Who Knew Natalie “The Chin” Nunn Was Such A Hater??

- By Bossip Staff

Someone lied to Natalie Nunn and told her that Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa and the rest of us give two fawks about her opinion of the new attention-whoring couple du jour.

The Chin jumped on UStream yesterday to ‘put Amber Rose on blast’ for picking up her ‘sloppy seconds.’

Here’s what we learned: a) the pics of Wiz Khalifa kissing Natalie are a little deceiving.

Here’s the story here’s how it all went down…Natalie’s all booked up…it’s December, I got a party in Pittsburgh. I get on the plane and go to Pittsburgh…you know some mothafuggas show up. I get a whole big mob of boys come up to the V.I.P…my homegirl’s like oh that’s Wiz…I didn’t know who the fawk he was, I just knew his song…I’m in the party kicking it and the Taylor Gang comes in…n****s are in NATALIE’S party V.I.P…he keeps offering me a blunt, I’m an athlete…I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs…I don’t smoke like that.

N***a comes through, blunts after blunts, after blunts…If you ain’t gonna hit it atleast let me blow some smoke into your mouth, a shotgun. I ain’t got no problems with Wiz Khalifa. We’re cool but I’mma tell the story how it went…people started taking pictures tweeting from my phone and ISHT…pictures is floating on the internet…

So… it was just a shot gun, but you let it ride for a month before clearing it up? Yeah, okay.

We also learned that, by Natalie’s logic, having two degrees and making a fool of herself on reality television makes her better than Amber’s ex-stripper/video hofessional a$$.

“Natalie has two degrees, I still have two degrees that you can’t take from me….not a degree as a stripper. You can’t take that from me….y’all gonna stop comparing me to these wack a$$ wanna be bad girls.”

Check out Natalie’s full UStream rant at HipHopWired.com

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