What The Hell?? Cross-Dressing “Amateur” Robbers Arrested For Attempting To Get Home Depot For Some Batteries

- By Bossip Staff

This is pure comedy.

Three men, including two who were dressed as women, were arrested at a Home Depot Wednesday after dousing employees and customers with pepper spray during a botched robbery, authorities say. Boynton Beach police arrested Jeffrey Baldwin, Kendal Lowry and David Tucker, all from the Miami area, and have charged them with armed robbery and aggravated battery.

When the suspects were nabbed, police said Lowry was wearing a tank top and boots and Tucker was wearing a pink shirt and denim skirt, reports CBS affiliate WKMG.

Police spokeswoman Stephanie Slater said police confronted the suspects at the main entrance of the store shortly before 1 p.m. after they were accused of stealing tool batteries, reports The Orlando Sentinel.

Police were able to recover a “purse full of batteries” and other items before the suspects took aim at customers and employees with pepper spray and attempted to flee; however, a police sergeant who was waiting for them in the parking lot was able to make the arrests.

“Several people who were in that area of the store at the time were affected, including one woman, who actually … passed out from the effects of the fumes,” police spokeswoman Stephanie Slater told WKMG.

Four people were taken to the hospital, and two others were treated at the scene.

A fourth man, Carlton Mitchell, was taken into custody and later released. Police said Mitchell was in the getaway vehicle but wasn’t involved in the crime.

The Home Depot was briefly evacuated because of the fumes.

A purse full of batteries??? Come on now!!!

Gee, we wonder which two out of these three fellows were dressed up like broads…SMH.


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    That picture in the middle, dude LIPS are HUGE!!!!


      Batteries wonder what they were going to do with those questions that make you say hmmmmmmmmmmm.

    • that damn sh#$ disturber

      LMFAO YUCK!!! ^^^

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    “Gee, we wonder which two out of these three fellows were dressed up like broads”
    the one in the middle is bad enough but if they say the one on the right I’M DONE!

  • Pretty Pye

    Hide ya kids, hide ya wife,and hide ya husbands…..They Sprayin everyb ody!!

  • brownskinned

    the last one look like bobby brown! lmao

  • chucknoll

    pretty easy to tell which ones were dressed as women

  • tommykimon

    Wonder what they needed a purse full of batteries for? Yuck

  • Queen Love

    Wendy Williams on vacation 4 real…where’s Kev?

  • wtf!


    • London Girl

      😮 LOL My thoughts exactly!

  • Jayonce

    Them hoes should’ve did a triple hurricane spin and a deathdrop on the police. Then they could’ve gotten away!! Vogue

  • daisy jay

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I was thinking Marquis, Hannibal, Legend. I mean because don’t you think the darkest one would be the becky lover???

  • nymphis

    Two lacefront monkeys and dmx uncle

    • London Girl

      SMH DMX’s uncle?! LOL

  • Mabel

    Home Depot…who the heck robs a Home depot? It’s too big to rob successfully, better they had tried the local banks. They must be using the batteries for something other than its intended use.

  • London Girl

    LOL That was fuuny Nymphis! 🙂

  • gigglgal215

    The Lifers in prison are waiting for them. Open wide…

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