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Not like anyone gives a rat’s ass who he’s interested in, but this is who Shemar Moore is trying to hook up with:

Criminal Minds” star Shemar Moore used his recent visit to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to profess his interest in dating Jennifer Aniston, and ask that the talk show host hook them up. After Moore danced his way onto the stage to Britney Spears’ “Gimme More,” Ellen asked during the interview session: “Who can I help you with? What is your type?” The actor said: “There is one particular person in this town that I kind of got a little crush on. A lot of guys got a crush on this girl but she can’t seem to find that man who can get it right and I just want to raise my hand and try. And that’s Ms. Jennifer Aniston.” Moore said he saw Aniston talking to DeGeneres at the “Stand Up to Cancer” telethon in September, but he was too chicken to approach Ellen and have her introduce him.

Well, it doesn’t get any lamer than Shemar Moore, but the “Witch Hagar” looking washed up has-been Jennifer Aniston? Well they do say she looks a little like a man in the face. SMH.


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  • K-mia

    she’s way out of his league

  • kahmmillion


  • kahmmillion

    I guess Shemar is tapping into the white side with the blond hair…

  • Book Worm

    I guess Shemar is tapping into the white side with the blond hair…

    I was thinking the same thing.


    I second that K-mia!

    Someone wake this man up from his dream PLEEZE


    @ corporatecutieshayshay,

    You know what, you’re probably right because he would probably end up being the one that she finds TRUE happiness with, but will she even give him the time of day??? I think not

  • Nue2This

    I don’t think that she’s “washed Up”.. or “witch looking”.. she’s actually one of the nicest woman in Hollyweird. but whatev.. good morning everybody, hope everybody enjoyed their short azz weekend!

  • Oshie ("Oh, you're Jewish? That's cool, so was J.C.")

    Oh, and Jennifer Aniston is NOT THAT CUTE.

  • Tealeaf

    He is out of her league career wise, but sorry I think Chinnifer is not pretty, she looks like Dustin Hoffman in Drag…

    Out of ALL the pretty women in Hollywood…why the mannish looking Shemar Gay

  • dayg715

    ok, shemar has completely fallen off if he’s trying to get with ugly ass jennifer MANiston. there’s a reason why she can’t hold on to a man…


    I mean she was married to Brad Pitt for Pete’s sake! Brad Pitt people. Does he really think he’s in Brad Pitt’s league?

    Oh, btw…Good morning everyone!



  • dayg715

    but hey, she’s b-list and he’s d-list, maybe they will be good together…

  • Da R

    shemar is corny, but he’s 20 times better looking than brad pitt. and if MANiston couldn’t hold on to pitt, she/he better get what she can now. she’s not getting any younger…

  • mzsweetface

    Don’t hold your breath Shemar. I doubt Jennifer’s checking for you.



    You know what, i truly hope Ellen could work her magic because i really think Jennifer is in desperate need of it. I dont think she’s ever recovered (which that was a hard pill to swallow) from the whole Brad Pitt thing and its time she move on. He (brad) obviously has. Maybe Shemar is just what she needs.

  • Bird

    He might be lame, but he still fine as hell. You can dog him all you want and he will still have that.

  • chocodelite

    well his mama is a white woman so who cares who he wants to get down with.

    btw, how you doin’ shemar

  • I'm Just Me- Buffalo Bills (4-1) WE GOT THE CHARGERS ON THE 19th!!!

    I don’t think it gets any lamer that that gold hair he has going on in this picture. Really. But honestly hey if she gives him a shot I hope he makes it worth it.

  • come on


  • K-mia

    yeah he may be able to make her happy…but i dont think he’d get the chance. Compared to him, she’s no where near washed up. She’s made almost 30 mill just this year and the year’s not over lol!….Shemar has never been more than a c-list actor, and oh God, he’s so lame and gay, and corny. Everytime I see him, I go “ugh”

  • drew

    why do black women Warship white men… and who the f%^$ is she ….no one is above anyone TOM’S

  • Vee-God Help me I HATE Mondays!

    Morning Y’all. Jenn aniston might surprise folks and give Shemar a chance. Of course his paper’s not nearly as long as hers but it may not matter. After what she’s been through I’m sure she just wants to be treated right, like all women do.

    Regardless of why Brad Pitt left her, it was an ugly and embarrassing thing for a woman to go through–publicly at that. I wasnt there so I don’t know ‘why’: if he wanted kids and she didnt-whatever. Point is break-ups are never pretty and they’re probably even more hurtful in the public eye. I doubt Brangelina will make it in the long run cuz relationships that start from adultery/lies rarely last. We all reap what we sow, rich or not.

  • Black To Tha Bone AKA The Swirl King

    A good choice for any ambitious black male. You expected him to covet a ghetto mama? Get real.

  • Oshie ("southernplayalisticcadillacfunkyoshie")

    I bet Jennifer Aniston has a huge horse-vagina.

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