Never On Schedule, But Always On Time…South Carolina Man Wins Lottery With His Last Dollars

- By Bossip Staff

They say God works in mysterious ways, and this story is about as mysterious as it gets.

A Pawleys Island man says winning $200,000 in the South Carolina Education Lottery has saved his home.

John Davis says he went to a hearing on Monday about the possibility of losing his home to foreclosure.

Tuesday he let the computer pick his numbers for the Palmetto Cash 5 drawing at a gasoline station in Surfside Beach, adding a dollar to increase his winnings in case he got a winning ticket.

Wednesday, Davis discovered he had won.

The single father of two girls says he’s had a tough year, financially. Davis says he had just $6 in his bank account when he won. He works at a car dealership and says he plays the lottery almost every day.

Davis says he plans to pay off most of his debt and will take a cruise with his daughters when the weather warms up.

The lottery has been good to people lately, hopefully some of that good fortune can shine over this-a-way


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  • daisy jay (want some jermaisins??)

    That’s all God. Give nobody but him the credit.

    • aqueenwaits

      that’s a right!

    • The Beautiful One

      I agree…

    • Salina

      My friend Vanessa, a 25 yrs lady, has announced her wedding with a m’illionaire young man Ronald who is the CEO of a MNC. It’s amazing, she said she just posted her profile on a m’illionaire d’ating s’ite called ———-RichMatchmaker. ℃○M——– – and received his chat invitations a few days later. Then, everything went so well that I can’t believe it’s true! Every love story will unfold on it’s own..——-
      is that God working in mysterious ways also? are you f*cking serious? its just LUCK, right ticket, right time.. hell he played the lottery EVERYDAY. he was bound to win something at some point..wouldve made better sense to say Satan gave him the money since he “SUPPOSEDLY” is the ruler of this world anyway.

    • von

      What God are you talking about because Jesus doesn’t believe in gambling.



    Only a dumb azz would let it get so bad to the point where you only got 6 DOLLARS in the account. Educate yo self hoe.


    • MizASterling

      I guess feeding your kids is a bad habit.

      You clearly don’t have a clue, so I’m gonna need for you to sit your a s s down somewhere.

      Talking about Grown Folks business when you ain’t even Knee high to a Gra s shopper.


    • lmao


    • lmao


    • John davis

      I get paid every friday.I was low on money buying diapers and chicken nuggets. ask anyone that goes through a divorce how much money they have left.I set my exwife up with a home that was paid off along with her car.she died three months later. and my priority’s are exactly correct.I now have all my bills paid off except my modified,2% mortgage and the money is going for there college. and a cruise is where I am going because I had put a 750 down payment in 2006 when I was still married. I will have this money a long time.

    • piscesSnake

      @john davis…daxn are you sure u didn’t kill your wife…might need to report yo azz 2 forensic files lol…wife got yo money and she dies 3 months later…side eye

  • gigglgal215

    Praise Him from Whom all blessings flow. If you live right you get right.

  • mzdiscreet32

    Wow. God stepped in and worked it out. Hopefully he has a renew faith and things are on a new path. Best wishes to him and his family.

  • Lynn

    I clicked in to see a pic, but a lot of folks don’t want there picture out there, for obvious reasons, I guess.

  • tonyusa2

    yall ignant this-a-way

  • bottomboy

    god bless him and his family!!! I wish him good luck!!

  • Greeneyedbandit

    God is good!

  • MEME

    FIRST> Thats his problem. He Plays the Lottery Every day. HE is a gambler. 2nd YOu finnaly get your life and money back. and u go on a cruise?

  • http://smh grow up


  • Get Right

    Are you serious????? This is not of God…. Playing the Lottery is the same as Gambling…a SIN… One sin is not greater than the next….


    GOOD FOR HIM! Big ups to ALL the single dads out there – my brother especially!!!!! =) =)

  • Mama D

    What a blessing… he might have had an upside down loan where the loan is worth more than the house now… it doesnt say n e thing about him saving the house so this probably was an opportunity for him to get out from under his burden. i hope he can be smart financially going forward and that he and his girls continue to be blessed

  • yepyep

    i dont think GOD gave the gambler the winnings.. i mean really..? whenever something good happens its gods will, but when something bad happens god works in mysterious ways…lol.. nah i think his luck just finally paid off.. period.

  • yz

    That is just great for him but a cruise no; he needs to get his priorities together. Take them girls to a playground that is good enough until he gets his bills paid off.

  • NyladyJ

    It is God. There is no such thing as luck. You reap what you sow. My only suggestion to him is for him to manage his money better than he did before winning the money. The article did say it saved his home. Harder times are coming, so he needs to put the rest of it away for that rainy day that is in the forecast.

  • yepyep

    Some people are so ignorant… they say God gave him this “blessing” because he was down to his last 6dollars, when we have women and children dying everyday in 3rd world countries thru no fault of their own…like starvation and that God working in mysterious ways also? are you f*cking serious? its just LUCK, right ticket, right time.. hell he played the lottery EVERYDAY. he was bound to win something at some point..wouldve made better sense to say Satan gave him the money since he “SUPPOSEDLY” is the ruler of this world anyway.

  • http://Bossip Tiki Barber

    GIVE GOD AND JESUS ALL THE CREDIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • derek.d

    He plans to pay off “most” of his debt and go on a cruise.

    #1 – He has more than $200,000 worth of debt.

    #2 – Why isn’t he skipping the cruise, taking the kids to McDonald’s instead, and using the rest to pay off all of his debt?

    Nobody wants to admit it, but we all know this man will be back in debt in no time.

  • Timmy

    That’s beautiful! Thank God, no stop playing the lottery for you lose all that money!:)

  • Jessika Rabbit

    It’s amusing how most of you are talking about how he’s a sinner and gambler so God played no part in helping him, but clearly YOU’RE just as bad for judging the man. You don’t know his situation to say he was dumb with his money, and EVEN if he was WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE??

  • yepyep

    @jessika rabbit

    Clearly you have no idea what your talking about.. who ever said we were better for judging him??? i personally dont know this guy. the topic and point was that god gave him this money as a blessing.. and thats wrong to say. because any reasonable, logically person knows that this didnt come from God, it came from chance. and if you knew ANYthing about the bible or wordly affairs, you would know this to be true.

  • MsLady

    uhm…. only problem i have is where it says dude will pay off MOST of his debt. Why not pay the whole damn thing off before the cruise.

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