She Killed ‘Em Softly: Angry Concert Goers Storm Out of Lauren Hills Concert

- By Bossip Staff

Lauren Hill is back to being a diva. Concertgoers in Atlanta blasted her for showing up late and refusing to sing the classics that made people love her in the first place.

The 35-year-old narcissist left Atlanta concertgoers infuriated and unimpressed with her sold-out show at Atlanta’s Center Stage last night.

After the show, one fan, a well-connected industry insider, called me to say Hill’s Atlanta show was “very disappointing.” The source said local DJ Cash played old school music and kept the audience so crunk that when Hill finally rushed out onstage just after midnight, the expectations for a great show were high.

It was all love when the mother of 5 first hit the stage 3 hours late for her advertised 9 p.m. show. Lauryn promptly confused her fans by announcing that she was tired of “playing the same music night after night.” Hill told the shocked audience that she wanted to play something different. She then instructed her band to speed up the music, which rendered her classic hits unrecognizable. The insider said Hill urged the audience to sing along, saying, “I want crowd participation.” “But nobody could participate because NOBODY knew the music!,” said the fan. “Everybody was looking around like ‘WHAT SONG IS THIS???’”
“It was new music completely,” the frustrated fan continued. “The lyrics were the same, but you had to be on ecstasy to follow the music!”

To complicate the situation further, the fan said the band was way too loud. “We kept asking her to tell the band to turn the music down,” said the fan. “We couldn’t hear her.”

The source said other concertgoers booed the singer and then took their bags and purses and “stomped out” of the theater. “They didn’t walk out — they stomped out!” she emphasized. The insider eventually gave up and walked out as well.

Lauryn’s next stop on her tour is St. Louis tomorrow (Jan. 16). If you’re planning on attending her show at The Pageant Theater, just remember: you were warned.

Wow. People don’t pay to sing songs, they pay to hear songs sung ON TIME. Who waits 3 hours for anybody to get anywhere?


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  • Suge'.!

    That’s really messed up I wouldn’t wait no damn 3 hours. She can sing but seriously.? Bish done lost her mind.!

    #ExFactorMySong 🙂

    • Kyra

      I am bl ack, you are wh ite.I am coffee, you are milk. We will always complement each other
      ~ Bl ackw hi teC up id / C0 m ~ Good luck.

      @@@ give it a try

  • Mizz Teddy

    SMH, how are we supposed to hang on to the real music when all we have to look foward to is this…. 😥 this is BS, im moving to punk rock.
    *PS, if she doesnt want to sing the “same thing over and over again” why doesnt she write S0METHING NEW?? {eye roll} music is officialy DEAD 😦

  • SKIT

    swell headed celebs forget that their fans made them an can break them what goes up can always come down

  • tealafaye

    she need to cut the crap, she’s talented and her fans STILL love her it’s not like Whitney Houston who smoked her voice away she still got it STOP BEING A WEIRDO LAUREN!

    • marquis2sade

      Whitney may have snoked her voice away as ur sorry a$$ out, yet she still SELLS OUT ARENAS, all around the GLOBE…who you already? NOBODY

    • marquis2sade

      Whitney may have smoked her voice away as ur sorry a$$ out, yet she still SELLS OUT ARENAS, all around the GLOBE…who you already? NOBODY exactly
      so please, DROP DEAD

  • Oh well!( I can't sleep)aka Iyan

    Well, I see a cancelled show, in the Lou. These broke MoFo’s over here will riot. Just cancel the show girl! Just cancel the show! Doubt it’s soldout anyway. I understand about mental illness, cancel the fn show. There’s too many college kids at the venue that will not understand. Best cancel show!

    • napnap


  • Lauryn Hill continues to Mis-Educate her Fans in the A-T-L..

    […] out what was written about her concert last night.  SOURCE The 35-year-old narcissist left Atlanta concertgoers infuriated and unimpressed with her sold-out […]

  • Mizz Teddy {allergic to BS}

    100% co-sign

  • Lookin back

    I wouldve said its bull too if I wouldve have read it from, and heard the same from my friend in philly who said the exact same abt her concert there! Lauryn what happened to you! We love you snap back !

