Dirty Homewrecker Diaries: Email Proves ‘Tasia Knew Damn Well That Antwan Was Still “Cook”ing It Up With The Wife

- By Bossip Staff

We bet ‘Tasia’s glad this came out AFTER the whole scorned wife mediation nonsense.

American Idol alum Fantasia Barrino knew her boyfriend Antwaun Cook was still living with his wife when they started dating and RadarOnline.com has the exclusive email exchange to prove it.

“You going back home really did it for me. I’m sorry,” Fantasia wrote in an email to Antwaun dated April 16, 2010.

“How do think I Feel? When your still staying over there… But you telling me you want to Be with me…”

As RadarOnline.com was first to report, a North Carolina court found in favor of the 26-year-old, citing that Antwaun was separated from his wife at the time of the affair — but as the email shows, it very much appears she knew he was still living with his wife, Paula Cook.

“No excuses, you made your choice. Deal with it. No love lost her [sic],” Antwaun wrote in response to Fantasia.

“I lied….I Need U!!!!! Antwaun…How do think I Feel?” Fantasia wrote to Antwaun.

During Fantasia’s testimony in court, the single mother of one admitted she aborted the child of her married lover around the same time as her failed suicide attempt in August, 2010.

In the email chain obtained by RadarOnline.com, Fantasia seems to want Antwaun to move out and might have been trying to make him jealous over another man.

“Well you just made me feel like sh*t talking about everything he was and that I wasn’t. Maybe you should give it a shot,” Antwaun wrote.

“Sounds to me like he’s the KING!”

“All because you want to stay there? And you want me to be ok with that. Ok!!” Fantasia responded.

“Man EFF it.”

“All because you just said he is what u need, he aint married, he aint having it, he is what u prayed for. I never put you up against anyone in that way,” Antwaun wrote back just three minutes later.

“Everyone and every situation is different and I understand that.”

“But you still look over the Fact the you are and your staying there. Come on now!!” Fantasia wrote to Antwaun.

“Who the Hell do you think you are??”

SMH at these two dysfunctional, hood soap opera mu’fuggas. They deserve each other.


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  • Dilla

    I always believed that she knew, so this isn’t a surprise to me. Hoodrat’s!!!!

  • well wadda ya know

    SMH I knew that ugly dirty black hoe, and to think I almost felt sorry for her

    • notadummy

      You ugly dirtbag hoee. You will never be nothing you poor byytch. At least Fantasia has money. What do you have ugly

  • renata valadez

    This situation is none ones business but the people involoved.

    • kalifa

      well then your lame a$$ should not be reading the details either 😦

      set the example and mind ya business

  • confidently_ugly

    Didnt the judge dismiss the case? It was proven he was still married but separated. Legally he was bound,Tasia shoulda waited. She was wrong but I thought is was just as tacky for that wife to try to get sympathy and sue for a marriage that was already over. That says something about her character. The fact she was trying to make $$$$ off of someone who was not responsible for the demise of her marriage is just greedy and really shows how evil she is …she KNEW her marriage was over and she was willing to blame or hurt anyone she could to ease her ego and make a quick buck. That speaks volumes about her character….and no Im not defending Fantasia but dont let them photos of a “sweet, loving” wife fool ya

    • Truth

      I agree with you 100% Furthermore when the judge ruled in Antwuan’s favor no one on this blog had sh*t to say. Now that there is more dirt on this woman the judgemental b*tches are back. Wh*res get a life of your own then what Fantasia does will not matter to your broke, ghetto *sses!

  • Teemama

    Ok people, I guess some of you can’t read either. What was in question was, he was in the house when she got with him right? Well the first line say YOU’RE GOING BACK. This tells me that maybe he wasn’t there in the beginning but, did go back. If you think about maybe when she first got with him they were separated but then he went back. I totally agree this was wrong, but you guys are sooooo judgmental. People just keep living, you may not do this but trust me God will show you not to judge people.

  • California Love

    Oooh, that child needs to work out. Her body is tore up for her age-seriously!

  • Shootingstar

    What in the sweet ebonics hell are these two talking about?

    • http://bossip Tiki Barber


      I was thinking the same thing !! WRITING IS NEITHER OF THESE TWO PEOPLES FRIEND I mean Yo what the fucc is fantasia talking about ?? I think these two need to resort to beating a drum, smoke signals, grunting because real talk regular english is both of there enemies !

    • Tee


    • kalifa

      LOL until i cried, reading “these two need to resort to beating a drum, smoke signals, grunting because real talk regular english is both of there enemies”

      🙂 thanks for the laughs

  • Fly-er

    This WOMAN almost killed herself over this mess. Why are we sooo focused on battering her down for a mistake. She’s one of our own, we are acting like the enemy instead of acting with solidarity. I may not agree with her actions, but damn, after a suicide attempt, can’t we just let some stuff go?! This type of negative rhetoric hurts us all as a people. We sound like the enemy that we ALL share. Sad…

    • heavenlyGOrg

      i agree with you. people act like their shyt don’t stink. we might not have made the same mistakes as fanny, but we have all made them. what she did was wrong but damn, people act like they are ready to burn her at the stake

  • carebear

    Am i the only person bothered by her writing?

