Secret Matrimony-dom: Monica Has Been Mrs. Shannon Brown For Two Months?!?!

- By Bossip Staff

If you were hoping for all kinds of grandiose festivities for Monica’s wedding to her younger baller boo Shannon Brown, the joke’s on you.

It would appear that Ms. Thang has been Mrs. Brown since before the end of 2010.

The rumors have been swirling for two months that Mo and Shannon got married prior to her moving in with her fiance in LA in November. The marriage took place in front of the couple’s parents.
Over the weekend, a reader emailed me to say that Monica went into the Clayton County office 2 weeks ago to change her last name to Brown.

The rumors are true: Monica and Shannon Brown are indeed married. An official with the NBA also confirmed the marriage, which took place in Los Angeles on November 22, 2010.

A friend of Shannon Brown’s says he is relieved that the news is out because he respects his wife and he has been wearing his wedding band recently. The friend said Shannon and Monica plan to wed officially in front of family and friends (again) in Los Angeles in June.

Wow! Congrats to these two! More details coming soon.


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    • Telling It Like It Is!

      I am happy for Monica and Shannon. This is something good and you want to make this negative. I know its your opinion. Can you just try and hope that they will succeed?

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  • Where dey do dat at?

    Yay! I love Mo…I am so happy that she found a good black man to have in her life. Rocko was for the birds…I am sure he is a good father but Shannon fits her so much better. Lol…

    • chaka1

      Monica is one of my all-time favorites. I hope it works for her…

  • miamac

    soooo happy for her and him. congrats guys! what is sad is that you’re with a guy (or girl, maybe, ok guy) for soo long and he doesn’t want to make you legal, says it’s just a paper and not that big of a deal and … then here comes a real man and shows you what real love is about: commitment. And it didn’t take him years upon years. Hmmm. Young ladies learn from this! Way to go Monica! Glad you got smart!

    • Trisha

      Exactly! Congrats to them both. It didn’t take him years to wife her and that’s truly beautiful and at the end of the day these two people have to deal with each other.

  • Nana

    These two don’t go together….colour me a hater but I jus don’t see it!

  • CeCe

    @Nana I so agree with you. I hope it last but Monica is so ghetto.

  • Lisa

    Good for them for not having everyone in their relationship. I hope they keep it that way

  • Kim

    Congrats to them both, what a cute couple, that’s the way to do it, keep the idiots out of your business.

  • yo mama

    Gossip stays stalking sa.ndra.rose. c.o.m. SMMFH

  • shinefromw1th1n

    Good for them! Monica is such a Scorpio for this.

  • PinkLady

    Really? Because I see more Carmen San Diegos with food stamps and WIC cards pushing baby strollers. Dumb azz

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Wow!!! That was fast! I guess shacking up didnt work with Rocko, so she married this time

    Congrats to the couple


      What you probably meant to say is that Monica paying all of the bills while that former Rockhead boyfriend cheated on her with a woman with a real figure didn’t work for her.

      When will celebrity women gain an ounce of common sense? i wish I WOULD pay a man’s bills.

  • Lacey






    • Lacey (Lord Help Me Find My White Price)

      oh please this woman is totally irrelevant in the music scene, she is clinging on to some form of fame and I’m not sure what the hell it is.

    • Lacey (Lord Help Me Find My White Prince)

      That would be true if the white boys at my college didn’t like me!

    • bahamas/chicago/cayman girl

      Just because you can’t appreciate Monica’s talent is no reason to be disrespectful!

      And who are you to decide if she and HER husband suit or not, obviously they feel they do, because they are married!

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    If they’re really married? wonder how long this last? Idk but I thought these 2 got together for the sake of publicity..No hate @ all just saying but anyways,good luck!


    There HAS TO BE a bun in the oven! This guy was with another woman for like YEARS, but didn’t marry her, then all of a sudden he decides to marry Monica’s boyish figured butt–LaWD HAVE MERCY! Something in the water ain’t clean–she’s got to be pregnant! Shannon looks so sneaky, and he needs to be a LOT more aggressive on the basketball court! Monica, I pray for your happiness, but basketball players are the WORST! Good Luck!

  • Curious1 aka Flawless Beauty

    Congratulations..all ya can do is try and live life..Happy for them…!!!!

    • stef

      i agree with u…some folks aren’t happy for others cause deep down they aren’t happy with themselves and can’t find anyone.

  • Angie

    Godd job Monica, yall probably should’ve kept it a secret longer. Cause all the nay sayers and anti marriage folks have so much to say.

  • Twhist

    Whether they’ve known one another 2 months or 2 years….CONGRATULATIONS to them both. Love is hard to come across and im sure Monica knows what she DOESNT want. Go head Mr. and Mrs. Brown.

  • Are You Serious?

    Wow – sure are a lot of haters on this site….couldn’t get anybody to marry yo azz huh?

    • BE TRUE !!!!!!!

      lol now that’s funnie

  • G.M.

    the marriage might of been secret but i bet the divorce wont be lol…i give it 3yrs, 5 tops

    • BE TRUE !!!!!!!

      Stop… it haters. They said my marrige would’nt last it’s
      32 years later. We are still
      standing. It’s been some bump’s but we still making it. Two kids one’s 31 the other 15. So stop hater’s keep it real be true to yourself you will make it too.

  • kmr1

    Yay! She married a tall guy. That’s the way to go.

  • Miss Perfection ..Allergic to Coons & Mudbutts Miss Pefection .. Allergic to Coons &Mudbutts

    Go head Monica ! I hope everything works out

  • Lady A

    I am happy for her. And haters stop hating. I love black love!

  • Liz

    Lol at the ignorant black folks worried about this woman and her husband, this is your legacy hating with a crab in the barrel mentallity. Black people will never be blessed because they are too critical, hateful and jealous of each other. Stop worrying about Monica and her life(which she is living by the way) and worry about crawling out of your own trifling situations. As for the idiots who asked about the last time monica had an album try last year, try #1 and try # grammy nominations. SMDH at you crabs.


      PLEASE! This chick is a has-been at best who made a MESS of her career by chasing NO GOOD thugs! Most of us are REALISTS who have either seen the way h/o/e athletes conduct themselves. Do I think she deserves happiness? YES, of course! Does she make the smartest decisions regarding men? HECK NO!

      AS I SAID, SHANNON looks sneaky as hell! Hopefully I’m wrong, but usually my hunches are correct. If you’re going to be jealous of someone, choose someone who has CURRENT SUCCESS like Lady Gaga, not thug loving, Monica! She should’ve been on Whitney Houstons level, but NO she had to keep it hood. Keep pushing with that jealousy crap. Since you love kissing her behind, send her a Tweet and tell her to find new management, because that’s what she needed ten years ago!

  • Bey-nonsense

    They make a beautiful couple. Congratulations to them both.

    @the first two people to post comments on this blog:

    Please do us all a favor and run into oncoming traffic for making such hateful comments.

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