School Chancellor Says: “If Ya’ll Would Start Strappin’ On Jimmy Hats, We Wouldn’t Be Worried About Overcrowding”

- By Bossip Staff

Well damn shawty, tell them how you REALLY feel!

Just two weeks after she took the job of schools chancellor, Cathie Black has already put her foot in her mouth — reportedly telling parents that her solution to overcrowded schools is “birth control.”

“Could we just have some birth control?” Black said during a meeting of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s school overcrowding task force on Thursday in lower Manhattan.

“It would really help us out a lot,” she added.

The joke drew some laughs from the audience and came after Eric Greenleaf, a PS 234 parent and NYU professor, presented findings that showed lower Manhattan will need another 1,000 elementary seats by 2015, reported today.

In another bone-headed comment, Black told a parent after the 35-minute forum that the impending budget cuts she had to make are like trying to decide which child should be killed.

Keep it up lady. They’re probably interviewing other people for your job as we speak. SMH


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  • ignoranceisbliss

    Well it’s the truth….I just hope she doesn’t get fired because of some political correctness BS.

    • http://u bklynlady

      No she is not right! Birth control is NOT the answer you idiots! Does anyone tell “Jew” they need to curve their repoduction habits? Ten children, two in a scroller and one in the belly. How dare she said such foolishness! This woman has no clue how to run a school system. The nerve of this b*tch! Be it black or white.

    • Salina

      My friend Vanessa, a 25 yrs lady, has announced her wedding with a m’illionaire young man Ronald who is the CEO of a MNC. It’s amazing, she said she just posted her profile on a m’illionaire d’ating s’ite called ———-RichMatchmaker. ℃○M——– – and received his chat invitations a few days later. Then, everything went so well that I can’t believe it’s true! Every love story will unfold on it’s own..——-
      Depending on government handouts to raise their kids or letting the system raise them. YES Ms Black is right!!! Birth control might not be the answer to everything but it does help the problem.

  • dee

    This disgusting individual, how dare her say that to a room full of packed concerned parents of minority children. I doubt she would have said this to a room packed with white parents.This my people, is in charge of NYC school system. She and many other people in power/elitists, have that mindset. They are into population control and eugenics. I wish her and her spawn would stop procreating.

  • mosiane


    I don’t agree with this woman at all. This is the last thing NYC public school needs. There needs to be a SOLUTION to an immediate problem. Birth control would NOT help the current situation, perhaps in the future but not currently.

    If schools actually had funding and methods to educate the youth, maybe proper birth control methods with also fall into place.

    This woman is ill-equipped for the job and only got the job due to whatever ties she has with Bloomberg. Makes me sick.. smh

    • Aztec Queen

      It is not the school systems job to teach people how to not get pregnant 5 times.

      Any retard can go on the internet and figure out how to use a condom.

      Ms. Black is right you just don’t want to admit it.

  • Iguessso

    Well, she’s right about the birth control thing. Or is she wrong to say that because she’s white? Black folks been saying the same thing about their own.

    • dee

      @ Iguesso
      Why birth control? Whats wrong with people having their children? Did God not say go on and be fruitful and multifply?
      Did you know that more black babies die by abortion than those that are born ever year?
      It does’nt matter that this woman was white and she said such a careless statement. what matters is that she is in charge of the largest education system and it’s for “children” ,those chiildren who she says should have never been born with to begin with. Open your eyes.

    • Aztec Queen

      Umm… don’t bring god into this. The fact is that people are having kids that they cannot afford. They expect everyone else to pay for it. Until you get your $ right, don’t procreate.

    • Lisa

      @dee The problem with having kids is that people are having kids & can’t even afford them. Women are so quick to get pregnant without realizing that a child is another expense then they expect for the government to take care of them. You need to be financially set if you plan on having a soccer team of kids.

    • Iguessso

      Exactly, that’s my point. If you can financially provide for them, have all the kids you want. But when you’re having kids left and right KNOWING it will be a struggle to provide, there’s no excuse. God wants us to procreate, but He also wants us to use common sense.

  • joey

    She is very correct…..all of these black women on welfare with all thes babies is sickening……but the black race for some reason thinks thats cute and encourages it.

