Coupled Up: Kim Kardashian Spotted With Her Tall A$s 6’9″ Baller Beau

- By Bossip Staff

Kim Kardashian and her new boo Kris Humphries were spotted together again…hopping out of a Double R.

Thoughts on how long this fling will last???

Peep more pics below:

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  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    Untill a Big D!Q black man comes around

    • lisa

      Kris is black. His is mulatto, his father is black. Have you never seen a lightskinned black man before?

    • carebear

      How can he be black when is mom is white? U cnt produce a black child using one black parent, have my pride in ur race.

    • Wha??

      Tall mixed men are bigger. Don’t be jealous.

    • Jason Kidd Look-a-like

      Kris a a light skinned Black dude and he calls himself that and so does America. Kim has just moved on to a lighter variety of chocolate that’s all but she still dipping into the chocolate pot.

    • Jason Kidd Look-a-like

      You won’t ever catch her or any K sister with a Puerto Rican man that’s for sure. They allergic to them. Half Black is better that nothing and he is most definitely a part of the race. I look like him and Jason Kidd so don’t tell me what and who I am.

    • carebear

      I am not telling anyone anything. Bottom line is this, if ure mama or papa is white, u aint black. U can be part black, but u aint black. Why dont u claim ur white side, there is just as much white as there is black in u, right? Don’t act as if light skin doesnt come from some sort of non black mixture.

    • Milk Chocolate

      Black is not a credential; it’s not even a skin color. African American culture is so much more than that. The comments from Black & Proud described it better than I ever could so just read his words, they are on point.

    • von

      Carebear you about a Stupid MUFU, anybody that know’s anything Know’s BLK. is the Dominate Color.

  • that dude

    She tired of niccas she want to trikck this dude into marrying her…y’all know niccas don’t wife well known hoes.

  • Ms. Jones

    That is some sexiness…I can dig it go head Kim

  • craig

    Kris Humphries is mixed. His father is black. This fling will not last long.

  • miamac

    OMG is he tall. Good for her.


    His feet to small to be so damn tall!

  • NicoleSaidIt

    this man is mixed…look up what the word mixed means for the ignorant idiots who can’t comprehend what it means. none the less, this man is amazingly gorgeous and he can rock my boat, as soon as he gets a good cleaning after Kim cause I know she is just infested and infected with something.

  • Mz Goody

    Do u Kim and let the hating begin

    • Wow

      Noone is hating on this wh**e. This chick can’t keep her legs closed she bounces around from man to man like she has no self respect and can’t b by herself she is the industry bicycle. Any man who wifes this chick up is the dumbest dude. She is not worth it her sh*t is beyond damaged.

    • chaka1

      And she talks like at 14-year-old valley girl. Throw this tramp overboard…

  • MzFitt

    ROFLMBAO @”little feet”…

  • chaka1

    I can’t stand her, but she should just stick with this one and keep it moving.

  • diva t

    Man he’s a tall drink of water! Do you Kim. He is handsome. And Kim isn’t white she is Armenian. Good luck to Kim and Kris I hope it works out. Haters leave this girl alone. Get you some business.

    • chaka1

      Thanks for the advice. I will get on that right away.

  • Boricua

    He is so good-looking I want a light blk man now.

  • angela

    Who cares! Another publicity stunt 4 her show! Why meet at a hotel when she has a home in LA!? She knew the cameras would be there; If u want her to go away, then stop talking about her! They look gross together; didn’t she do the same thing with Miles Austin!? And her own mother told Ok mag that this is not serious

  • Kim Kardashian con su nuevo novio

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  • tommykimon

    He’s very handsome, Go on Kim

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

      I know right? he’s looking all kinds of damn good!!! hehe 😀

  • Black & Proud

    My father is black and my mother is white, which means, I am 50 percent black and in this country just because your mom’s white doesn’t make you white. It makes you black. Good for you Kris, I wish I had a chance at Kim she is a beautiful woman.

  • Annette

    Oh for heaven’s sake. If Kim was sleeping with all the men she supposedly dates, what in the world would happen to her?
    I think she just dates like everyone else, she has more to choose from because of who she is. Everyone, stop it, she is not a loose girl, at least I don’t think so. Hopefully she will find a decent man and have a family like a normal person, everyone stop hating…do your thing Kim..

  • Mrs. Jenner

    I only want the best for my girls which is why I encourage them to marry black and rich! Reggie got away but we are holding on to Kriss for dear life!!!

  • SMH


    why don’t ya’ll heffas find a man who treats you right and w/ respect….and stop being overly concerned about his skin tone….


    Buy the Drophead coupe KK.The Ghost ‘aint even a real Rolls Royce…it’s just a BMW 7 series with new body panels.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Damn!!! had no idea he was that tall & he’s looking good to me so go Kim LOL…

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Not that I care, but I expected Kim to get with a bigger name than him. Dude is a scrub from the Jersey Shore.

  • headturner

    Anyone who looks at kris humphries and see a black man is a fool. He is a mixed race man. Not a black man. It’s plain and simple. If you are half black and half white, how can you claim your black side only? What happens to the white side?

  • sexy

    Kim go ahead and have fun, you’re beautiful intelligent and you make your own money. You have a lot of black haters, but who cares they probably busted! kim can have any man she wants. Bet you them oogly azz negro females are mad like always.

  • KeepinItRead

    Do yall remember when Khloe was about to marry Lemar and Kim stated that Lamar was too tall and she doesnt like tall guys to try and prove she wasnt jealous of Khloe…… fake as they come.

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