Abducted Child Finds Mom On Internet After 23 Years

- By Bossip Staff

A 23-year-old woman who was snatched from a New York City hospital as a 3-week-old infant has been reunited with her parents after tracking down baby pictures of herself on a missing children’s website.

Carlina Renae White was not yet a month old when she was kidnapped on Aug. 4, 1987. She had spiked a 104-degree fever and her worried parents took her to Harlem Hospital, where she was admitted.

Joy White, then 16, said a woman dressed as a nurse approached her in the emergency room and told her everything would be fine. Joy went home to rest. When she returned to the hospital, Carlina was gone. Authorities believed the “nurse” who had comforted Joy stole the baby, but they were unable to find any trace of the missing infant.

Meanwhile, a girl known as Nejdra Nance grew up in Bridgeport, Conn. As a teenager, she began to suspect that she wasn’t actually related to the the family who raised her. And she was puzzled that she was never able to get a copy of her birth certificate.

Finally, she began to do some research on the Internet and found the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s website. On the site, she found a photo of a missing baby named Carlina Renae White.

The center contacted Joy White on Jan. 4 and forwarded her a baby photo taken by the family who raised Nejdra Nance.

“I was screaming, I was so excited,” Joy told the Daily News. “As soon as I saw those pictures I said, ‘That’s my daughter.’ I saw myself in her.”

DNA tests confirmed Nejdra, who now lives in Georgia, is Carlina — the biological daughter of Joy White and Carl Tyson, who was 22 years old when his baby was kidnapped.

The person believed to have abducted Carlina is now being investigated.

Good for them! Hopefully she and her mom can begin the healing process.


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  • nymphis

    huuge congrats on this story

    • thetruthisreal

      its good she was reunited however its also sad cause everything she thought was real to her is known now as a lie so , she may struggle with who she really is, for 22 years she was nejdra, now she is carlina, someone she knows nothing about

    • speaking of this ish...

      this gives parents who have had their children taken from them hope..I’m very happy for her

  • Ash

    That is so crazy it’s funny how she had a intuition about that…I mean damn there have been times when I feel like I didn’t belong with my family but I thought it was only natural esp when they are as crazy as mine..

    • Nita

      lol u r so funny! but for real though! neways that story sooo need to be on Oprah! I really want to know more about it.
      God bless her i’m sooo happy she found her real parents.


    WOW! Now that is a wonderful ending to a story.

  • Lucy


  • Cliff

    I agree Lucy… Wow!

  • http://Cocoa Lucy

    Sad when a missing BLACK child solves their own damn case!!!!!

    • Ang

      So true, it speaks to our perseverance and resilience though.

  • Mizz Lisa

    I’M just happy that there was a happy ending

  • Courtney

    I’m speechless. It’s so sad that she’s had to go that long without her real family. But finding them is truly a blessing. I wish her the best and I really pray that God has mercy on the people who done this. They’re gonna need it. What a crazy world we live in.

  • tessa

    I feel bad for the birth mother who was deprived of seeing her beautiful daughter become a woman.

  • Lilval

    Now that’s some good news and I’m so glad for her.

  • playmakers372

    I remember seeing her mother on a documentary crying about her baby! I’m soooo glad they are able to reunite!



  • get em paid

    Remain Open!

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    i agree. it’s a good thing everything turned out ok compared to what could have happened to her…now i wonder how she feels about her kidnapper/mom???

  • Caramel Cat™

    I heard about this on the news this morning. That’s nothing but God at work. That girl knew something wasn’t right, and she investigated. This is proof that all things in the dark will come to the light…God bless her and her new found biological family…

    • Tray

      I concur!

  • Ms.EJ

    That would be an absolute nightmare if my daughter was to ever be taken and/or abducted. That is a pain that I would never ever want to experience. The year’s of torment and torture of the not knowing, mi.ss.ing holidays, birthdays and “first time moments” of your child. I am so happy that her mother was ble.ss.ed to be reunited with her daughter. I can only imagine the confusion, rollercoaster of emotions and mixed emotions this young lady feels towards the “family” who took her. I’m telling you some thing about the spirit guiding you and bringing one to truth. I’m so happy for her!

  • 7lady

    Can you imagine how many people out here with the same story? It’s got to be thousands.

    And how momma gone just leave baby at the emergency like that? Kids raisin kids. Smh

    • Ms.EJ

      As you stated she was a kid and most times kids do “kid” things. Plus, it wasn’t like she left the baby with some stranger, she thought it was a nurse and even most adults trust doctor’s and nurses. It definitely doesn’t justify that woman taking her child.

  • Ms.EJ

    @CARAMEL CAT- I know that’s right and Amen to that. Loving your gravi picture. How are you doing this morning?

    • Caramel Cat™

      Hey girl! Thank you, and yes it is such a blessing that this girl found out the truth. I am doing great this morning despite the 6 inches of snow we had come through here…I hope you are well… 🙂

  • Uhh Yeah Ok

    Nice, I can relate. My biological sister found me last year 🙂

    • Ms.EJ

      *waves hell* Goodmorning and good for you! 🙂 The same thing happened with my guy friend about two year’s ago with his brother.

    • Uhh Yeah Ok

      Thank you, and G’morning and G’day to you too. Yeah, it was pretty crazy because she found me all the way from Africa through the Red Cross. It was a little weird (the emotions), I must say. Hard to know what to feel for someone you don’t know.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Praise GOD! She’s a beautiful young lady too,im so happy for her&her real family!

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  • sportstalk23

    Glad she got to be with her real parents fake momma need her azz beat, also look how easy somebody “dressed as a nurse” slips undetected no wonder parents are paranoid about their kids

  • rampagejackson

    God is good. I’m happy she found her birth mother.

  • s.b.s

    she was a beautiful baby, wow i bet her mother is finally relieved she got her baby back

  • rain


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