Jesus Take Wheel: Black Philadelphia Abortion Doctor Charged With 8 Counts Of Murder

- By Bossip Staff


An abortion doctor who catered to minorities, immigrants and poor women was charged with eight counts of murder in the deaths of a patient and seven babies who were born alive and then killed with scissors, prosecutors said Wednesday.
Dr. Kermit Gosnell, 69, made millions of dollars over 30 years, performing as many illegal, late-term abortions as he could, prosecutors said. State regulators ignored complaints about him and failed to visit or inspect his clinic since 1993, but no charges were warranted against them, District Attorney Seth Williams said.

Gosnell, his wife and eight other colleagues were arrested overnight Tuesday following a grand jury investigation, reports. According to the district attorney’s office, Gosnell is facing murder in the third degree for the death of 41-year-old Karnamaya Mongar. The patient died Nov. 20, 2009, when she was overdosed with anesthetics prescribed by Gosnell, according to the station. Williams said during a press conference Wednesday that Gosnell “induced labor, forced the live birth of viable babies in the sixth, seventh, eighth month of pregnancy and then killed those babies by cutting into the back of the neck with scissors and severing their spinal cord.”

The district attorney also said patients were subjected to squalid and barbaric conditions at Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society.
Authorities went to investigate drug-related complaints at the clinic last year and stumbled on what Williams called a “house of horrors.”

“There were bags and bottles holding aborted fetuses scattered throughout the building,” Williams said. “There were jars, lining shelves, with severed feet that he kept for no medical purpose.” The clinic was shut down and Gosnell’s medical license was suspended after the raid. Workers, some of whom were also charged with murder, were untrained and unlicensed, including a high-school student who performed anesthesia with potentially lethal narcotics, Williams said.

Gosnell has been named in at least 10 malpractice suits, including one over the death of a woman who died of sepsis and a perforated uterus. “I am aware that abortion is a hot-button topic,” Williams told reporters. “But as district attorney, my job is to carry out the law. A doctor who knowingly and systematically mistreats female patients, to the point that one of them dies in his so-called care, commits murder under the law.”

Wow. This is crazy!! What kind of sick fawk does this???


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  • Lacey (Lord Help Me Find My White Prince)

    Well MAYBE if these women started using protection and stopped having the backroom abortions people like this wouldn’t reign.

    I’m more disgusted at the women who actually visit such places. scum.

    Just use a damn rubber. JHEEZE

    • Mamacita


    • Super Sized In Yo Mouf !

      Yeah why don’t you people use protection.

  • Hannibal


  • one voice

    Know this Black People: Bill Clinton and the Democratic Congress was down with these late term abortions. There is a war of attrition on Blacks in this country and probably others.

  • G.M.

    damn, this dude is sick as fucc but what type of mind frame do the women who go to this crazy ba$tard have to be in…i mean what type of ppl are giving refferals for him smh

  • sad

    This is a disgusting story for so many reasons. At 8 months you need to go ahead and have the baby and just give it up for adoption, not go to a sick doctor like this and pay for him to stab your baby with scissors. Shame on the people working at the clinic and the women who went there. Nobody checked out this clinic since 1993? SMDH


      HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU KILL A CHILD AT MONTHS? How DESPICABLE! There are so many people who want children, all he had to do is become an adoption agency–GOOD GRIEF! I understand not wanting a child, but in most states, once the fetus reaches a certain term, it’s considered viable. This is heart-wrenching. Some of these women were so probably desperate that they put their own lives at risk! There are quite a few places like this, but they don’t advertise, and they’re much more upscale. An abortion really should not be done after the fifth month, and that’s pushing it.

  • WOW....

    Seriously what he did was sick and crazy…but if it werent for trashbag slores giving him the ok to kill their babies then it wouldnt be an issue.What type of mother decides to abort her baby period???Let alone during the 6th 7th or 8th month of pregnancy??Geeze just give it up for adoption the women deserved to die on that operating table just like those helpless babies.

  • MsMika

    I believe what we do in this life will determine our place in the next….. and I fear for this mans soul.

  • Gimmie dat Free Pu**y

    Giving away free pu**y has a down side. If you. Baby daddy don’t want little fu*k monster why should baby mama! Get this mofoks seed out of me!