    • lala

      In case you didn’t know Spanish women don’t believe in birth control either. Which is why you see them walking down the streets with enough kids to make a football team. Black women aren’t the only ones who needs to use birth control. So please stop singling out black women like they’re the only women on this planet. Idiot

    • Mabel

      Why is it always boiling down to black women? Muslims, Latinos, South east Asians all tend to have large families. No amount of birth control talk is going to help because the bonds to culture run deep. If black women were having kids like that, then China and India wouldn’t both have populations over a billion. Not one African nation has a population that high.

    • don't ask

      Guess Lala and Mabel told you Jim Bob.

    • Barbc

      You are out of touch, or just plain ignorant of what population is overflowing here in America… How can you say such a lie. I guess this is why we are the minority now along with caucas. and the Mexican culture is the majority in numbers. I do not care if you are pink or blue, fact is fact. Stop the stupidity and look at where you live. STOP Look, Try going to some of the places named previous in a State. Who is the most in numbers and keep coming. FACTS DUDE.

  • WithAllHonesty

    Schools are overcrowding because all these damn Mexicans and their anchor babies.

    • Aztec Queen

      I wasn’t aware that there was a huge mexican population in NY.

  • DJ's Mom

    Highly inappropriate.

  • Aliyah

    truth hurts

  • http://u bklynlady

    This ole raggadey azz chicken fave cr@cker! Fck her and Bloomberg, there’s no hope for public school now days…

  • Aztec Queen

    I absolutely agree with what this woman said.

    I am Mexican, and I am not offended by her comments. Black people shouldn’t be either. The irresponsibility of our communities are affecting the status of this country.

    I know my people crap out kids left and right. I don’t just accept that is how it should be. I decided to not become my stereotype. I’m 25, college educated, I pull in 55k annually, and I am nowhere near having children.

    Take some personal responsibility people!! quit being victims and getting all offended because someone spoke the truth.

  • Anonymous

    Ya’ll are quick to turn this into a racial issue. The fact of the matter is, these kids do need to learn something about abstinence or at least be given some birth control. I went to a majority white high school and our BLACK principal made similar comments regarding overcrowding and the need for these girls to keep there damn legs closed.

  • Anonymous

    *their, not there

  • don't ask

    THANK YOU from California!!!

  • Timmy

    Girl ain’t never lied!!!! Either that or lettin’ these kids grow up too damn fast!!

  • HERES the homo Realist who imposter me with gay shit he really feels ...dont he look like a dyke with a beard with them big c.unt lips??


  • nywoman23

    4 some1 whos 34 with her uhmm phd u sound truly dumb. wtf does having different dads have to do with anything. some1 can have the same father and have 20 kids. like some1 above posted would anyone regard that to the jews? they have like 30 kids in 1 family. wtf are you talking about. u lack common sense lady

  • Barbc

    WHY are some of you in denial about the over-crowding, the racism grows among Mexicans that hate on dark skin culture. The triple times triple numbers that other cultures have to deal with this over whelming population of constant flow of birth, and school majorities of others and the embarrasing and hurting Spanish used to abusive mentality to them. ENGLISH PLEASE. I feel sorry for English only students and some people. The Spanish speakers get paid more to speak their language. Right here in America. This is racism and abuse to others and plain simple term discrimination. It is not right. Do other countries allow take over and support like here? Not even Mexico allow us to depend on them.. It would not be so bad, maybe if they all got along and race was not the prevailing madness against the dark skins. They are outnumbered and abused with Spanish and gangs of gangs. There is more to this than can be explained in fact here. But too much is too much. America has taken on too much. Now lets see again two yrs, later what can the Republicans and Green Party do to help this urgent matter. They just left 2 yrs. ago with no answers. They do not care as long as they can hide their (az) and kids into other schools and learning situations. The kids get hurt the most. It is again FACT, and yet none of us are perfect angels, but the numbers speak for themselves and heads have turned away from the growing issues far too long; now it is out of control. America Made easy to get checks and programs, and then adopt majority over the regular Americans. I rest my mouth. Carry on smart ones that understand what we have endured and continue to endure. The US is too soft and it is destroying its strength with this kindness.

    • Barbc

      Come on keep them coming. A good topic for reality to be shown.

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