Hide Ya Kids: Italian Prime Minister Faces Charges Of Prostiution And Underage Sex

- By Bossip Staff

Another day, another politician busted for some sick sex crime, all around the world the same song…

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is under investigation for extortion and underage prostitution involving a teen nightclub dancer who attended parties at his private residence, according to sources close to the probe.

The 74-year-old playboy politician is suspected of trying to hide evidence of alleged trysts with a Moroccan nicknamed Ruby Rubacuori (Ruby the Heartstealer).

Authorities are probing whether the scandal-prone leader abused his power when he intervened to have the exotic dancer, 17 at the time, released from jail last May after she was held over theft allegations.

The investigation also involves an underage prostitution allegation that he had sex with Ruby sometime between February and May last year, according to Italian media outlets.

Cotdamn playboy! We get it, you’re 74 and still wanna chop down something from time to time, but a 17 year old!?!? There HAS to be some bad-a$$ Italian jawns of proper age that you can smash!

Last November, Ruby told Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper that she only paid one visit to the billionaire prime minister in February 2010, alongside nine other women. She claimed that Berlusconi showered her with gifts, including a diamond necklace, an Audi R8 sports car and $9,700 in cash.

She insisted there “was no sex” and that Berlusconi promised Ruby, an illegal immigrant, that he’d help her get a green card.

“When I said I was 17, he said that in the past he’d had problems with minors. He said he didn’t want it to happen again,” she told the newspaper. “Then we said goodbye, he was polite but firm. I was upset, as he was the first man in my life who had not wanted to take me to bed. He was like a father, I swear.”

Sounds like Berlusconi got ol’ girl shook up Tony Soprano style. The last thing she wants to do is throw him under the bus, but come on who is giving up those kind of “presents” and you not giving up the punanny???


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  • nymphis

    no lie! If I thought I would only get probation I’d smash.Mami is fierce

  • big c

    Wow a dirty politician no way what is this world coming too I am so shocked :0 at this . Please typical bs man in power thinks he is above the law same shhh another country . I guess he has seen to much American tv .




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    • Jenny

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  • Encyclopedia Brown

    WTF does this have to do with Black People?

  • Honut Sinti


  • Jenny

    @ topic. I don’t know how the justice system works over there, but if it’s anything like America, all he has to do is write a few checks to the right people and problem go bye bye.

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