Man Goes To Dr. For Circumcision & His Whole Penis Is Mistakenly Removed [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

Doctor Faces Lawsuit For Allegedly Wrongfully Amputating Man’s Penis

Trial proceedings have been put on hold in Louisville, Kentucky in a case involving 61-year-old Philip Seaton who went into have a routine circumcision and the doctor…removed his entire penis. Continue…

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  • FoTo_PoEtIcA

    My god… should have kept the foreskin… hope it gets it back.

  • Silverine


  • E.C. from D.C.

    Daaaammmmmmnnnn *chris tucker voice*

    Glad I have a vagina.

  • samech

    don’t boys get that as a baby?! He made the wrong choice there….



    NOBODY LIKES THOSE DISGUSTING AZZ UNCUT DIXZ…..YUCK. Leave That mess to the Europeans….


    NOBODY LIKES AN UNCUT WEE-WEE, or at least, most people don’t. But in this case, he probably shoulda just stuck with it…,


    ROFLMAO >>>>

  • MeMe

    Was he black? You know some folk be hating on a brotha and chop tha thang off’!!!!

  • get em paid

    Sure has taken that case a long time to get to trial that happen about five years ago.

  • nymphis

    he thought hotdogs were half off?

  • Dark Realism

    This is why I tell females to shut the f_ck up and kiss my azz when they say ” you need to get circumcized.”

    No bytch, how about you get your va.gina circumcized? how about that bytch? get your p_ssy lips cut off!!!

    f_ck out of here. I don’t trust another men doing anything with my, especially since I’m large. They might get envy and cut the entire thing off like this situation…smfh

    • Dark Realism


      Bytch my stuff doesn’t stink because I wash it everyday.

      I bet your p_ssy smells like cat fish and shi.tty tuna.

      If men need to get circumcized then so should females, because lord knows when you flip those p_ssy lips over there is a terrible odor.

    • JaZzIe91

      @lol I just f*cking died @ “ant eater, elephant trunk, turtle neck”

      Someone come bury me!!! LMFAO!!

  • Dark Realism

    This is why I ignore females when they tell me to get circumcized.

    I usually respond with

    ” bytch you need to get circumcized, get your p_ssy lips cut off!!!”

    Females always want to talk shyt about uncircumcized me, I’m about to send their azzes to africa so they can get their va.gina circumcized…fuk out of here.

    • Nation

      damn homie chill

  • big c

    ok you are 61 why get it cut off now whats the point .

  • Getem

    They should have done a time out before surgery started. This is a intra-operative requirement.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Oh my!!!! this is NOT funny @ all SMDH!!!

    The doctor claimed that he discovered a cancer (non malignant @ that) s he decided to remove the whole organ? w/o authorization too? Hope he gets his license revoked as well as serves w/e amount of time needed in jail!!

  • ok

    Maybe the cancer was giving him infections in that area and he thought that getting circumcized would help it? Just sad that he ended up with such a horrible doctor!

    • Iyan

      I was thinking the same thing. Cuz uncircumcized men are more prone to infection if they don’t take care, and wash correctly. Other than that I don’t understand why have the procedure. He’s over 60 he should know how to clean himself. But I do hope the doctor gets his licence revoked and some jail time.

  • DubCgal

    Damn he didn’t even get a chance to get a second opinion or try chemo or something, like the article said. That’s really effed up, some doctors really think they’re GOD.

  • Honut Sinti

    Words fail…

  • Hispanoila Brotherhood

    I bet if a man came on this site and said he prefers straight hair, females will gang up on him, though it is easier and less messy to do that than slice a part of the body off. Both processes are unnatural.

  • nymphis

    I hope this doctor doesn’t have a barbers license

  • http://google SO WHAT

    so what he complaining for? at 61 yrs old he only using the thang to pee pee. he need to sue that dr. so he have money for his old age care and call it a day.

  • JaZzIe91

    OMG that’s f*cked up. #wow

  • Marquis de Sade

    Ooops! *RICH EUNUCH*

  • not a fan not a hater im just a spektator

    rofl now if he went this long without bein circumcised y now? what he just decided hmm imma get circumcised today cuz i havent been and i wanna get it done befor i die. he too old he dont need that thing no more anyway. his wife prob like thank goodness now i dont have to do anything anymore i can officially retire.

  • Kruff

    Awwwww!Damn! His Lady got to be pissed off,i can hear her now, THEY DID WHAT!!!!

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