Guess Which Billionaire Is Moving Into This Super Normal Crib

- By Bossip Staff

The 20-something billionaire who lives here could buy and sell all of our houses/apartment complexes/mama’s couches at least a dozen times over without batting an eyelash. His father probably couldn’t. Can you guess who’s crib this is?

According to TMZ, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will be calling this not-so-tiny house home for a little while.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and “Social Network” fame has made a big move — into a 3,800 square foot rental in Palo Alto, CA.

Zuckerberg, whose estimated worth is $7 billion, now has to walk just a few blocks to work.

The house has five bedrooms and four bathrooms, in case Sean Parker comes to visit. The home also has a tricked out security system.

Nice to see a 26-year-old who knows how to manage his money.

Wait. Why doesn’t Facebook guy OWN a house?!?!

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  • Charmyles2012

    Because he has a 7 billion and he can do what he wants.

    • andiFEELlikemoney

      Exactly! lol

    • von

      So true,plus when you got money and I mean real money you don’t have to front!!

    • WTF!

      He doesn’t have to show ppl his wealth. The same for Warren Buffet who has lived in the same house he purchased in 1958 for $31,500 (now worth $700k)

  • Mabel

    At the end of the day you can only be in one room at a time anyways.

    • Just Sayin

      So true!

    • uhohitslelani

      But after a while you get sick of that one room and want to choose from the other 245545 rooms in a mansion

  • get em paid!

    EARTH BOUND RULE # 1 – Who ever has the most toys when they die WINS!

  • daisy jay

    Good for him *no sarcasm*. I’ve never seen the hype around multi-million/billion dollar houses anyway. As long as you’re comfortable inside, that’s all that matters. Everything beyond that is for show.

  • intellione

    OMG im so impressed with his actions,unless its some type of publicity stunt??

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  • Charlotte

    Warren Buffet lives the same way with his paid off $40k house. This is why they’re billionaires. Rappers take note.

  • BiSHB00

    Only ppl who live above their means would find the need to have a million dollar house and they only have 150,000 smh get it together seriously

  • Mrs. Rance

    A whole bunch of people could take a lesson from him. Being flashy is a sign of insecurity in my opinion. I have never understood why people with no children have big giant houses anyway. Its a major waste of money.

  • bigman

    Because this nerd doesn’t have kids (yet). Until then he’ll move to exclusive area and private schools

  • Soul Touch

    I always said I would never want a large home/mansion if I was rich. People would look at my humble home and have no idea what my bank account looked like.

    Plus whose going to clean all that space, not me.

    Well done to this man.

  • Candid Canuck

    renting is better for tax deductions

    • Soul Touch

      Perhaps, but your money is going no where. When you own, you’re essentially paying yourself (return investment). The amount of money you pay in rent (if substantial) just goes to the waste site…puff, gone. I pay $50 dollars more a month in mortgage (due to my substantial down payment) and I OWN it. In 5 years time, I walk away with it…of course, there are depending factors economy, resale value, etc.

    • http://bossip Pimp4ADay

      Huh? Who told you renting makes finincial sense when it comes to tax deductions? Everytime the government gives housing tax credit, they give it to those looking to buy houses not rent. Remember the $8,000.00 tax credit Obama gave in 08 for 1st time buyers?

  • 504_MsGV

    They say its better to rent than own. You save lots of money.

    • Soul Touch

      There are so many things dependent on that….I would never waste money renting if I could own.

    • Soul Touch

      Consider that every month rent, you’re paying off someone’s mortgage…why not pay your own. You spend so much of over time and in the end you see none of it.

  • WHAT

    7 billion doesn’t entirely translate to cash – it’s likely quantifiable profit investment in capital resources, as such…

    • r

      Now, this is the best response. This is exactly what I was thinking.

  • Tiff

    He probably owns something elsewhere and is in Palo Alto temporarily, so why buy?

  • get em paid!

    @candid canuck
    IN WHAT COUNTRY LOL who does your taxes lol

  • satch


  • Innovatoor09

    He is very smart,he wants to keep his money, not keep up with the joneses. Most people who are wealthy live in normal size homes, and drive American cars, and invest in things that bring wealth. Warren Buffett has been living in the same house most of life, before he became a billionaire.

    • Soul Touch

      And the greatest thing is, he probably finished paying for it too…just sitting back. I agree with you.

  • smh

    Why do people always generalize rich people? MOST of them don’t live like this?? Money doesn’t change people it merely amplifies who you truly are. If you simple pooor, you simple rich. If you try to be flashy while you’re poor you’re going to be flashy rich. I’m sure he’s spending his money on VERY EXPENSIVE gadgets or what not. People have different things they’re interested in.

  • get em paid

    I wonder what is the current market value of that house? Similar homes like that in my city are $700,000 -1.5 mi.

  • TT BOY

    …And probably wear tattered old jeans! Smart guy!

  • E.C. from D.C.

    I would live in a super normal house too but it’d still be nicer than that.

  • jeff

    he got schoold by Bill (the og gangstar) lol

  • kg

    he may be modest but n palo alto that crib is like 11 k a month

  • if anything be noble

    But hasn’t he had 24 hours a day worth of fear ingrained in his head that he’s going to get ambushed and kidnapped in that house? Where’s the gate? Where’s the guy in the little booth? I don’t see no hungry dogs.

  • shehiplocki

    ..nice house. he seems very sensible and would rather have the money in the banks and investments, etc. than on his wrists and in expensive cars. that is how you keep money, not let it keep you!

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