Poor Thang: O.J. Simpson

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Orenthal is shocked that he is locked up:

O.J. Simpson is in “shock” over his conviction for armed robbery and kidnapping – a verdict that could leave him behind bars for the rest of his life. “I can’t believe I’m in here for this nothing incident,” he said.

“He’s strong. He’s just in shock,” said pal Tom Scotto Sunday after talking with the Heisman Trophy winner behind bars. “His first concern is his kids. He wanted to make sure they were okay,” Scotto said. Financially, at least, they should be. Simpson lawyer Yale Galanter confirmed Sunday that Simpson’s NFL pension won’t be affected by the criminal conviction and that Simpson’s children are the beneficiaries. The pension pays about $25,000 a month.

He should have been thinking about his kids before he decided to try to murk folks. “Poor Thang.”


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    Yeah he can’t believe he’s gonna be in jail for life over something as stupid as robbery when he got away with killing two people. He needs to rot in there. Karma’s a beeyotch.

  • kahmmillion

    OJ thought them white ppl were his friends…Didn’t you know that you killed one of their own? They don’t let mess like that slide….They were just waiting for you to mess up…and your dumb ass made them get you…When will you black men learn? White ppl are not for you….

  • $moK.E.Y.

    Does anyone really care? — except the Goldman family.

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign


    juice should have known better…he had to pay for those murders somehow….

  • Ms Hollywood

    & he thought God was gonna let him off scott free.. Humph.. Karma is a motha f*cka, believe that!

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    he should count his blessings….what 12, 13 years of freedom is better than most get….what kind of dumb a*# gets away with murder and then does some old dumb sh*& like a robbery……

  • Ms Hollywood

    lol @ $moK.E.Y. pic! Thats GREAT!

  • mars

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  • mars

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  • CGJ

    This would be a “nothing incident” to someone who has gotten away with murder in the past…SMDH

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re

    This guys an idiot. He gets out of serving life for Nicole Simpson, and instead of living his life “like it’s golden,” and taking advantage of it, he gives the people who wanted him behind bars an excuse to put him there.

  • BE

    He deserves anything he gets for being stupid and thinking he is above the law.

  • Oshie ("southernplayalisticcadillacfunkyoshie")

    In other news, Charles Manson believes he is innocent.

  • mzsweetface

    Does anyone really have sympathy for him? If they would have locked him up years ago he wouldn’t have been able to commit this latest crime. That’s what he gets.

  • dayg715

    it’s called poetic justice. that’s what his dumb ass gets.

    moral of the story for black men: DON’T MESS WITH WHITE WOMEN. EVENTUALLY YOU WILL PAY FOR IT.

  • John


  • Vee-God Help me I HATE Mondays!

    Morning Yall. OJ is a DUMB A$$ who deserves WHATEVER he gets. After beating that murder rap years ago he should have kept a low profile: never to be seen or heard from again. But oh no, he keeps messin’ with white women and gets in legal trouble again. He’s an embarrassment to himself and to our race-running after white women and acting a fool at 60 years old! OJ brought this on himself.

  • lil latte

    Oh thats right… cause if he would have been fooling around with any race other than white women he would have been cleared of these charges…

  • Mrs. Rodriguez

    All I care about is his children.

  • Vee-God Help me I HATE Mondays!

    @ lil latte-a successful black man who commits a crime is one thing: add to the equation that he prefers white women and alot of people subconsciously want to see him fall. Some folks are still very racist and if you give them enough ammunition, they’ll get your a$$. OJ bought this on himself-but his fondness for STILL dating white women after his ex’s murder didnt help his case any. No need in us worrying about him or his kids: if he cared about them he wouldnt have gotten himself into this situation. He’s a jerk.

  • I'm Just Me- Buffalo Bills (4-1). WE GOT THE CHARGERS ON THE 19th!!!

    Well I don’t know what he expected. Half the people in this world felt he should have been convicted for life in 1994. He really should have sat his azz down somewhere. Well I guess he doesn’t have a choice now.

  • luckie

    Everyone knows white folks have been wanting to lock that man up ever since he got off on the nicole simpson case. Now they found something else on him and wanna lock him up for the rest of his life. There are people out here who have murdered people and did not get a life sentence. They wanna give him a life sentence for “kidnapping” and robbery. PUHLEASE! As far as OJ…he was a damn fool. after he got off on that other case, his a$$ should’ve disappeared like michael jackson did. Message to O.J and other blk men who date or marry white women…If your wife or girlfriend turns up dead and you win the case…YOUR A$$ BETTER SKIP TOWN. The white man will get your butt one way or another. I guess OJ got his ni66a wake up call.

  • Aunt Viv

    If this ain’t karma I don’t know what is. Buh-bye Orenthal…

  • I'm Just Me- Buffalo Bills (4-1). WE GOT THE CHARGERS ON THE 19th!!!


    What a thread to talk about it in being that OJ is a former Bill with his loser self.

    As for Edwards yeah he was messed up but they said it was just a concussion. You could tell they ain’t really practice with Losman. Thay got a couple of good passes but it really wasn’t that same fire. They kept running Marshawn Lynch when they should have went for the long passes with Lee Evans and Josh Reed!

  • Ro Ro

    We already knew they were gonna throw the book at OJ and put him in jail. Why is he so shocked?? He should have read up on the blog sites then maybe he would not have been so surprised.

    Come on now…seriously. You got away with murdering a “WHITE” women and “WHITE” man. Did you really think they were gonna let you get away with another crime?? If he gets life in prison we all know and he should too…that this is the “MANS” way of getting retribution for killing one of their own.

    Suck it up OJ…you had a good run. Now its time to pay the “WHITE REAPER”

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