I’m Da Pappy! Halle’s Baby Daddy Files Court To Establish Paternity Of Nahla

- By Bossip Staff

Halle Berry’s ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry has filed legal documents asking a judge to officially declare him the daddy of 2-year-old Nahla.

TMZ has learned Gabriel Aubry filed a paternity petition on December 30, 2010.

Sources say Gabriel was afraid things were going to get rocky in establishing who gets to spend time with the 2-year-old, so he wanted to protect his rights.

Turns out … we’re told whatever differences Halle and Gabriel have … they’ve been pretty much worked out.

Sources say the former couple has not filed for child custody, visitation or support and they don’t plan to file — they have an arrangement they worked out between the two of them and don’t feel the need to go to court.

Fellas take note. The best way to secure your rights as a father is to be proactive. Establish paternity and work out the details instead of waiting for someone to tell you what your rights are. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


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  • Just Sayin


    • halleCan'tKeepAMan.com

      nuff said

  • kimmy cakes said

    That’s some bs! If anything happens to Halle he wants to make sure he gets the child and the money. He is gay! Yes an old gay has been model! He does not have a girlfriend he has a boyfriend! TMZ TIME!

  • Nymphis

    Another trophy baby.how sad that Halle Barely went this route.


    I wish them both a lot of love and happiness in there future endeavors, and I know that that child is blessed to have two parents that love her #thatisall

  • Hey

    He crazy that baby look just like him!!!!!!

    • nywoman23

      fool hes not doing it because he doubts the child is his. you obviously have no knowledge about the courts. he is seeking paternity because obviously he name is not on the birth certificate. in order to get custody/visitation any type of rights paternity has to be established.

  • Brooklyn Hampshire

    That’s his baby he needs to stop denying it.

    • nywoman23

      youre a fool lol

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  • Jan

    You people are nuts. As a paralegal working in this field I will tell you he MUST file the paperwork. He has to do this to protect his rights as a father. It is only procedure.

    • 8ESBABY

      Ohhh, so he’s going to get the paternity test and THEN sign the birth certificate. I see his logic because once you sign the birth certificate…”you ARE the father!”

  • mixed bad chick

    Ok ppl this is normal protocol when making custody arrangements. Plus it is done to protect his rights as a father. U can’t just go to court and say, dats my baby I wanna get her on Da weekends. It doesn’t work tht way even if the child looks like a spitting image of the parent. It also doesn’t mean there are issues between them either.

    • Trisha

      That’s right thank you girl for schooling the dumb and ignorant up on here! I’m in the legal profession and this route is only protocol wish more daddies do this it protects you.

    • dextress


    • Roy246

      Ok Bajan PPL !

  • CeCe

    Why wouldn’t he that’s why so many people running around with illegitimates now. She man hops an awful lot and has different men coming around his daughter I don’t blame him.

  • kimmy cake's outted him lol it was a.acc

    No need to call people name because you have a fancy clerk title.
    Serious baby daddies file the first year! Best done before age 5. His is gay and follows Halle around like a puppy he is broke. His young boyfriend dumped him. He should have quit the gay life and scooped up Halle. The Canadian foster care system was brutal. 35 is very old male model. Hopefully he can find him a rich husband.

    • The Truth

      Well considering that him and Halle were together in the first year of the child’s life it wouldn’t make any sense to file until they split.

  • Rob

    None of you are in the legal profession. You learned the little you think you know fighting your baby daddies and ended up with $50 a week. Ur still mad because $50 wont buy one weeks worth of public schoool lunches. Welfare checks are more that $50. No your baby daddy is not a baller.

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    Good that they can work it out themselves without going to court.

  • lt

    good for him.

  • media blitz

    Aubry is a foster kid. He knows the pain of being swapped around. But he is also gay and nobody can change that. Halle acknowledged it for what it was and moved on. His rights lol gay mens dating life is their priority not their children. Overseas the media mocked him badly “gay dad baby setting mom off with lover”.

  • sportstalk23

    Wow two adults working out their issues for the best interest of their child without involving the courts,accusations, etc etc who has heard of such a thing :)good for them

  • http://www.blackradioblog.com Wildcherry666

    It is his right to establish paternity. He would be a fool not to. But you dont need proof to tell that he is the father of that baby. She looks just like him.

  • mixed bad chick

    Sorry rob I’m married with no kids. I’m not with having a baby daddy. I’d rather be a wife. To each there own Thts just my way of living my life, but u do sound ignorant. Hope Thts what u were hoping to do.

  • Rob

    @mixed chick a.k.a Heniz 57
    Ur disabled married to a broke black and can’t get preggers. Only are truly ignorant half PWT females in american call themselve ” mixed” The term was used to deny white hertiage and refer to mixed bred puppies.

  • if anything be noble

    *I’m on Morrie voice* LOOK AT THOSE EARS. LOOK AT THAT CHIN. I’M ONE MILLION FIFTY PERCENT SURE HE’S THE FATHER.* Maury: You…. (8 minute pause) are NOT the father. Dude: cartwheel, backflip, running man, cabbage patch, split…. Smh

  • tg

    Good for them – I hope all continues to go peaceful for them. I respect people to the fullest when they don’t drag their children into their relationship problems. Hold the child as hostage, etc. A parent should never try to keep a child away from the other parent – unless he or SHE is physically or mentally abusive to the child. And I still think Halle has the best looking baby in Hollywood.

  • Lacey (Lord Help Me Find My White Prince)

    I’m SOOO sad that this didn’t work out.

    He was like the dream white guy, tall, loving, handsome.

    I pray I find one 😦


      I pray that you find love too, but make sure the man is STRAIGHT!

    • Lacey (Lord Help Me Find My White Prince)

      Thanks boo.

      I hope I do too.


    • Rob ( Certified Hater)

      Lacey are you still pretending to be light skinned. You are as black as charcoal and that is beautiful. Never understood why black women lie about their skin color but who am I.

  • Mika

    He is not denying the child. He wants to establish paternity so Halle Berry can’t pull a fast one on him. Smart move Gabe!

  • juliemango

    Cant blame the man for getting it in writing taking a proactive stance is always better than a reactive1!!!

  • End_of_Times

    Some people can’t read…they look at words and fake it.

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