Q&A: Social Scientist Discusses Hypermasculinity and Black Men

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How would you describe a masculine man? What does he look like?

Now how would you describe a hypermasculine man? What does he look like?

According to social scientists, a hypermasculine man exhibits three qualities: verbal or physical aggression, overt sexuality and enjoyment of risk taking. While these qualities are commonly perceived to be negative it’s not necessarily where the problem lies. Wherein the problem does lie however is how the term hypermasculine is casually tacked on and perpetuates stereotypes about black, Hispanic and certain homosexual men. Vanderbilt University’s assistant professor of sociology, Richard Pitt, explores this troubling field of study in a chapter titled “Revisiting Hypermasculinity: Shorthand for Marginalized Masculinities” in the book Where Are the Brothers: Essays and Studies on African American Masculinities. We spoke to Dr. Pitt to learn more about this ambiguous word and how it marginalizes minority men.

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  • go tell it on the mountain

    Antione and Twan lol call your hulky boyfriends!

  • G.M.

    u see, even the scientist are tellin how the feminist are turning men gay by bashing men for being men, being lenient to women behavior and all this promotion of homosexuality…its no surprise so many young men are going gay and becoming “princess boys”…they’re constantly villified and demonized for being what they are: MEN smh

  • kennedy

    i was always a target for being gay since i didnt have that whole thug look growing up. i noticed that many of us black kids growing up in school got teased for being gay bc we didnt play sports, didnt sag our jeans, didnt sport a fade or walk with a limp.

  • Fine Azz Ebony

    Lol they gay cause the back bit*he’s! When dem lizzies tried to lick me I told em u got a better chance with a back bit*h!

  • Fine Azz Ebony

    @ kennedy
    And when gotta a chance you put it on dem females …horse style go playa

    • kennedy

      nope. never get that from me. to many ingredients back there

  • jdmann

    First there was alpha male now hypermasculine, who comes up with these labels and how much does the job pay.

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