SMH: Why Are Folks Still Having These “Light Skin Vs. Dark Skin” Parties??

- By Bossip Staff

SMH at this being “the most anticipated party of the year” in Columbus, Ohio….WTF???


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    • UK BOY

      I live in LONDON UK and my girl is the ‘dark skin’ girl they used. Can’t wait to show her this! That’s HILARIOUS!!

      So these americans are stealing photos for their stupidness now wow?

    • UK BOY

      Her name is Shar Lloyd Thomas,

      google her, we live in LONDON UK LOOOOL

      HOW THE HELL did she get on an AMERICAN flyer. This is so jokes!! LOL

    • BritishGirl

      I just googled her because I’m nosey like that lol. She’s got good measurements! Also I’ve never seen a Syrian/Cuban before.

    • Keep it Real

      Shar Lloyd Thomas is mixed! ! Not only is this stupid they used a girl with Syrian and Carib heritage as the dark model.

    • headturner

      @keep it real are you saying that mixed people can’t be brown/dark?
      i have more than one nationality in me and i’m brown skinned. stop the ignorance people

    • Curious1 aka Flawless Beauty

      @ UK Boy..if that’s true…she is really pretty..treat her right…tho’…lol..

    • E.C. from D.C.

      This is a silly euro-washed world and folks of color especially blacks are it’s biggest supporters so people place premium/hierarchy on certain looks.

    • piinkd

      O-M-G shes soooo beautiful , im a female n im stunned, what a doll!

    • piinkd

      Omg! shes a doll, absolute beauty!

  • Uguess

    Who cares ?

  • Me

    Smdh….I guess you missed the point lol

  • Blackking7

    I attended a party like this in Detroit and ALL the women were Gorgeous! I had to go with the dark skinned girls bcus a lot of light. Women think they got it cus they light but many of them were busted while all the dark girls were on point!

  • RedRobin

    No one’s gonna beat Keyshia so it really don’t matter.

    • tommykimon

      This is really stupid all black is beautiful

  • soldier

    There were one of these parties in atlanta and there were some serious bangers up in there…idk who won but I know I did!

  • SoChi

    soo lame.. but i do love dark skinned men.. they canget it all day and night!!! but 4real tho.. that kills me.. ol girl on the flyer not even light.. and the other girl is not even dark. if your going to hav an ignorant party theme at least make it accurate

  • MaryJane

    This isn’t the first time I saw some dumb sht like this. We are all beautiful period, can we move on.

  • dark barbie

    That girl is dark! She is infont of brkight photo shoot lights. And the light girl is light Lol she look like she got on a bronzer.

  • OliviaM

    Never been, kind of dumb but people still go and enjoy themselves by the sound of it! If it’s not offending anyone and no one’s taking it for more than just simply girls v. girls then all’s well I suppose.

    And of course the dark girls’ll win most of the time! Us light girls think we have it in the bag and quite often I bet some of em put in less effort. Whereas there’s always been a bit of a prejudice against dark girls, historically, so they’ll make more of an effort to look on point… black is beautiful either way

  • Kat

    Yo, I’m from Columbus. This was a fake party flyer created to make people mad. The “event” isn’t even taking place.

    • London Girl

      That is what I was hoping; that this was mocked up to instigate ‘something’.

      (Black) people cannot be this ignorant . . . surely!?!?!? Have we really resorted to pitting ourselves against EACH OTHER? You don’t see White people having ‘Posh vs Chav’ parties!

      I depsair of what this world is coming to! SMH 😦

    • Allie

      yea @ Kat, im from columbus as well and i havent heard of any party going on of that sort

  • Demilicious

    Ridiculous! We know dark wins all the time!!!!lol but wtf is up wit that flyer??? Both dem chicks is light skinned!!

  • yt boy with mad swag

    That dark skinned girl in the flyer is hot! What is her name?


