The Epitome Of Bad Parenting: Pet Ferret Chews Off Several of Infants Fingers

- By Bossip Staff

WTF! The parents of a 4 month old infant are under scrutiny after their pet ferret chewed off several of his fingers.

The landlord of the Grain Valley family whose pet ferret chewed-off their infant son’s fingers says that the family had no idea what the animal was capable of doing, and was planning to it to the vet to see if it was safe to be around children.

Police in Grain Valley are investigating the incident which happened early Monday morning. According to the police report, the boy’s mother awoke around 2:30 a.m. on Monday to find her four-month-old son covered in blood in his rocker chair and missing seven fingers, leaving him with only his thumbs and part of a pinky.

The landlord, who did not want to be identified, told FOX 4 that the family had planned to take the ferret to the vet for an evaluation after it stole the baby’s toys, a pacifier and a bottle.

The ferret never made it to the vet because it was killed by the child’s father after the attack.

The ferret’s body is being examined for rabies and other possible diseases.

The landlord told FOX 4 News that he hopes that people will stop jumping to conclusions about the family, and let the police finish their investigation.

How did they not hear the baby and why in hell’s kitchen is a ferret allowed to roam the house at night? Ridiculous. SMDH.


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  • Nikki

    They should have gotten a cat instead. U pose to put a ferret back n the cage at nite and y get a pet anyways when u got a newborn at home?? Don’t make no sense!

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    “why in hell’s kitchen is a ferret allowed to roam the house at night” VERY GOOD QUESTION!!!
    ferrets are sweet but can be very temperamental and like any animal SHOULD NOT BE LEFT ALONE WITH CHILDREN! the dad probably ended up killing him violently, in a rage, when it all could have been avoided by putting it in a secured cage. MOST PEOPLE DO NOT DESERVE TO HAVE PETS AND CHILDREN!

  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    Why would you have a huge freakin RAT livin in your house…Let alone with a child in your house

  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    Atleast he killed that freaking RAT

  • prissa

    And why was the baby in his rocker chair and not the crib or in the bed with them???

  • plunta


    • Candid Canuck

      thinking the same thiang.. got to be YT folks foolishness…

  • Mystyri



    • dobiqueen

      Just an FYI for anyone on here bashing the ferret, put the blame where blame is due and that’s with the parents who MUST have been on crack that they didn’t hear their child’s screams to begin with AND FYI idiots, look into this story more as other articles state this same family has had “issues” with their dogs, including a rottweiler, so maybe IT did this. Don’t jump to conclusions and stop being ignorant!!

  • confidently_ugly

    irresponsible .. owners should already know ferrets are not child friendly

  • no $hit $herlock !!!!!!

    you have to have a license to:


    peddle t-shirts or sox;

    fry hair —-

    BUT ANY DUMB MUTHA PHUKKA is entrusted with parenting !!!??

  • bay-ba-bayBEHHH718

    what probably happened was the baby was crying but they let the baby cry thinking it was just fuss and nothing more..i know there were times my daughter cried a few minutes cuz of fuss but of course u have to recognize the cries..if the cries r strong then something is definitely wrong…if they are slight n fussy then its nothing more then just that they want company even after they’ve eatin..and u still have to peek in especially if they do stop crying..u wanna make sure that thats all it is..parents let there kids cry strong for so long not knowing that its something serious…u should never do that..crying is there way of talking and for an infant u have to take every cry wit caution..i feel so bad for the little one who payed for their parents poor judgment in having a RAT AS A F*CKING PET!!! smdh

  • Babygurl

    There is nothing wrong with loving your animal, BUT if you have children you need to take proper PRE-caution.
    Don’t get mad at the animal for being an animal (or in this case a rodent)

  • Jessica

    I thought ferrets were illegal to own…or is that only in the state of California?

  • Mabel

    Too many questions and too few answers. It’s sad to know a child who came into the world completely normal has been left disabled because of the stupidity of its parents. I swear ppl should have to get a license before they can procreate.

  • Honut Sinti

    Words fail…

  • Jo-Jo

    Bad kitty!

  • reader

    Also, a baby would be moving it’s arms & hands while this was happening. It couldn’t have been done by the poor ferret.

    • Mr. Mackey

      The who did it then ya stupid moronic douche?!? Poor ferret? That poor innocent baby. A ferret needs to gnaw on your nuts you disgusting piece of shit

  • Ding dong

    ferrets are apart of the weasel family and are actually raters and I’m not making up any excuses for the ferret or the parents because it is a horrible accident but I owend a ferret for seven years and every night she would excape the cage no matter what we bought to lock it tighter, she also could flatten and get under any door in the house so this could be an honest mistake

  • martika pender

    gotta be white no racial thoughts but where they do that at come on blk peps don’t have ferrts and sh_t

  • Mr. Mackey

    Stupid douche bag

  • Sharock1


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