[New Music] Rihanna feat. J.Cole “S&M” (remix)

- By Bossip Staff

Raggedy red-head RiRi brings along light-skinned Jermaine for a little kinky audio sex on her remix for “S&M”

Listen to the tune below.

Caption this picture. Have Drake AND J.Cole hit this???

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  • purple love

    Who wouldn’t hit j.cole?

    • Dont Loose Your MORALS!!

      Another song from rihanna about sex….Oh whoop dee freakin doo!

      Her parents didnt know how to raise children. smh

    • E.C. from D.C.

      I wouldn’t…he’s cute but not that cute.

      Anyways, song is hot.

    • bleu

      @Dont losse ur moral. Who the heck are u to talk about how her parents raise her. Then R. Kelly, Erykay badu, Brandy and Lauryn Hill just to name a few should be checkin their f- in morals . R. Kelly pissing on babies, badu havin illegitimate children with multiple men, Brandy having a child outta wedlock and lying about being married, Lauryn Hill sleeping with married men . Check ur Afro_ American celebs first before you throw shade at others.

  • TRUFF IS...

    Rihanna shld retire….talentless

    • bleu

      I say the same damn thing every time i see degenerates like u on these blogs day in talkin sh*t . get a life a get a job. She sure aint piss poor like yall, barely able to pay ur internet. Yeah Glok where u at.

  • jessica from uk

    her hand looks proper scary and huge in that pic…loool

  • Real Issh

    My music prayers have been answered . Not cuz of Riri but my favorite rapper is on a remixinn’ spree .
    P.s.,, J. Cole is a smart person . He would never touch Riri ! Plus his fiancee don’t play dat issh . 😛

  • bleu

    u black women n ur judgement of others. i hope ur morals are in order. she is an entertainer doing what janet,madonna, beyonce, etc have all done n continue to do but yall wanna bear judgement. Rihanna music is definitely not relying on a couple of desperate, lonely black women for sucess. she is gettin her money with and without ur hate so get a life.

    • Aries79

      Love it!  Co-Sign!

  • TRUFF IS...not all that glitters is gold

    *gossip site

  • TRUFF IS...not all that glitters is gold

    and btw @ bleu aka blue balls…I posted a good comment about Ho-Rihanna in the peach short dress…so it isnt about “hating” or “judgmental” it’s about giving an honest opinion…she is a talentless hack who got lucky….Rihanna has no talent compared those ppl you named earlier….get with it…I hate lames!

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    […] is on to the next single. A couple of days ago, we posted the remix to Rihanna’s new jawn “S&M” featuring J-Cole. So, it’s no surprise that little Miss Rih Rih has leaked a behind the […]

  • Nature

    This is effin hawt! However I would not want to see Rihanna perform this song because its bound to be x-rated.

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