  • Concerned

    Lauren Hill is a flake,who tries to be like Nina Simone!

  • http://nigel_is_ahmad@twitter ahmad

    I understand her being late as being a MAJOR problem…

    But the complaints about her remixing her songs is lame IMO.

    She is an Artist. Why hold on to the same old thing, when your not feeling it anymore? I think people who are REAL music fans appreciate some one who can make OLD music sound new.

    I guess its better for her to get on stage with a DJ and lip synch. Yeah thats entertaining.

  • xoxo

    Money gotta be paid up front would you work for free.

  • freckled1

    I saw Ms. Hill a few nights ago in Charleston, SC and it is true, she played SOME of the old songs at a different tempo. She is, of course, an artist and I don’t think it is fair to expect her to sound just like the radio. There was, however, more than enough opportunity to sing along to more conventionally performed songs from Miseducation and the Score. Finally, I don’t understand why people expect the concert to begin when the venue opens?! In Charleston, as advertised, the club opened its doors at 9 and she came on at 11:30. IMO pretty standard timing for a concert in a small space…

  • what

    this was on

  • EB

    The dark side of drug use …

  • who

    she is still as crazy as a loon. people see what they want to see. she still looks a lil off if you look closely….

  • clarkthink

    well,……I’m NOT gonna wait three hours for a crazy b!tch to show up!! give me my money baack!

  • no $hit $herlock

    she’s sadder than bobby brown’s ex.

    whitney put in more than ONE good album before she self destructed;

    lauryn at 35 sould have at least 4 more albums that should have made her in the 2000s, what aretha was in the 1960s —- the gold standard for female vocalists;

    instead — she has become just another sad “oh what she could have been” story.

  • leeta

    This article is a LIE! I was at the concert and the concert time was listed as 11pm and she showed up at 11:30. She was very gracious and gave the crowd both new and old songs. If you want to hear the same song the same way for 10 years put in a CD!!!! If you want a live concert experience go to the show. Her energy was amazing and she gave 110%. I did see people leave, but honestly it was only about 20 people at the whole concert that left. She was given a standing ovation before and AFTER the concert. Get your facts right!

  • Mel

    Please get the facts straight. I attended the show. We had bad weather all week in ATL. Due to that, 2 days BEFOREHAND, Center Stage changed the time to doors open at 8, show time at 11. This was to give people time to get there. The performance was great. If you want her to sing every song EXACTLY like the cd, then go listen to the cd. Great show Ms. Hill. 🙂

  • hovac

    so let me guess the 2 people above me are her reps

    • leeta

      Nope we aren’t reps just people who hate liars.

    • trapped

      I didn’t go to the concert, but I do know certerstage sent out their concert emails stating the show had been moved to 11pm.

  • Vision

    Sick in tired of washed up singers /rappers living off of old fumes…Can we admire our greats of the past at let them live beautifully in our hearts, are do we let nostalgia allow us to accept crazy behavior, lack luster performances and complete disrepect.
    Someones time has come and gone..GONE..GONE…GONE….

  • Just Bored

    I HATE IT when your at a concert and the artist decides they need to remix their biggest song! It’s ok if you can recognize it and it makes it better and extends the goodness, but when the tune completely changes, that bothers me.

  • Khoobee!

    I Will Always LUV LAUREN HILLS’ MUSIC Irregardless of what has or not been Updated in the last 10-12 years or so….A New Full-Length ALBUM Anytime SOON Though Please!!!! Major-Label/Independent Whatever/Whichever….

  • simplescribble

    Well said. I hope she takes not, we (fans) do not owe her one thing.

  • thesaneone

    lauryn hill obviously has some issues. love her but i would rather keep the great opions of her in my mind then go see her live and feel dissapointed.

    • gigglgal215


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