Rumor Control: R.I.P Snooki??? Say It Ain’t So…

- By Bossip Staff

Damn, looks like the pint-sized ‘Jersey Shore’ star is on the rise! Anytime rumors of a person dying start to circulate then you KNOW that person has people’s full attention.

According to TMZ reports:

Snooki’s Facebook page is flooded with messages from people who think she just died from a massive drug overdose … problem is, it just ain’t true.

Some people with a morbid sense of humor flooded the Internet this weekend with false reports that the “Jersey Shore” star kicked the bucket. But according to a rep — who spoke to Snooki this morning — she’s alive and probably drinking somewhere right now.

Snook’s FB page is now swamped with condolence messages … mixed in with a few notes from people who can spot a fake story when they see one.

The poof lives on.

What is it that’s so exciting about spreading a rumor that someone has died!?!? Hollyweird is a muthaf**ka, nevermind the fame, just give us the money.

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    This skank ain’t dead she just look like she is!

  • redcora

    I actually recorded a song called ‘Game is My Middle Name’ and said in my hook, “want the money not the fame, game is my middle name”.. unbelievable

  • G.M.

    and here i was about to pop a champagne bottle in celebration, DAMN!!! lol

  • juliemango

    Never mind the rumor snooki spoiled her nice dark hair!!!

  • ladyv

    she def was on the wendy williams show today

  • Lil mama

    Who cares this trifling female ain’t even Italian but claims to be a Guidette. She get upset when guys call her mami but the skank is ecuadorian. Fake @** I don’t get why ppl become famous for being BUST DOWNS!!!

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