Cry Me A River: Raz B And Ricky Romance Claim They Got Beat Up By Who???

- By Bossip Staff

Raz B and Ricky Romance have a new story to tell. And it starts with a Raz B performance, which makes us a little skeptical.

But according to TMZ, Raz and his suspect brother are claiming that Yung Joc tried to bring it to them last night in Atlanta.

Raz B’s brother Ricky Romance claims he was ambushed at a concert in Atlanta last night … and Ricky says the man responsible for the attack is rapper Yung Joc.

Ricky tells us, Raz was scheduled to perform last night at the Salute the DJ’s Award Show — but he never made it to the stage.

According to Ricky, Joc’s security team stopped Raz in his tracks and refused to let him perform — all because Raz publicly dissed Yung Joc in a song a few months ago.

Ricky tells us he tried to help get his brother past the hired muscle … but Joc’s security wasn’t having it — and roughed him up pretty bad instead.

Ricky claims he suffered some nasty cuts to his head during the melee — before he and Raz were both forcefully thrown out of the Atrium Event Center.

No police report was filed.

Joc ambushed y’all? For what?!?! And beyond that, why is there never a police report with these guys, but always a report to the media???

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  • ellegirl

    This one might actually be true. one of my facebook friends who was at the event posted a status about it when it was happening.

    • kalifa

      they could get beat up by a white 8yr old girl scout……these homosexuals are ridiculous.

  • juliemango

    Singing in bob marley voice ambush in the night!!!

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Thats from talkin all that sh*t like he hard,when he really just Cotton Candy!

  • Nana

    People are jus uncomfortable wit homosexuality in hip_hop!
    So they tend to act violent towards pple they think have such tendencies…smh

    And Ricky Romance can’t go around runnin his mouth n not expect someone 2 try him!

    The only person I feel sorry 4 is Raz B!!!!

    Ope they sue the sh!t outt Young crotch!

    • LB

      @Nana I also feel sorry for Raz B.

  • Miss Perfection ..Allergic to Coons & Mudbutts Miss Pefection .. Allergic to Coons &Mudbutts


  • goodlucklava

    I actually disagree @Nana … i dont think the problem w/ Raz B is that he’s gay … I think it’s that he slanders people that have never said anything to him. Yung Joc didnt even know Raz B existed until Raz B started with him, now he wants to pull the “Hate Crime” card. I’m sure if it would have been anyone else Yung Joc would have done the same thing, nothings different bcus Raz B like boys. If he dont like someone he doesnt like them. Raz B liking boys jussgives another insult it doesnt make him more hated.

    • bay-ba-bayBEHHH718

      totally agree wit u..if anybody else woulda done that Young Joc would came at him too..that “im a victim” type sh*t from Raz n his brother is starting to look real stupid now!

  • Pretty Girl Rockin

    Security job is to beat ur azz! U and ur punk azz brother might want hire some!

  • Butta1017

    What was the line in the song that Yung Joc had with those Hotstyles boys” No Chris, no Chris, No Raz B looking boyz” Was that before Raz be started talking junk or did Yung Jock start it?

  • JustAshley

    Sympathy anyone??? Anyone?


    Yeah, I think its just another cry for attention by Raz B aka Peter Pan.

  • truth

    Maan thats some creepy azz Brothers an thats the truth lol

  • Ima Mf'n MONSTER

    When keepin it real goes wrong <—— in my Dave Chapelle voice!

  • Mc Hammer

    Both of them dudes look sweeter than Yoo-Hoo!

  • Lola

    No chris no chris noo raz b lookiin” hahaha he did say dat sh!!t point em out

  • Lola

    Yo real story my bestie wuz seein Ricky romance awhile back n she tol me sum weird sh!t real femme sh!t I blew it off I met one of their cuzzins n he was real pushy to get sum it turned me off real aggressive than later on tha allegations came. Out I hope she used protection! 0_x

  • Peppa

    @goodlucklava who the fugg cares about someone talking about another. Does that make it right for the person to put his hands on the next. NO!! So if this is true, I hope Raz B press charges against that no talent ugly punk.

  • Peppa

    @Lola, why is your name hyperlinked, but no one else’s is? You must be an Employee of the site.

  • Lola

    Peppa ion kno I’ve seen that with other ppl I dnt have a website so I use a link maybe that’s why? I have no idea

  • Lola

    Yea it’s tha link I used cuz it takes u rite there try it

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