These White Folks Are Getting Way Too Beside Themselves: Surf Shop In OC Has A Sale On “All Black Products” On MLK Day

- By Bossip Staff

They can’t be fawking serious:

Sure, we’ve all seen stores and restaurants play up holiday sales for the sakes of their bottom lines. But there are times when someone with a decent head on their shoulders should speak up and call a bad idea a “bad idea.”

For instance, when the country is celebrating the birthday of, arguably, the most influential civil-rights activist, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., boasting a sale with “20% Off All Black Products” is about as bad an idea as bad ideas go.

When MLK made the statement “I have a dream,” the following is probably the furthest thing from what he had in mind for equality among all people.

Putting the head of Dr. King on the body of a surfer wearing a wetsuit to promote a MLK Day sale is worthy of a giggle. People like a well-Photoshopped gag. But the rest is pretty damn inexcusable.

The culprit? Thalia Surf Shop in Laguna Beach. It appeared on the website. Certainly a great shop, with plenty of cool events and gatherings–we recognized it as Best Surf Shop in OC in 2009–but this was not the wisest ad campaign.

As the individual who alerted the Weekly to the ad said, “This is not acceptable. It’s not funny, amusing nor respectable.”

WTF??? And we bet these simple mfers thought this ISHT was a “gnarly” idea. SMH.
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