Sextra: She’s Beautiful but She Sucks in Bed

- By Bossip Staff

To the Bossip love lady. I have a puzzle for you to solve. I was married for 11 years and once the divorce was final, I took my time getting back into the dating game and finally decided to date this woman exclusively. I’m a about 8 years older than her she’s 27 and she is very smart but lacks the maturity of a woman my age. I thought that with time I could learn how to communicate with her and at this time I’m fairly content with where we are as far as talking through things go. Now this is a beautiful girl and her body is out of control but she sucks in bed. She’s stiff and hardly moves and the noises she makes are fake and even though she says she climaxed I know she didn’t. I don’t believe she’s ever had a orgasm. No matter how romantic I try to make our experience it’s the same thing time and time again. I haven’t touched her in a few weeks and to be honest I’ve lost interest. Is that like a jerk thing to do?

Happy Friday to you, sir! Thank you for writing in and sharing your story. One can’t help but find the humor and irony of an aesthetically pleasing being who lacks passion. So you’ve got yourself a young one and you’re unhappy with your intimate moments. Is it because you feel like you’re doing all the work? Or, is it the age difference that’s keeping you all from connecting on an intimate level? Either way, you should really figure out what it is and go from there. Are you really into this girl? And if you are, are you willing to put in the work to grow your relationship or show her what you like and dislike? If you don’t want to date her any longer, let it be known so the both of you can move on.

Despite the age difference, have you given the relationship with this young lady a fair chance? What were your intentions? Did you really want to build something solid or are you “playing the field?” Sometimes, if a woman senses there’s no longevity or feels like she can’t firmly plant herself into a potential relationship, despite your romantic gestures, she’s not going to give her all! That’s no excuse but it’s truth.

Your question was: is it a jerk thing to do? And the answer is, yes. It’s a jerk thing to do because you haven’t communicated to her why you’ve lost interest and why you haven’t made strides to be intimate with her. So you should definitely tell her what’s on your mind and allow her to make a choice as to whether she wants to continue to see you and vice versa. Be honest with her and let her know that you’re losing interest. Really evaluate what you want from her and if this relationship is something you’re both willing to continue to invest your time in. Be honest and do the right thing, sir. Do the right thing.

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  • daisy jay

    Beautiful, but can’t r!de d!ck?

    She’s useless. Next.

    • LYRICS




    • Kyra

      I am bl ack, you are wh ite.I am coffee, you are milk. We will always complement each other
      ~ Bl ackw hi teC up id / C0 m ~ Good luck.

      @@@ find someone you like there

  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    Aint good in bed but she look good…Sounds like someone you go out with show off to ya boys and then cheat on her

    • spade

      Yeah, show her off around town then drop her off and go bone one of her uglier friends. The ones who would be glad to get sloppy seconds from their beautiful homegirl.

    • Yea OK!

      LOL…the both of you are petty as hell……SMH….what happened to TRYING to work on the relationship???

  • purple love

    Whatever she can practice really hard and learn to ride and throw it back rite but you can’t learn to go from ugly to pretty

    • daisy jay

      Not unless you have a ton of money and you know the best plastic surgeon around…

  • Mc Hammer

    That’s the worst, that’s like someboby giving you a gift in a big box for christmas and the only thing that’s in it is socks. No man wants socks for christmas, someone should teach her how to F**k before her next man cheats on her. That’s why I date all average chicks because they know what to do in the bedroom. Pretty girls are only here for arm candy, it in makes perfect sense. Halle Berry has been cheated on and beat on in every relationship. All pretty girls end up single for such reasons like this.

    • Mock Rock Star

      And all people name Hammer end up broke

    • MisterTouch

      @ Mock Rock Star……DUDE/DUDETTE. S.T.F.U……M C Hammer is 100 % correct. I too have learned my lesson with so called dime pieces. I would rather get a 70 % er or someone who is at least willing to make me happy, meet me have way, and care enough to try to make the relationship work than to deal with ” a pretty mutherf%cker”. If you think that sexual satisfaction is not important in any relationship, then you stupid. I guarantee your partner is cheating on you or has cheated in the past. I’ll never cry about it though. There are way more single women out there than men. I’ll look outside of my race if necessary. Love is Love.


