For The Stans: BeyBey Is On Fire Again With New Fragrance “Heat Rush”

- By Bossip Staff

Here’s your girl Beyonce promo-hoeing it up for the “Rush” version of her perfume Heat.

Check out more pics:

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  • Matix B

    Do you Bey, but I never want to smell like you. That’s why she was rocking those studded leggings for a week, she needed to colect more sweat for this abomination.

    • Matix B

      Yes I agree. I particularly enjoy Paris’s “Just Me” fragrance, and IMHO Celine’s is the best celebrity fragrance ever since the “White Diamonds” collection by the great Elizabeth Taylor.

    • MMMH

      Ladies stick with what works anything by Gucci or Versace will do.



  • YokoDMV

    her makeup artist needs to lay off the nose contouring..i like that peachy orange color on her tho…

  • Lola

    Love her

  • Nekeyah

    I think she looks so pretty. 🙂

  • Ms.Mimi

    I’m keeping my hard earned money in my pocket. Last fragrance got bad reviews and I refuse to support a woman who screwed over her fellow band mates to get to where she is today. Why couldn’t they have shared this success as a group? Beyonce, I’d rather throw my hard earned money on another worthless tax than on you!

    • kidluv

      ure just ignorant…ure sayin because Beyonce wnet solo thats screwing over her band mates…umm hello she aint responsible for them…the same way she out doin her solo thing they can do it too….but oh yea i forgot they ain’t has talented has the Queen…lol i love them thou.

  • moola02

    OMG,This smell’s so GOOD.I’ll admit I’m a huge Beyonce Fan and was not impressed with the first scent.This new one however is the complete opposite and much lighter.They have the samples in I think the new Essence or Ebony.

  • sweet

    What does it smells like. anyone tryed it before?

  • domino

    Makes me think of “heat rash”

  • TRUFF IS...

    Bey is compared to a black swan….poor soul

  • Supa_sexy

    I’m sorry y’all because I know Bey is y’all girl but this her Heat perfume smells horrible!!! Follow and twit me at naturalbeautyEP

  • Supa_sexy

    SORRY TYPO: I’m sorry y’all because I know Bey is y’all girl but her Heat perfume smells horrible!!! I ended up giving that mess away to my little cousin that’s 12 years old. Follow and twit me at naturalbeautyEP

  • fatu sankoh

    bey you look so beautiful your first heat perfum smell very good i cant wait to get this heat rush god bless you all the time

  • shinefromw1th1n

    She DOES look like a tranny. Too much make up. She doesn’t even need all that make up.

  • Matix B

    She’s working her “Solange” jaw in the first pic a little too much.

  • prissa

    She really looks like Solange in that 1st pic.

  • Real Issh

    I shall buy this new one . Heard it smells like cocktails . That’s ah heat rush for me . 😉
    “Matter of fact, Get off Beyonce d-ck b-tch, Andy” .

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    hope this smells WAY better than original “Heat” because that ish stinks!! no hate just saying..

  • Mystyri


  • Lacey (On The Search For My White Prince)

    I DIE for BEYONCE!!! 😀


  • Confidently_ugly

    when school dismisses at 3 “Akilla” will be here lol

  • uknoitsromaro

    What woman doesnt look tranny-ish today, when 1.2 of u broads take ur tips from them?

  • E.C. from D.C.

    Most celeb’s perfume I wouldn’t buy….yet to smell this but I’ve smelled Heat and didn’t like it… hope this smells better.

  • Courtney

    I would never by Beyonces fragrances. White Diamons wasn’t Ms Taylor’s first it’s only the best selling celebrity fragrance for 18 years running. I do wear other Celebrity fragrances Glow & Still By Jlo M Luscious Pink & Forever By Mariah Carey Inspire By Christina Aguilera Stella By Stella McCartney and of course many designer fragrances including Romance By Ralph Lauren Tresor Miracle & Magnifique by Lancome Parisienne By Yves St laurant Ysatis by Givanchy and Michael by Michael Kors. don’t compair Beyonce to la Liz who has been in the indsutry for nearly 70 years and won countless awards including 2 best actress oscars and the Kennedy Center Honors for her film career and charitable work

    • Matix B

      Where did I compare the two?

  • Ms.Mimi

    Kid luv, before you dare to call anyone ignorant, you may want to learn how to spell and use correct and proper sentences. Instead of insulting me, pick up a book and a tutor. Project English won’t get you anywhere.

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