  • ntlperkins

    I agree with teemama, if you meet a man/woman and find out he/she is married if you have a connection and want to be with each other. Then you will wait until he/she is divorced. If you are in love then it will last until the divocre is finalized. i could never i mean EVER do something like that. I just couldnt live with myself. Knowing I could be breaking up a family. But everyone is not like that.

  • thetruthisreal

    can you?

  • sportstalk23

    Another case of desperate and thirsty files, all this trouble for a guy selling you a phone Tasia, should have got that unlimited minutes and text plan and kept it moving lol

    • I can't STAN!


    • http://besomewheretween.wordpress.com Ms. Jones

      Oh boy…now thats funny lol

  • G.M.

    women do this sh1t all the time, they dont care, they lie, they’re scandalous…its a womans sense of entitlement that makes them think they deserve whatever they want regardless of who it belongs to, women dont respect others relationships and men are pretty much upfront in who/what we are…we either tell u or are actions show u who we are but like fantasia and a lot of other women dont give a damn, its about what she wants

    • Truth

      Geez! I thought you were stupid or just a little off, but you really do believe the bullsh*t that you post. “Men are up front” in your f8cking dreams. Men often think with their d*ck heads and it’s brainless just like you. GTFOH all some men know how to do is lie, cheat, and steal. F*CKING RETARD!!!

    • G.M.

      u just proved what i said…majority of women already know what we want and are after: pu$$y…u see even u know upfront what the deal is lol

  • Annoyed

    It sounded like she said “going back there” which would indicate that at some point he wasn’t. Sounds like some other people need to learn to read.

  • gray

    ummmm Fantasia never said she didn’t know Cook was married,you dorks. She said he told her that he was legally separated from he wife,which he was. Neither of them lied, it was the wife who became jealous and wanted him back so she fabricated this whole nonsense to throw dirt on Fantasia’s name and try to get a little money as well. I think Fantasia should have counter sued Cook’s wife for slander,libel and deformation of character. This case was already thrown out, right along with his marriage.

    • Johnny'sgirl

      Thank you!! Finally someone else got it. She knew he was married. That was never the problem. The lawsuit brough on by the wife had to prove without a doubt that Fantasia was the sole reason for the breakup of the marriage. He told her he was separated and it sounds like he wasn’t staying in the marital home all of the time. You can’t be a part-time husband when whenever you feel like it. It doesn’t work that way. The marriage had problems. Sounds like he cheated before. Therefore, Fantasia was not the reason for the demise of the marriage. That is why the case was thrown out. I said all along the greedy wife should have taken the $100,000 settlement offer and counted it all the way to the bank. Dummy!

    • What the Bossip??

      The correct expression is: DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER.

    • Truth

      Grey and Johnny girl these hoodrats understand exactly what the judge said but they choose to be negative and mean-spirited toward this woman. The sad part about this situation is it’s black women that are spewing such hateful venom.

  • max

    How come this site isn’t going after ALICIA KEYES like this?

    • gray

      people should have been going after Swiss’ “rolling stone” behind. Just because a woman gets you a painting by numbers kit, doesn’t mean she wants your seed your seed in return.

  • gray

    The only people these guys should be focused on are their kids!!! Fantasia was willing to leave her daughter mother-less for some dude she has been dating all of 2.5 seconds. SMH

    • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983 GLOK AND NYMP..Y'ALL KILLING ME!!!

      The realest shyt said, right here!!!

  • Keisha

    No, she had a baby from her HUSBAND! Swiss gave a statement his marriage was ova when his ex wife tried to come between him and his son, she wanted him to choose! Alicia married her baby daddy, while Tasia pleaded for hers to leave his wife! BIG DIFFRENCE

  • Uguess

    Loves Fantasia ! can’t wait for season 3 For Real.

  • Curious1 aka Flawless Beauty

    Fantasia really is NO different than Alicia Keyes..so same peas in a pod..and who cares if “we” can’t understand their texts…they apparently do..

    It’s their Text talking business and OLD NEWS…

    She won’t be the first to “do this” and She and KEYES won’t be the last…

    ***shrugs*** Is this some Earth Shattering Breaking NEWS???…No!!…

  • Keisha

    No,this sista brought herself down!!!!

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    if these emails are real then it also proves he isn’t as into her as she is him (which we all knew anyway…)

  • Stacy

    I agree this is no different then Alicia Keys situation with the acception of there is no law that Marshonda could sue a third party (Alicia). Now Swizzy owes millions in back taxes so good luck to them. Fantasia NEVER said she didn’t know he was married. She said he told her he was separated. The judge believed he was separated too so end of story this is old. Paula Cook will probably try to still sue her. She’s a school teacher. Knowing what they make I would have taken that 100K and moved on lol.

  • big c

    this chick does not have money like that just last year her house and other shh was going into foreclosure . this chick was dead wrong never mess with a married man or woman or a separated man or woman if you have not seen signed divorced papers leave their as- alone plain and simple.

  • napnap


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