    Personally, I co-sign with “LEGEND”….

  • Msmisty

    I agree, a person must have communication in the relationship otherwise the other person won’t know. Anyone can learn to be a tiger/tigress in the bedroom, livingroom, shower, wherever. They just have to talk to each other if they want it to work.

  • Verl

    Some people are not sexual. I would not approach her, but test her by waiting for her to approach and initiate. You two are obviously not compatible sexually – tell her!!

  • TheRider

    Is this from Ray J? Because I saw the tape and, well, I expected so much more from Kim with all the hype!

    • Mock Rock Star

      πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    I am 5’9, carmel complexion (I would go into to details about my frame…but I think my height speaks for it’s self!) and I love to wear the hell out of some heels every day of the week…I am glad that I don’t have this problem!…yes “MY MILK SHAKE BRINGS ALL THE BOYS TO MY YARD”.

    Oh I am sorry back to the story at hand…yes that is a jerk thing to do in my opinion, tell her the problem and keep it moving if she still can’t get it right!


  • Moanmyname (Certified now!)

    ^ ugh what does advertising yourself have to do with the story?

    • daisy jay

      Not a d@mn thing *rolls eyes* Like we cared….

    • headturner

      lol @Moanmyname (Certified now!)
      you noticed that too huh. Sounded like an ad in a ‘lonely hearts’ column

  • jdmann

    This is not a grown man problem. Grown men take control in bed.

    • aqueenwaits

      ……….now that’s what I’m talking about!

    • Just Sayin'


  • daisy jay

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that was a good one. I don’t understand the faking thing either. Really misleading. Sometimes men need TOUGH. LOVE. No woman should be in reverse cowgirl while paying her taxes at the same d@mn time.

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    BECAUSE I AM PROUD OF WHO I AM! THAT’S WHAT THE HELL IT HAS TO DO WITH THIS STORY! ***Now that is confidence for your a**!


    • Lame

      Your comments are so lame. This is NOT a dating website. Ain’t nobody checking for you on here boo … Please see eHarmony or LavaLife.

    • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

      My comment was right on point…you can go ahead and admit that you just wanted me to pay you two seconds of attention!

      And the last time I checked my headline reads….’no u can’t be boyfriend #2!’ So I’m good! Thanks anyway (NOT!)!

      However I guess your headline fits you well! What a ‘lame’ indeed!

  • Toy

    U can teach her. Tell her what u want and it might be that ur not turning her on. U shud be happy she doesnt know what to do at least ukno she aint a h*e. I was the same way but i havent had much practice. She might be a person that is sumissive and like to get done i tell u if u do her right she will wanna return the favor. Or face it might b just u and she really likes u and dont wanna hurt ur feelings. Sorry


    ^^^ Girl please STFU!! If you have to advertise than you probably look like sh*t anyway. Please go somewhere and die.


    That was for “No you cant be boyfriend # 2”

  • purple love

    CHILE PLEASE settle down love lol

  • GOLDiE

    A lil Ezekiel 23:20 would clear that right up!


    @ daisy jay. see you feel me. If rite in the middle she says “hold on let me update my facebook page” you anit doing something right.

    • daisy jay

      LMAO yes exactly! If she’s not trembling from head to toe, panting like a german shepard and clawing scars into your body……just crawl in a corner and sob to yourself. And don’t come back until you can do better.

  • get em paid!

    Maybe she has a nice dude her age putting it down like that! She knows she’s fine and just letting you take your turn! WOULD YOU PLEASE HURRY UP AND FINISH BOSSY OLD MAN!

  • headturner

    lol @ samech
    i’m with you. i just had to check it wasn’t my ex writing that letter. i’m not 27 though so i’m good lol


    @ get em paid. you know that true. She coming over my house tonight. He can have her back tomarrow, cause that is when her car note is due

  • ooohchile


  • mr.make.ya.feelgood

    maybe she had a bad childhood experience. but i do think that some fine women think that they are too good to give the same energy that they are getting. hello halle and christina mileon

  • daisy jay

    I think I just fell in love with you lol jk

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