    Both of those hoes look like hoodrats…. 😈

  • Matix B

    This is faqing disgusting on so many levels. Why would you even attend this party in teh first place ?? Faqing colour struck people are disgusting….SMFH…

    • Ms.EJ

      Happy New Year, Ms. Lady 🙂 and I agree. When I was a student at CAU I would see such flyers once in a blue moon. I never ever went. Truthfully, I would just feel so stupid to even represent myself, my family, my worth as a woman and a person in such a low manner. You would never catch me in an “event” like that. SMH.

    • tay

      I agree with you completely. Men like beautiful women. Period. I’m dark yet I get more attention from men than my lighter friends. They even point out guys looking at me when I haven’t even noticed. The only place I see racism is on this blog. My REAL LIFE experiences are very different.

  • Jainssa Brown

    you know why because in Ohio its like that the guys from there love some high yellow women me being a Cincinnati native I know this all to well. So what ever genius thought this up is only playing on the way things already are.

    • Ms.EJ

      Really? I use to live in Ohio and I have golden caramel brown skin. Even when I was out and about with sistas who were fair skin I still seem to have been approached the most when I lived there. I think it just depends on if the woman is attractive or not, but most definitely I have seen and am aware of color struck brothas, so, I do know what you’re talking about in that sense.

    • tay

      I agree with you completely. Men like beautiful women. Period. I’m dark yet I get more attention from men than my lighter friends. They even point out guys looking at me when I haven’t even noticed. The only place I see racism is on this blog. My REAL LIFE experiences are very different.


  • reedo

    someone get back to me on this back on this but is it normal in america for the ladies to be 18+ and men to be 21+ in a club?

    • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

      Not normal and probably not legal.

    • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators


      No, I wouldn’t say that this is normal…

      The clubs that do this and/or have this policy normally do so when they’re having low attendance numbers…

      Decent clubs and/or clubs that are doing well don’t have this kind of policy…

      *When you see that a club has started to lower the age for it’s attendees you know that they’re having financial problems and are going downhill…

    • shake em

      Yeah its common around where i’m at. guys go out more frequently than woman, we stay on the hunt. Some clubs make the age range wider for women so its not a complete sausage festival in the club. the youngn’s try to come up to you with the big X on their hand trying to get a sippy sippy. don’t do it!!! you’ll get kicked out.

    • yup it is

      Why wouldn’t it be legal for girls 18+ to get into a club…the reason it’s women 18+ and men 21+ because clubs don’t want a sausage fest lol they want more women than men to show up….thats how most clubs are unless they only want people that can legally drink then everyone would have to be 21+ to get in.

      as for the light vs. dark thing it’s just another ignorant idea that’s holding minorities back…it’s pathetic

  • dark beauty

    I am a dark chick and I went to the party in atlanta…ik went with a good mix of very light to really dark girls and we r all gorgeous! YES the dark girls won bcus a lot of light girls showed up that was not so cute and all the dark girls were on point not one unattractive dark girl in the party!

    • California Love

      Are you serious? It’s a real competition? Who are the judges? That is some sick shyte.

      We really need to do better than this…

  • mspeach

    teamchocolate is all i can say im sick of hearing your pretty for darkskin or your smile so nice i dont even consider you darkskin???? what are u serious???? lightskin girls are overrated in most cases there are some outstanding light women from Dorthy Dandridge to Halle Berry to Alicia Keys and the like but im sick of the Tiny’s light girls that are not pretty but being “choosen” just because they are light!! Im in ATL I wish I could have went to this party Im always going in looking cute!!! lol

  • LalaLand

    They both look beautiful!

  • just me

    The light girls should have won the atlanta party! There was way more light girls in attendance!

  • mspeach

    dark beauty when and where was the ATL party at ??

  • Cleveland

    That girl ain’t dark skinned all ya”l blind? Gabby Sidibe is dark-skinned, both these girls are brown.

  • chaka1


  • mspeach

    Im from Philly Atlanta has some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and I am a straight woman and the dark ones are always fly and beautiful… teamchocolate

    • DivisionAvenue

      yeah ATL do have some beautiful sistas which is why i dont understand why so many guys fowen there turn gay but oh well to each its own

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