Maid Says Kelis’ Moneygrubbin’ Azz Won’t Pay Her For Services Rendered

- By Bossip Staff

Kelis must be spending that $25,000 a month in child support on tacky outfits cuz she sure ain’t using it to pay her bills. Her former maid claims the moneygrubbin’ musician failed to pay her for cleaning her house and took advantage of her immigration status to skip out on the bill.

According to TMZ, Kelis’ housekeeper claims the R&B singer owes her $900 in unpaid wages but sources say, there’s one major problem preventing her from seeking justice … she’s an illegal alien.

Reportedly, Kelis’ maid earned $150 a day for her work … and since she only worked one day a week, that means Kelis somehow fell six weeks behind on her payments and the housekeeper is currently trying to lock down a lawyer to see if she can file anything with the California Labor Commission.



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  • J. Reezy

    Shouldn’t they deport her if she’s here illegally? For all we know she was smackin babies and pushing old ladies down the stairs in her home country..hide yo kids

  • UrOpinionDontCount

    Damn why didnt they give NAS the kid..Tis bytch is trife, cant even pay 900 but wonna drain my dude 25g’z or more a month…SMH, wrap up my niggz or these are ur future hoe baby mommies!!!!!!!

    • H.B.I.C.

      shut up.


    F*CK THAT MAID BISH…Kelis is my GWARL!!!! I still be bumpin’ Milkshake on the way to the club!

  • anon

    Kelis looks so pretty in this pic why she decided to turn into a weirdo is beyond me

  • MariaMiiz

    That’s so ish! why not hire a legit Cleaning Company?

    Let’s Help Kelis with google.

  • The Real Ariona Taylor

    Why don’t she just clean her own house? I mean it’s not like she’s busy in the studio! Singing about her milkshake. Doesn’t she know milk spoils!

    • tommykimon

      That’s the same thing I was thinking. You sit on your butt all day and you can’t clean your house? Come on.

  • !!!!!


  • G.M.

    i told y’all…women are the cheapest creatures on earth…when it comes to spendin their own money that is lol…thats why men dont care about a woman having a job/money of her own cuz she still wanna spend yours smh

  • Uguess

    That what happens when you count your chickens before they hatch. Pay her…. I haven’t seen Kelis look that cute in a looooooooooong time.

  • you asked...

    I have nothing to say about this article, but she looks great in this pic!!! She has natural beauty… you don’t really realize it now-a-days cause she trys soo hard to be different.

  • Nana

    Wow yall are mean…..kelis is a wack job but she’s the truth! I like her

  • http://domoswife domos wife

    ur trifflin call it as it is ur greedie u try to take from ur husband and still cant manage ur own bill beauty or not ur a mess hunnie

  • beurette

    Go to hell Kelis, you worth nothing as a human being. You use people, you use their money, you insult them. You worth nothing. GO TO HELL

  • daddy_freddie

    This is nothing people being cheap and trying to skirt out of paying someone. Look at how many women jump from cell phone company to cell phone company, and when you ask them why they changed their number, they give you STRAIGHT DRAMA and say I cancelled them, knowing they got cancelled. Don’t be a cheap azz…PAY YOUR BILLS

  • 233rd whiteplains

    this just goes back to the dispicable character kelis is. why did NAS makes this ho relevant. she would be long gone if he didnt marry and save her azz.

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