Halle Berry Declines Aretha’s Request To Star In Biopic Movie

- By Bossip Staff

Aretha Franklin may have her mind made up on who she wants to play her in a biopic, but it appears that Halle Berry is “respectfully” declining because she’s practically tone deaf.

The Golden Globe nominee told E! News on the red carpet that she can’t sing worth a lick and that would be key to her taking the role.

“If I could carry a tune, I’d consider it,” she says. “Someone should tell Aretha that I can’t do her justice.”

In 1998 Berry played the singer Zola Taylor, one of the three wives of pop singer Frankie Lymon, in the biopic Why Do Fools Fall in Love. But she may feel more is required to take on playing the Queen Of Soul.

Bummer. It’s a shame because they look so much alike they could be twins. Oh well, maybe Precious is available.


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  • ArmyWife

    Like… are we really surprised?

    • hhrtyf

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    • Keep it Real

      Queen Latifah would be perfect for that part.

    • E.C. from D.C.

      I love Aretha but wtf HALLE?!

      I see if she’d pick J-hud or Chrisette Michelle even.

    • DollBaby1o1

      I hope that this is true!

      Halle got the sense of an astronaut!

    • precious

      I think Jill Scott would be a good fit for the part of Aretha.

    • Just Bored

      Aretha wasn’t always fat, and her skin tone matches Halle’s so she isn’t delusional. She was absolutely beautiful when she was younger. Some of you are forgiven because your way too young to know that bit of information…..

      This role was SAVED and MADE for Jennifer Hudson – hands down.

    • kalifa

      that fat b1tch aretha needs to be realistic….why would a beautiful person like halle wanna uglify herself to play that egotistical porky 😦

      call precious

  • Essence

    I don’t know why Aretha wanted Halle to play her so badly. Halle looks nothing like her.

    • http://www.swirlsociety.com www.swirlsociety.com

      no comemon look at that pic they look sooooooooo much alike lol. aretha had to much to drink that day i think

  • love me haters all day

    Auntie ReRe is off her f*ckin rocker. Lol. Do she think she was ever as pretty as Halle? I mean she always been THICK to say the least. And somewhat attractive back in the day. And what is Halle suppose to do, gain weight for the role? C’mon son. Get J-hud for the role. She is still pretty and can sang. Trust me Retha.


      Obviously you know nothing about Aretha Franklin, she was quite thin when she was younger and very attractive. Dorothy Dandridge was not an amazing singer, while Aretha is a MONSTER! I’d like to see Thandie Newton take on the role, she can really act. I’m not really impressed with Halle anyway, never have been. There are many actresses who put her to shame.

  • donta

    I think its for the best! I just dont see Halle pulling off portraying Ree ree. Get JHUD to do it……

  • spade

    no, my baby Halle will not put on 200 lbs to play you Aretha. Go find big foot to play yo big a$$.

    • mea


  • Halle's Manager

    Halle does not wants to play a evil acting fat done humped on and ate up everything tent wearing Aretha Franklin. That cow has walked out so many concerts few black people go she her. Aretha’s attempt to get a musical flopped and Halle knew shady lady was trying to bait her on national tv. Aretha so hateful acting and insecure she refuses to work with real divas. Dont nobody mess with her!

    • mea


    • monskii

      Really? But Halle is more comfortable playing a low-life single mom who screwed Billy Bob??

      Lost respect for you on this one Halle.

  • msbliss

    I’m sorry but even in aretha’s early days she outweighed halle bout 80 lbs. No disrespect but halle would need a special suit lik eddie had on Nutty Professor 2 play aretha & I’m jus bein honest. Maybe kelly price or 1 of those backup singers 4 beyonce but no itty bitty halle.

    • lara

      Halle is good for Aretha looks, soul, confidence, and performance, but Kelly Price is best for Aretha image. Kelly sings beautiful like Aretha and can carry the Queen’s spirit and soul very well. Kelly p. does not show much self-confidence.

      Does Kelly P know how to act?

      Not Jennifer Huds because Jennifer is quick, rough, and ready and does not align with Aretha style. I do not like Jennifer style. Besides Jennifer is skinny and ugly after her fat debut. After the oscar, Jennifer performance escaped far away.

      I would love to see Halle in this part for Aretha – but the weight is different.
      Halle eyes, nose, and lips match with the feeling, meaning, and message that Aretha presents.

      Hollywood works miracles with appearances !!!!!! OK

  • Mr. Cool

    Halle should challenge herself because I would love to see her play Aretha and even put on a big suit (like Tyler).

    • BarGolf

      IF you can’t act, you can’t act!

