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Auntie Viv’s “Young Meat” got on Facebook to talk about how he keeps his Roni so tender and it has nothing to do with meat at all. Surprisingly, Omar is a vegan who plays no games when it comes to his body. (As we can clearly see from that pic.)

Slimm said he no longer eats processed meats or canned food. Instead, he said he eats a nutritious diet that consists of fresh organic home grown fruits, beans, greens, rice and raw fish for protein.

“I changed my diet based on my father passing from stage 4 lung cancer and [watching him] going through the whole chemotherapy and radiation process,” said Slimm. “Once you learn more about the human anatomy and healthy nutrition, it inspires you to want to eat better,” he said.

“I eat a lot of raw foods and vegetables. Cooked food isn’t that good for you,” he said. “Once you cook it past a certain temperature, you’re killing the nutrients. You’re basically putting dead food back into your body.”

Slimm said that while his fiancee, Vivica, eats healthy foods (no pork, candy or sodas) — she’s not a vegan like he is. “She tries to [eat vegan food]. She eats a lot of veggies and fruits.”

Slimm said when Viv is in town they usually compromise on their restaurant destination.

“I go to my spot to eat, or we go to her spot… I always try to compromise,” he said.

“I’m not the kind of person to preach or try to convert nobody. I respect people for who they are.”

Damn. His muscles got muscles. Vivica is going to have to diet and exercise herself into oblivion to keep up with all this cougar meat.




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