  • Nicolai

    this one doctor killed more patients than crazy unhinged religious folk killed abortion doctors in the last 30 years. Kinda puts it in perspective how much of a monster he is

  • Chelly Chels

    There are some, not even some a lot of sick people in this world. First, who would have an abortion at the end of their term. Might as well have the baby. second of all, why isnt this doctor in a mental institution.! This is craziness and a horrifying story! I think he probably lured these immigrants in. Promising a safe, less expensuve procedure.

  • Keep it Real

    I’m always perplexed with the self righteous who run around ignorantly rambling on and on about “who is and is not responsible” for birth control and the negatives and or harmful effects of female birth control. As if birth control is more harmful to a womans health than an actual abortion or more harmful to the community, mother and childs health than an unwanted pregnancy by an immature unstable mother.

  • Keep it Real

    He’s black. If it comes from a black pen-is or vag-ina, and you want to be black in your words and actions you are black. I also bet his grandmothers and grandfathers are black.

  • and the world turns..

    this man has no heart..scissors in the back of the neck?!?!?!?!?really?!?!?

  • Kay K

    This is just sad! I think it should be against the law to have abortions in the first place. If you dont want kids then use protection. This is just murder! He should be put under the jail and the women who went there should be too!

  • K.Cov

    WOW. I pray for all of their souls, as this is so wrong. Innocent lives lost.

  • Johnny'sgirl

    Deplorable! He’s a monster, and what kind of a person (mother/woman) would kill a baby at 6, 7 or 8 months? Murder!!!!!!!

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    Think about it this way, if these “woman” (term used loosely) wouldve had the babies what would they have done for it? Its obvious they didnt care for it to want it dead. Truth be told, everyone involved is sick but Im pretty sure those babies would have been killed on a later date.

  • WhatMyNameIS?

    Odd comment, especially after noticing your avatar. What, now that’s freckled knee grow there. LOL

  • Keep it Real

    We like to believe that these women are only having one abortion and these women don’t already have kids. Wrong! A lot of these women are having multiple abortions and abortions after already having kids. The lady who died was 41.

    With birth control- Pregnancy is an option and is 100% preventable eliminating the need for tough decisions about abortion and adoption for a child that is not wanted.

  • David Rose

    Stop using abortions as birthcontrol.

    • Miss Perfection ..Allergic to Coons & Mudbutts Miss Pefection .. Allergic to Coons &Mudbutts

      I AGREE .. everyone has a right to do whatever they please but when your going to have abortion number 2 or 3 then thats a problem

  • wkwright

    Some of you are really f–king judgemental. There have been plenty of cases where people who used birth control, responsibly, got pregnant. It is not 100% foolproof. Damn. As far as late-term abortions, I understand the sentiment against them, but sometimes women develop certain health conditions late in their pregnancies, or have conditions that are aggravated during by, and because of, a pregnancy in its late term, that make it extremely risky to their own lives to carry a baby. Eisenmenger syndrome, anyone? Cancer, anyone?

    That said, if this guy really did this sh-t, he’s pretty f–ked up.

    • Getem

      Excuses, excuses. We as black people will never get anywhere if we keep justifying everything that we do. We need to make better f**&*& decisions.

    • Keep it Real

      pregnancy is 100% preventable if birth control is used “correctly”

    • Getem

      Pregnancy is 100% preventable with abstinence, something I practice.

      Some people just act like they have to have sex.

    • noniya

      Oh please! If the only patients were those who’s birth control “failed” after taking it responsibly this guy couldn’t have made millions of dollars even in 30 years of practice. Most failure of BC especially the pill are due to taking them wrong (different times of day, skipping days etc.) But lets face it a whole lotta women take no BC period.

  • The Beautiful One

    So, heartbreaking, those poor, innocent beings had to suffer like that…..I think I am going to cry. ;(..

  • morristhewise

    There must have been thousands of over thirty week abortions that Gosnell performed that went undetected. His price of 3,000 dollars were for involuntary patients, many who were day`s away from giving birth. They were abducted and dragged in by boyfriends who wanted the pregnancy terminated.

    • Orchid

      Huh… You can’t give someone an abortion against their will.

  • ignoranceisbliss

    Late term abortion is murder….Past three months it’s murder!!!

    Bravo put his greedy black a** in jail!!!

  • Hope4more

    God please stop this and greedy people that do not look among these babies with their human souls. Girls think twice if need be contact someone older that will take your baby instead of being pressured to kill them. I’d take a baby in a heart beat if it means not killing it.

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