  • KristiLuvNC


    • such and such

      Jazmine Sullivan should get the role.

    • Coco0326

      Jazmine Sullivan would be great!

  • Vel-J

    I never got why Aretha was so hellbent on Halle playing her! There is a sister somewhere that we have never heard of that will play her and can sing but no one in hollywood I feel could ever be her. Glad Halle told her before Aretha leaves this earth.

  • Normz

    Maybe Jhud should do it!

  • benzoe88

    lol halle dont want the role. they should ask tyler perry we all know how much he likes wearing womens clothes

  • collegegirl12

    Halle played Dorothy Dandridge, but Dorothy Dandridge was more of an actress than a singer. Dorothy Dandridge also had a lighter singing voice. Plus Halle favored her unlike her and Aretha. I couldn’t even try to imagine picturing Halle lip singing to Aretha Franklin’s voice, it just wouldn’t look right, I agree that Fantasia should play her. Fantsia and Aretha are suppose to be close so she seriously needs to be more realistic and consider Fantasia for the role.

  • sweet

    who cares

  • kt

    I don’t Aretha sees fantasia on the same level she views Halle.They can always call beyonce.

    • Dallas Austin Houston

      I nkew somebody was gonna bring up beyonce’s whack azz…that ho can’t act! Give the role to J-Hud, Queen Latifah (skin tone, image, then vocals), or Tasia (vocals, and maybe a young ReRe).

    • precious

      How can anyone suggest that Queen/King Latifah play Re Re? If anything she can play Madea, LOL

  • anon

    Last week when aretha made a phone call to the Wendy Williams show and was like I want Halle Berry to play me I was like that’s not going to work at all…Halle looks nothing like aretha and would definitely have to gain weight for the role hell even jhud would have to gain for the role after her recent weight loss. She need to find a talented unknown who’s attractive, can sing and a little thicker to play her. Side note that was such a lame excuse for Halle to use since she’s played a Singer 2+ times in the past but aretha shouldn’t have been going around talking like she already had halle in the bag

    • On the Come Up

      You’re right. Aretha will have to find an unknown actress with some pipes to portray her. There’s really no well-known singer or actress who looks like her back in the day. Halle did the right thing. She aint wreckin’ that beautiful body and Jen Hudson ain’t gonna undo all that hard work even for a role that might mean another Oscar. Aretha just got ahead of herself. Besides, she needs to take her time and find the right people. She’s a legend and legends deserve a big budget bio like Ray Charles got.

    • On the Come Up

      As for your side note: You can’t compare Zola Taylor and Dorothy Dandridge to the Queen of Soul. That’s HUGE role to fill (pardon the pun). Neither one of those women were powerful of memorable singers like AF. One was little more than a background singer with Motown and the other was never praised for her singing voice as much as her acting. Plus Halle didn’t use her own voice anyway. She admittedly can’t carry a tune.

  • http://Bossip Tiki Barber



    • http://Bossip Tiki Barber


  • anon

    Oh and to everyone saying Fantasia she is too unprofessional and too tacky to take on a serious acting role and most importantly the damn girl can’t act she couldn’t even play herself

  • Oh the humanity!

    Let’s be real. J-Hud can’t act either. They just need to find an unknown starlet who can act and sing.

  • brooklyns_finest bedstuy

    The roles requires an actress not a singer. *nd i think thats the compliment to halle. RiRis life story is tragic and complicated. she should consider other Mactresses” maybe JHUD orLoretta Devine/Alfre/aunt Viv/or a tv actress/. The only one that can touch her vocally is CHAKA or Karen Clark. Darken up Jill Scott and she would do great. RiRi is hoping for an academy nod. and an actress would have to really dig in. RiRis life was not a walk in the park.

    • Princezz Laya

      Perfectly stated!

    • lara

      very good – Halle is the very best actress for this walk in, out, and around the park

      Halle is the – THE ACTRESS AND WILL PRESENT THE QUEEN OF SOUL and the looks are interesting, very interesting

      Hollywood knows how to do these kind of things and everyone will show happiness for these kind of performances.

      This could be an announcement
      – I will see —

      feedback, maybe

  • Charlotte

    I say give the part to the old 3LW’s Naturi Naughton. She played Lil Kim well in Notorious and can sing.

  • Tomas

    Get KAREN CLARK or JHUD to do it!!!

  • daahlingnikki

    Its obvious Aretha was going for the looks and not thinking of who could play her best…I knew Halle wasn’t willing to play that part…Thats what Re Re gets…Who would honestly believe Halle Berry as Arethat Franklin?…I could see Jill Scott or even Queen Latifah or Mary J Blige with some acting lessons…



  • rain


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