going to 30 and up crisis


    what ever floats your boat boo boo…

  • Nia

    He is hot!!

  • Shamzy

    He looks and speaks like hes retarded/slow or high!

    Good job Mel…hes a keeper! ha

  • 2Sweet

    I’m 26 and there’s a 22 year old I see from time to time. I think it depends on the individual, some younger guys have lived more than men who might be several years older than them. It can be different thou, and a lot to handle at times! I think every woman needs to have the younger man experience at some point.

  • Timmi-cakes

    If so, good for her!! He is CUTE!!

  • Salena

    he looks like her son lol shame on you melissa,she kinda played anyway,so it dont matter

  • Tonia

    They are both gorgeous…..

  • JaZzIe91

    good looking couple

  • Greeneyedbandit

    He is a cutie,but too young!

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