Vivica’s Fiance Slim Shares Pics Showing How Tender His Roni Is

- By Bossip Staff

Auntie Viv’s “Young Meat” got on Facebook to talk about how he keeps his Roni so tender and it has nothing to do with meat at all. Surprisingly, Omar is a vegan who plays no games when it comes to his body. (As we can clearly see from that pic.)

Slimm said he no longer eats processed meats or canned food. Instead, he said he eats a nutritious diet that consists of fresh organic home grown fruits, beans, greens, rice and raw fish for protein.

“I changed my diet based on my father passing from stage 4 lung cancer and [watching him] going through the whole chemotherapy and radiation process,” said Slimm. “Once you learn more about the human anatomy and healthy nutrition, it inspires you to want to eat better,” he said.

“I eat a lot of raw foods and vegetables. Cooked food isn’t that good for you,” he said. “Once you cook it past a certain temperature, you’re killing the nutrients. You’re basically putting dead food back into your body.”

Slimm said that while his fiancee, Vivica, eats healthy foods (no pork, candy or sodas) — she’s not a vegan like he is. “She tries to [eat vegan food]. She eats a lot of veggies and fruits.”

Slimm said when Viv is in town they usually compromise on their restaurant destination.

“I go to my spot to eat, or we go to her spot… I always try to compromise,” he said.

“I’m not the kind of person to preach or try to convert nobody. I respect people for who they are.”

Damn. His muscles got muscles. Vivica is going to have to diet and exercise herself into oblivion to keep up with all this cougar meat.


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  • Fine Azz Ebony!

    Humhum taking dem Eddie Long pics.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    “sexual chocolate”

  • prissa

    I had no idea he could speak so intelligently. Maybe he’s not just after Viv’s $ Ummmmm only time will tell.

  • YokoDMV

    shirtless in the bathroom mirror pics need to end in 2011

    • dechayne

      lls! indeed

  • MariaMiiz

    Oooh La La La,
    It’s the way that we rock when we’re doing our thang
    Oooh La La La,
    It’s the natural LA that the Refugees Bring
    Oooh La La La La La La Lalala La Laaah,
    Sweeeeet Thing ….

  • The Beautiful One

    I’m not even about to sit here and act like this man doesn’t look good. He looks damn good, makin’ me hot…

  • NicoleSaidIt

    he sounds more educated than I thought he was, quite honestly he doesn’t look good to me at all *sad face*

  • Keysha Keeps is Crunk

    awww how cute how old is he 18?????

  • California Love

    He’s ugly and looks slow…

    • stef

      lol…look at that hate, wow

  • chaka1

    Get it, Vivica….Get it all, Girl!!!!


    mmmmhhhmmmm ‘SLIM”


    Taking pics of yourself in the mirror how fukin juvenile and eddie long- ISH is that! Boy, Please!!!!




  • Lela

    If he eats animals, he’s not a vegan. Fish would be an animal…so he’s stupid and juvenile. Viv will quickly get tired of this one.


    All well and good but (nudge) YOUNG FELLA! Viv is 40 some years old. You mid-late 20’s, the coochie gets old even if the face is looking young. She done had 3 facelifts and no coochie lifts with major miles on it. (nikkas been smashing since the 80’s poppin wheelies on it) Come on son keep it real is this Love or business? Just wondering…

  • mixed bad chick

    Aaaaand I still don’t think he will stay with her.

  • Soul Touch

    You are what you eat.

    No, he is not a vegan…vegans do not eat anything from an animal, inlcluding milk, honey, etc.

    He would be a pesco-vegetarian (fish eating vegetarian, like myself). In fact, statistically, countries/cultures that showed the healthiest and longivity in their people ate diets that were simple and wholesome, consisting mainly of fish that’s rich in protein and omega-3 oils and plant food that’s high in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients

    The fact that he also is a raw is great. Aside from tomatos (better source of lycopene than raw tomatoes), vegetables lose up to 97% of their nutrients when boiled…one of the best things you can do for your life-span, skin, colon, hair, nails etc is to go raw.

    Big up.

    • WTF

      I stared a pescaterian diet this year and the changes in my body has been great, plus I feel that your body does need some meat and fish is the best.

      I am doing more research about the raw diet too so that I can include more healthy veggies in my diet.

    • Soul Touch

      The amazing thing about getting to know your food is that greens or not just green…each one has it’s on benefits depending on what you’re looking for (calcium, iron, mag., etc). All these vitamens, flu remedies, and cancer fighting properties they try to feed us in capsel form can be found on our plates. I’ve been able to cure ailments just by the food I eat, ie iron defecincy.

      When I became a vegetarin (pesco) 9 years (as of January) I gained weight because I didn’t recognize the responsibility in eating. Now, I’m careful not only what I put in, but the combination of foods and how they can benefit me being vegetarian and a runner.

    • Miss U Much MJJ....Lovely1

      I’ve been a vegan for 14 years; the body doesn’t need meat. God’s original plan for man was a vegan diet. Not trying to convert anyone but I haven’t been sick since I became a vegan. I’m not sluggish or tired. Lots of fruits, vegetables, beans and water protect your body. Limit your processed food people.

  • Miss Perfection ..Allergic to Coons & Mudbutts Miss Pefection .. Allergic to Coons &Mudbutts

    many black women have such low standards hes not cute and he has no NECK his chain looks cheap!& who still takes pictures without a shirt in the bathroom son !

    • chaka1

      You need to relax…

    • tyrone

      People that are in shape and look good.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Good to see him w/o those damn shades for if he he only remove that damn fitted also LOL

    • CAN AM

      You took the words out of my mouth. That’s a young boy for you.

  • Curious1 aka Flawless Beauty

    I LOVE Him because he eats like me…!!!!!!! LOL..

    and uh…yeah ..from the looks of it…He got BEEF

  • marquis2sade

    he may be a VEGETARIAN but NOT a VEGAN…one thang 4 SHO THO. dis NUCCA right here is G.A.Y.

  • vegetarian

    He’s not vegan. Vegans do not eat fish.

  • Lilo

    Hope those veges aren’t mixed with roids.Dude sounds smarter than he looks.

  • Uhhh Yeah Ok

    Smooth Chocolate.. Butter baby..

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