Mass Police, Firefighter Layoffs Begin In Camden, NJ

- By Bossip Staff

These seemingly unnecessary lay offs may make more damage and empty more pockets than this state is predicting, as we’re sure they expect to save a few bucks here; while removing patrol from their violence ridden streets.

With the crime rate in Camden being five times the national average according to the FBI, we have to take a second to ask ourselves, what the hell is going on?

Some police officers are turning in their badges as part of deep municipal layoffs that began today and that could be a blow to the quality of life in this city, one of the nation’s most impoverished and crime-ridden.

As many as 383 workers, representing one-fourth of the local government’s work force, are expected to lose their jobs, including about half the police force and one-third of the city’s firefighters.

Firefighters are planning to march to City Hall today, and Mayor Dana Redd is planning a noon news conference to talk about the layoffs in a city facing a huge budget deficit and declining state aid.

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  • Suge.'!

    Thats plain stupid camden is one of the most dangerous city if not the worse so why would they lay off the most needed people smh

    #Dumb ish.!

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  • CeCe

    They just want minorities to kill each other off.

  • Nikki Starr

    Exactly, and eventually they will. If there is any decent ppl left in that city they’d moved asap!


    let the chaos begin

  • E.C. from D.C.

    OH YES THOSE are the people you need to be firing….especially in Camden. -_o

  • Confidently_ugly

    Officials dont care because they dont live in vulnerable neighborhoods. more layoffs… just look at how that income gap is widening right before our eyes. I hope they can find work soon a food crisis is imminent

  • if anything be noble

    HALF THE POLICE??? Like 50%-half? …what in the worl…

  • if anything be noble

    Oh no. This won’t happen. The state’ll step in.

  • no $hit $herlock

    if God wanted to give the world an enema, Camden is where He’d stick the plug.

  • Miss Perfection ..Allergic to Coons & Mudbutts Miss Pefection .. Allergic to Coons &Mudbutts

    hide your wife,hide your kids there about to start shooting everybody ..

  • Karryn

    This is terrible. I was born and raised in Camden and we’re still scratching our heads over this. Dana Redd is a joke! Her and her family have always walked around like they were better than anyone else. I don’t believe she lives in Camden so maybe she doesn’t care! The local government has been full of corruption for years. I wonder who’s benefitting from this move because it certainly isn’t the people of Camden!

  • clarkthink

    If Camden gonna lay off mas police, them they better hire more grave diggers,…..because there’s gonna be a lot of overtime for them!!

  • gotfreckles

    This is a joke. They have Gaurdian Angles walking around the streets…For what? They have no weapons which means they are an easy target. And, they got a nerve to be wearing the color red.Wrong gang to be apart of in Camden. Its a shame whats going on out here…The NJ Gov is messing with Edu, health care,paychecks(state workers have to work 22 pay free days) and now safety. Maybe we should make the higher ups live where they making these desicions. Amess, whats going on in Camden…Amess.

  • big c

    How about the people of the city come together . If you see or know of a crime report it if you know some one is selling drugs report it . Stop talking about the crime and do something .

  • loved by me haters

    I live across the bridge in Philly. Dirty azz Camden needs all the help they can get. Damn shame they laying off city workers like that. Especially the firefighters, that actually RISK their lives, unlike the police. All they do it write traffic tickets.

  • Wendy

    After they rob,still & kill everything from the poverty stricken area and in which they reside & there are some good folks Im sure that live there; what do you think the the trickle down effect will be, the criminals will be coming to a quiet suburb near you and know this! No one is immune its everywhere, Im in California,San Francisco and we are in crises too we are willing to except the idea that we will be taxed on car registrations and sales tax yet again in order to keep vital services it is a trade off, but! Be clear the reality is no jobs = no money = equal no food equal= no warmth = equal desperation… So probably when the trickle down effect happens they will take another course of actions, anywho my prayers go out to this city in crises…….

  • Wendy

    Oh! I did hear on the news that the Union was not willing to negotiate a new contract??? Im sure as they say “the devil was in the details” and that is why they could not work out a contract and would rather let half of there police force go………. Any who hope they can go back to the table and work this one out, are else people are really going to exercise there 2nd admendment right, can’t say I blame them……

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